Ally's Goodbye Song
Ally's Goodbye Song (78)
Song by Ally Dawson and Austin Moon
Released: September 9, 2012
Episode: "Albums & Auditions"
Genre(s): Ballad
Length: 0:42
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Austin & Ally - Albums & Auditions Clip - Ally's Goodbye Song00:42

Austin & Ally - Albums & Auditions Clip - Ally's Goodbye Song

Ally's Goodbye Song is a song sung by Ally Dawson and Austin Moon in the episode Albums & Auditions when Ally was telling everyone that she was leaving for the music school in New York.


I'm leaving for school
I'm going far away
Your career's just about to start
And I'm sad
I have to depart.

Who knows how long I'll be gone
I'm so sad
I can barely speak
Gonna miss you
Austin, Dez, and Trish
I'm leaving for New York in a week.


  • Ally wrote this song to tell her friends she was leaving to New York.
  • Ally had Austin sing the song too, since she thought that Team Austin was not getting the message she was trying to tell them through it.
  • This is the second to last song of Season 1.
  • This is the first sad song of Austin & Ally.
  • Team Austin became quite upset after they came to understand that Ally wrote the song because she was leaving.



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