Albums & Auditions
Interior. Sonic Boom
Ally is working behind the sales counter at Sonic Boom. Lester walks down stairs towards the counter with a huge clear jar of jelly beans with a hand written note taped to the side.
Lester: Hey, Honey. I came up with a cool way to bring in tons of new customers. We're gonna have a "Guess How Many Jelly Beans in the Jar" contest.
Ally: You're really going to give away a year's worth of music lessons?
Lester: Of course not. No one's ever going to be able to tell how many jellybeans are in the jar.
Dez: 18,118!
Lester: Yes! Oh no! Awww...
Dez: What's with him?
Ally: You just won a year's worth of music lessons!
Dez: Ugh!
Ally: And this jar of jellybeans.
Dez: I WON JELLYBEANS! (starts eating all the jellybeans)
Dez grabs the jar and walks away with it. Just then Austin approaches her.
Austin: Hey, Ally, want to see the coolest thing ever?
Ally: I've already seen you drink hot sauce through your nose.
Austin: No, this is way cooler.
Austin flips over a magazine, revealing the cover for his new album.
Ally: No way, an ad for your album!
Austin: It's being released by Starr Records in 2 weeks!
Ally: This is so awesome!
Austin: Buckle up 'cause we're in for a ride. (Austin and Dez do their handshake)
Ally: (mimics putting on a seatbelt) Already buckled up. Avoid the worst with safety first. What up! (makes explosion sound)
Trish: (enters) Guess who got a job at Mailboxes and So Forth? Here, Ally, these are for you. (starts handing her letters) Your dad's overdue phone bill, your application to MUNY, and a letter from your Aunt Sally. Good news, her rash is gone!
Ally: You read our mail? You can't just go around reading other people's mail.
Trish: My boss never said anything. Then again, according to this letter from his girlfriend, that's why she left him! He can't communicate.
Dez: You got an application letter from MUNY?
Ally: Yeah, it's a music school, but I'm not interested.
Austin: Wait, I thought it was your dream to go to that music school.
Ally: Not anymore, I gave up on it.
Trish: Why? Because you tanked your original audition which gave you horrible stage fright and now you're too scared to ever audition again 'cause you could fail miserably?
Ally: (in a high pitched voice) Whaaat? Okay. (walks away)
Austin: You know what? We're going to help Ally get into that school. I'm not letting her give up on her dream. I wouldn't even be putting out an album if it wasn't for her.
Trish: And I wouldn't be managing a guy putting out an album if it wasn't for her.
Dez: And I wouldn't have just eaten 18,118 jellybeans if it wasn't for her. ...I probably would have.
Theme Song
Exterior. Mall of Miami; Food Court
Austin and Dez have the MUNY application in their hands and are filling it out.
Austin: When's Ally's birthday again?
Dez: Uh, February something.
Austin: (writes down) February something... Okay, what's her place of birth?
Dez: Uh, a hospital.
Austin: (writes down) Hospital...
Trish: (walks up) What are you guys doing?
Austin: Filling out Ally's application for music school.
Trish: Let me see that. Pickles isn't a hobby, and I'm pretty sure her favorite subject isn't "smart stuff."
Austin: (gestures to Dez) Told you. It's lame stuff, right?
Trish: You can't send this mess in! I'll apply for her online later. You realize Ally still has to audition and she has stage fright. You geniuses have a plan?
Austin: (nods along with Dez) Yeah. We have a plan.
Trish: You geniuses don't have a plan.
Dez: You know, she keeps calling us geniuses but something about her tone makes me believe that she doesn't think we're geniuses.
Trish: Hey, it says that you can audition live over the Internet. I think I know a way we can do this! Dez gets free music lessons, right?
Austin: Yeah?
Trish: We can record Ally giving Dez a piano lesson, then edit the footage to make it seem like she's doing the live audition!
Austin: Yeah, that was our plan too...!
Dez: I don't want to take piano lessons. I have my heart set on bagpipes.
Austin: It's got to be the piano.
Dez: Fine. But I'm gonna look totally ridiculous playing the piano in this. (gets up and walks away wearing a kilt)
Interior. Sonic Boom
Trish, Dez, and Austin are getting set up for the footage they're going to record of Ally playing the piano.
Trish: We just need to record Ally playing some great piano so it seems live when we play it during her online audition.
Austin: That's easy. But what if she has to answer questions?
Trish: As long as we get her saying simple things like "yes", "no", or "nice to meet you", we can edit it to make it seem like she's having a real conversation.
Ally: (enters) Hey, everybody!
Dez: Hey, Ally! Do you mind if I record my first lesson?
Ally: I don't care, go ahead.
Trish: Can you give us a more specific answer? Yes or no?
Ally: Yes...?
Dez: Hey Ally, uh, would you teach me how to kiss?
Ally: Nooooo.
Trish: (to Austin) Now we just need to get her to say "Nice to meet you."
Austin: Hey, Ally! How do you like my new shoes?
Ally: They're nice.
Austin: Nice! Um, what's one plus one?
Ally: Two.
Trish: Oh, I forgot. What is it that vegetarians don't eat?
Ally: Meat...?
Dez: What is the opposite of me?
Ally: Smart.
Dez: No, the other opposite of me.
Ally: You...?
Dez: Yes!
Ally: Why are you asking all these questions? You're being weird. Can we start our lesson now? Have a seat, Dez.
Dez: You know, I think I'd learn much better from back there. Behind the camera.
Ally: You think it'll be easier to learn piano by not actually sitting at the piano?
Dez: Yes, Ally. Yes, I do.
Trish: Hey, Dez, wouldn't you rather have Austin give you lessons?
Austin: Yeah, I'm a much better piano player than Ally.
Ally: What? I'm a much better piano player than you. Can you play this?
Ally starts playing the piano as planned as Austin, Trish, and Dez make sure it's being recorded.
Interior. Practice Room
Austin, Trish, and Dez have set up the laptop and TV screen to show the footage for Ally's audition for MUNY.
Austin: Shall we get Ally ready for her big audition? (Dez hits a button on the laptop, revealing Ally on the TV screen)
Trish: Time to call in. (types on another laptop)
MUNY Scout: Greetings, Miss Dawson. Are you ready for your audition?
Dez hits buttons to answer the questions as the Talent Scout asks them, as so for Ally to speak.
Ally: Yes...
MUNY Scout: You seem a little unsure of yourself. But, after that last embarrassment you called at an audition, I can see why. I never thought I'd see you again.
Ally: Nice. To. Meet. You...
Talent Scout: You know we've met before.
Ally: Noooo. Yes? No. Yes? No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You're being weird.
Talent Scout: And what makes you think you can talk to me like that?
Ally: I'm a much better piano player than you.
Talent Scout: Well, you've certainly gotten very modest since the last time we met. But go ahead. Why don't you show me how much of a better piano player you are than me?
Ally starts playing the piano and the Talent Scout seems to be impressed at her playing.
Dez: (looks over at the screen) It's working! He's loving it!
Interior. Sonic Boom
2 weeks later, Team Austin, Jimmy, and Lester are setting up the CD signing for Austin's new album, as fans wait outside to come in.
Ally: Only 5 minutes left to go until the Austin Moon Album is officially on sale!
Austin: I can't believe this day is finally here! Thank you so much, Mister Starr.
Trish: Hey, thank me! I'm your manager, I should at least get half the credit.
Jimmy: You want to pay half the hundred grand I'm putting in this album?
Trish: You can give him all the credit.
Austin: You all deserve half. Jimmy deserves half, Ally definitely deserves half, Trish deserves half, and Dez deserves half.
Jimmy Starr: That is way too many halves. Anyway, you guys are a great team and I will see you all tomorrow night at the album release party. (leaves as Team Austin bids him "Bye" and "See you later")
Lester: I am really proud of you, honey.
Dez: (hugs Lester) Thanks, Mister Dawson.
Lester: I was talking to my daughter.
Dez: Oh. Right.
Ally: (hugs Mister Dawson) This is the best day ever.
Trish: Well, it's about to get better. I happen to have a letter here for Miss Ally Dawson. I've already read it and I think you're going to be pretty pleased. (hands Ally a letter)
Ally: This is from MUNY. (opens and reads the letter) I've been accepted to the music school. They're offering me a full scholarship?
Austin, Trish, and Dez: Congratulations!
Ally: But how? I didn't even apply!
Austin: Well, we kind of applied for you.
Trish: Then, we used footage from Dez's piano lesson for your audition.
Ally: (hugs Austin, Trish, and Dez)) This is amazing, I can't believe you guys did that for me.
Austin: Hey, look at how much you do for us. (holds up his album) None of this wouldn't be happening without you.
Lester: This is so incredible, honey!
Dez: Oh-ho, I'm not falling for that again.
Trish: This really is the best day ever. Austin's album is coming out and Ally just got accepted to the best music school in Miami!
Lester: (pulls Ally off to the side as Trish starts letting fans in for the CD signing) They think MUNY- Music University of New York- is in Miami?
Ally: I want to go to that school. But I don't want to leave my friends. Maybe I shouldn't go.
Lester: Honey, it's the best music school in the country! You can't just pass up this kind of opportunity.
Ally: I know. You're right. But, how am I going to tell them I'm moving to New York?
Dez: (in front of the line with a stack of CDs) Hi, can you make this one out to Dez? And make this one out to Dez? And this one out to Dez? (repeats)
Interior. Sonic Boom
Ally is giving Nelson a piano lesson and while he plays (not so greatly), she seems to be distracted.
Nelson: How was that?
Ally: Perfect.
Nelson: What's wrong, Ally?
Ally: I need to tell my friends something and I don't know how to do it.
Nelson: Practice on me. You'll feel better.
Ally: Okay. Austin, Trish, Dez, I have to move to New York and I won't see you guys for a long time.
Nelson: (gasps) You're leaving? But you're my favorite piano teacher! How could you do this to me?! Nooooooooo!!!! (runs out of the store)
Ally: Well that didn't make me feel better.
Austin, Trish, and Dez enter the store.
Austin: What's with Nelson?
Ally: Oh, uh, he's just doing his vocal exercises. Listen, I need to talk to you guys about the music school.
Austin: You don't have to keep thanking us. We'd do anything for you. We're a team.
Ally: Well, you know, sometimes teams change.
Dez: Yup, and our team's changing for the better. Now that Austin's album's out, we have a big, long future ahead of us.
Ally: And that future could involve, oh, I don't know, going to another city.
Trish: Oh, definitely! We're going to be going to a lot of other cities when we go on tour. And the best part is, the four of us get to experience it together.
Ally: Actually, I have-
Austin: Come on guys. (puts his hand out) Hands in. (everyone puts their hands in) On the count of three, "Together forever." One, two, three-
Austin, Trish, and Dez: Together forever!
Ally: -ever...
Interior. Practice Room
Ally is sitting at the piano when Austin, Trish, and Dez walk in.
Austin: Hey, Ally. We got your text, what's up?
Ally: I just wrote a new song. I want you guys to hear it. (starts playing the piano and singing) ♫ I'm leaving for school. I'm going far away. Your career's about to start and I'm sad I have to depart. ♫
Austin: Wow. Kind of a downer.
Dez: Can I be honest? Uh, not your best work.
Austin: Good thing you're not going anywhere, and we'll have plenty of time to fix the lyrics.
Ally: I don't think you guys are really getting it. Austin, maybe you should sing the rest.
Austin: Okay. (sits at the piano and starts to sing and play) ♫ Who knows how long I'll be gone, I'm so sad I can barely speak. Gonna miss you, Austin, Dez, and Trish. I'm leaving for New York in a week. ♫ This, isn't really a new song, is it?
Ally: The music school's in New York.
Austin: I didn't know it was in New York!
Trish: And neither did I!
Dez: Guys, come on. MUNY? Music University of New York.
Austin: You knew?
Dez: I'm not stupid. Ally, I can't believe you're gonna drive to New York and back everyday for school. That's like twelve hundred miles!
Austin: No, Dez, she's moving to New York.
Dez: And driving back here everyday to hang out with us? Wow.
Ally: This is really hard for me. I feel terrible.
Trish: I feel terrible too. You're gonna call the school and let them know you're not going, right?
Ally: I'm gonna miss you guys too. But you know I can't pass up this opportunity.
Trish: We didn't know helping you meant you were gonna leave.
Ally: I can't just give up my dream.
Dez: But it would be nice if you did.
Ally: Do you feel this way too, Austin?
Austin: I just can't believe you're really going. Our music career's just getting started.
Ally: Don't you guys understand how important this is to me? (leaves)
Exterior. Mall of Miami; Food Court
Austin, Trish, and Dez are sitting at a table.
Austin: Is this really the end of Team Austin?
Trish: Ally's really going away to that school. After all the things we've done for her, like, getting her into that school.
Dez: Guys, we have to put ourselves in Ally's shoes. I mean, she's probably feeling betrayed because she has a shot at making her dreams come true, and we're not being supportive.
Trish: She's the one leaving!
Dez: I know, I know, you're mad. But, that's just misplaced anger masking the hurt you're feeling over losing your best friend. If we really care about Ally Dawson, we need to put away those feelings, so that she can soar. (makes flying dove gesture)
Austin: Wow Dez, that's great advice. Where'd you come up with that?
Dez: I told you. I put myself in Ally's shoes. (puts his feet on the table to show he's wearing Ally's heels) I don't know how Ally walks in these things. My feet are killing me!
Interior. Album Release Party
Many people are inside for the party, while music is playing. Ally comes in and Lester approaches her.
Lester: I wasn't sure if you were going to show up.
Ally: As upset as I am with my friends, this is still a special day for all of us. I couldn't miss it.
Lester: I'm just glad I get to hang out with my little girl before she goes off to school.
Ally: You're sure you're okay with me going, Dad?
Lester: Of course! Oh, I'm happy for you. (hugs Ally and shows that he's starting to cry)
Jimmy: (goes up on stage with a microphone) What's up everybody? I'm Jimmy Starr. (applause) I wanted to introduce you to my next new superstar whose album just dropped. Give it up for Austin Moon! (applause and Austin goes up on stage with a guitar)
Austin: Hey, everybody. Thanks for coming. Tonight's supposed to be about me, but it's also kind of a going away party for my songwriter and my best friend, Ally. She just got accepted to a really cool music school. Ally, me, Trish, and Dez put this together to give you something to remember us by.
Austin starts singing a slow acoustic version of "Can't Do It Without You" with a video montage of various events in the lives of the members of Team Austin where they felt Ally had an impact. Needless to say, Ally is touched by the gesture.
Jimmy: That was touching. Now can we get back to the record release party I planned for?
Austin: Wait, wait, wait. Ally, I'm sorry for the way behaved, but I'm happy for you. And I'm really gonna miss you.
Trish: (grabs Jimmy's microphone) And I'm sorry too. But Dez made me realize that I was just upset about you leaving.
Ally: (grabs the microphone) Dez made you realize you something?
Trish: (grabs microphone) I know, right? But the point is, I was sad about losing my best friend, but I'm really excited for you.
Jimmy: (takes microphone back) Wow, you guys are making me do a double take. Which is the second track off of Austin's album, which is the reason we're doing this-
Ally: (takes microphone again) Wait! There's something I want to say. My dream has always been to go to music school. Watching that video made me realize I'm living my dream now because I'm making music with my friends.
Trish: So what are you saying?
Ally: I change my mind. I'm staying here with you guys.
Trish: Group hug!
Austin, Ally, and Trish hug, but Dez instead hugs another group of people.
Austin: Um, Dez, that's the wrong group.
Dez: Oh, right. (hugs Austin, Ally, and Trish)
Austin: (goes back up on stage) All right, let's get this party started!
Jimmy Starr: Finally!
As originally intended, and desired by Jimmy Starr, Austin, his band, and his backup dancers perform the song, "Illusion," a typical Michael Jackson-esque pop hit. At the end of the song, the stage is overloaded with fog, and Austin seems to disappear, only to be found resting his elbow on Ally's shoulder.
Interior. Sonic Boom
Dez again has a stack of Austin's album, asking Austin to sign them for him.
Dez: And can you make this one out to Dez? And this one out to Dez? And this-
Austin: All right dude, I've signed like a hundred of these. This is the last one. Is there anyone else you want to make it out to?
Dez: Well, I do have a little cousin who just broke his arm. He could really use some cheering up. Could you sign this CD for him?
Austin: Of course, what's his name?
Dez: Dez.
Ally and Trish appear as Nelson walks into Sonic Boom dressed in a giant envelope.
Nelson: Good news, Ally! I'm coming to New York with you! Trish, mail me!
Ally: That's sweet, Nelson, but I'm not leaving. I'm staying here in Miami.
Trish: And I don;t work at Mailboxes and So Forth anymore. I got fired for reading the mail. And so forth.
Nelson: Aww, narts! Do you know how hard it was to find an envelope this big? (leaves)
Ally: Well, Austin, now that your album's out, who knows what's gonna happen?
Austin: Concerts, videos, awards!
Trish: Limos, tours, money!
Dez: Parties, after parties, after-after parties, after-after-after-
Ally: Our lives could really change. We're gonna be living the dream.
Lester: Honey, um, before you lock up, could you please clean the bathroom? (sets cleaning tools down)
Ally: Yup, we're living the dream.
End Of Episode

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