Season 2

Costumes & Courage


Austin and Ally performing Don't Look Down

In this episode, Ally is Galexis Nova for Halloween (first she was Florence Nightingale). Austin and Ally write a song called Don't Look Down for Austin to perform at a Halloween party. Ally goes to lunch with Jimmy, where they discuss that Austin will perform the song at the Halloween party with Taylor Swift. She tries to impress a guy named Ethan, whom she saw at the costume store and the Halloween party Ally and her friends go to. Ally pretends to 'borrow' Jimmy's phone to delete a mean text message that Austin sent to him by accident. Ally and Taylor wear the same costume at the party. When Trish and Dez accidentally knock out Taylor, Ally pretends to be Taylor and performs the duet with Austin, without her stage fright getting to her. Dez suggests that Austin and Ally sing together from now on since Ally didn't have stage fright, but Ally doesn't know if she can, for she thought she could only do it because she was pretending to be someone else.

Backups & Breakups

Ally gif at minis

Ally Dawson in Backups and Break-ups

In this episode, when Ally sees Trish and Dez hugging at their lockers, she thinks that they are secretly dating each other. Back at Sonic Boom, Ally confronts Trish about dating Dez. However, Trish tells Ally she is dating Trent, Austin's new backup dancer. Later when Ally sees Trent with another girl, Ally is faced with the difficult decision of telling Trish the truth. Back at the gang's practice, Ally video chats with her mom about whether to tell Trish or not. In this episode, Ally's mom was also featured through video chat.

Magazines & Made-Up Stuff

Ally in "Magazines & Made-Up Stuff"

Magazines & Made-Up Stuff

Throughout the episode, Ally consistently tells Austin that he doesn't need to lie to make himself look good; "just being yourself is enough.". However, once the last event of Austin's fabricated life is done and Meagan Simms declares that she thinks Ally writes amazing songs, Meagan asks Ally how she came up with it. Ally starts to tell the truth, but when Meagan declares that it's boring, she quickly lies, saying that she bungee-jumped off of the tallest bridge in Miami. Once up there, Austin and her jump down together, and all the exaggerations are over.

Parents & Punishments 59

Parents & Punishments

Ally is visited by Nelson and the rest of his music class, including their music teacher at Sonic Boom. Nelson asks Ally if they can borrow the instruments since the music class's instruments got ruined, and Ally grudgingly says no after her dad tells her that they can't afford to let them borrow the instruments. Nelson and the rest of the class sigh and walk out, and Ally, feeling guilty, tells them to stop, saying that they can use all the instruments. Misinterpreting this, Nelson thinks that Ally said that they could take all the instruments for free, so all the students take the instruments.

Parents & Punishments 17

After accidentally getting rid of all the instruments, Ally and the rest of Team Austin brainstorm ways to get the money to get all the instruments back before finally thinking of hosting a fundraiser. They then decide that Austin performing will be their main act, but when Austin's bad grades cause him to get grounded to study, he sneaks out to perform, thus earning the required money Ally needed. Unfortunately for Team Austin, Nelson's music teacher thinks that Ally raised the money for HER and thanks her, running off with the money. Due to this, Ally gets in trouble for the first time, and her punishment is not being allowed to read any books for a week.

Note that even though Ally has stage fright, she got up on the stage and spoke to the audience and camera multiple times. This could possibly be because her stage fright has gone away. Also, she wasn't all freaked out when she was featured in Cheetah Beat.

Crybabies & Cologne

Ally in da house

She helps get revenge on Trent (Trish's ex-boyfriend), who deliberately steals one of the songs she was working on with Austin, although her efforts to do so get mixed reactions from the rest of Team Austin, who are quite surprised to find her just as eager to pay him back, until she suggests sticking a "Kick Me" sign on his back. At the ending, She says that she will get her revenge doubtful, Trish, Dez, and Austin walk out with Ally's "Kick Me" signs on their backs and gets her revenge.

Big Dreams & Big Apples

In this episode, Ally does multiple actions. She tries to get Trish to tell Austin that he wasn't truly booked at Times Square instead of having someone else tell the news for Trish. She also ends up sitting with Austin on the plane when she and the little boy that thought Austin was an impostor switched seats. She's proud of Austin when he performs and accomplishes his life-long dream; she's reduced to tears by the performance, and the tears freeze over, much to the confusion of the rest of Team Austin.

Ferris Wheels&Funky Breath-14-

Austin and Ally in Ferris Wheels and Funky Breath

Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath

Austin needs to film his music video with Jimmy's daughter, Kira and she has bad breath. Ally is trapped in the giant hamster ball with Kira, Austin get stuck with her for an hour on the Ferris wheel. Also, she tries to protect Kira's feelings by not telling her about her bad breath.

Girlfriends & Girl Friends

Auslly GF and GF

Ally helps Austin on his date with Kira, she later reveals to Trish that she has developed a crush on him. Trish advises Ally to tell Austin about how she feels but chooses not to tell him, worrying it will ruin their friendship and partnership. Ally is crushed when he leaves with Kira, but wants him to be happy all the same. And it's hard for Ally to tell her feelings. She doesn't want to tell Austin her feelings out of fear that she'd ruin their partnership and his career. She reads the flowers that Austin sent reading "There's no way I can make it without you" and sadly goes up to the practice room.

Campers & Complications


Ally's old crush and camp friend Elliot comes into town, making Austin jealous of their budding relationship. She first finds it exciting that her first crush and friend as arrived but quickly get bored because all they talk about is camp and don't really have anything in common. After some sport activities between Austin and Elliot, Ally realizes that Austin likes her because of his jealous acts. She meets Austin in the music room, while working on a song, they have a moment (their hands touch on the piano) they almost kiss but Ally stops the kiss by showing Austin how the chorus of the song should go.

Chapters & Choices

Chapters Choices 30
Ally and Austin both try to hide their feelings for each other, but are both caught up in awkward moments where they are found staring at each other. Ally tells Trish that she's not going to wait for Austin to decide who he want to be with. Ally's mother makes her second appearance and Austin and Ally try to help Ally get over her stage fright by getting Ally and Austin to sing a duet at Ally's mother, Penny Dawson's book release party. Ally overhears Austin and Dez's conversation about why Austin and Ally should not go out, leaving her upset but later feels okay about it. After they perform, Austin admits that he could do anything with Ally and they share their very first kiss. Unfortunately, Kira ruins the moment by telling Austin that she'll be his girlfriend, leaving Ally heartbroken.

The kiss

Partners & Parachutes

Partners Parachutes01

Ally, still upset with Austin, decides not to think about him and tries to focus on herself and her own career. She starts "Team Ally" with Trish as her manager. Austin still wants to prove his feelings for her, but she remains unconvinced that he truly cares about her and is over Kira. It was revealed in this episode that Austin was her first kiss. They start dating in this episode after Austin serenaded her with a song that was originally written by her.

Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction

In this episode, she holds a fairly important role. She's one of the last members of Team Austin to be truly convinced
that the typewriter is magic. She gets a wagon full of books as a gift from Dez and the typewriter. She and Austin were, in a way, guarding the typewriter while they were afraid that Chuck would steal the typewriter. After Chuck steals the typewriter, Ally's affected in several ways. First, her hair turns purple. Later on, she switches bodies with Trish, and then with Dez. She's next affected when Chuck uses the typewriter to make her fall in love with him. Then, she's turned into Abraham Lincoln while giving the speech for her dad.

Couples & Careers

Ally plays Clarinet Golf with Austin- signaling that she has changed from her Season 1 attitude, where she would scold Austin for playing such a game- and gets a horn-in-one. She is asked out on a date by Austin, and she accepts.
230px-Which section of this picture-

Austin teaching Ally how to play clarinet golf.

It is revealed in this episode that Ally has a middle name. Trish asks her to write a new song for Butch & Bitey. Ally is awkward around Austin on their first date, and near the end of it, she gets jammed bread on her face! She talks to Trish about how it was awkward, and begins to have doubts about being in a relationship with Austin. She blows them off when in a song-writing session with Austin, claiming that they've never been awkward when it comes to their music. She is easily proven wrong; she is too afraid to hurt Austin's feelings, and so agrees to compromise a song instead of pleading to write an emotional, serious ballad like she wanted to. Later on, she and Austin both realize that the song is the worst song they have ever written! She is there when the director of Butch & Bitey gets goo splattered all over him. She and Austin, at the end of the episode, both agree that they are not meant to be a couple just yet. The two hug, and she asks him not to let go just yet.

Spas & Spices

In this episode, she is first seen trying out poses for her interview with Miami Music, due to having won the title of "Songwriter of the Year". She goes to the Tranquility Spa, where Trish currently works, with Trish after Austin assures her that her dress and necklace will be
Spas & Spices (440)
picked up. At the spa, many bad things befall her: she drinks massage oil, her feet are burnt with hot stones, her hair becomes extremely puffy, her teeth turn green, her face becomes pink, and her hands become stuck to what is meant to be a relaxing wax. She and Trish eventually leave the spa and head to the Chili Cook-Off, where she learns and is devastated to hear that her necklace has been lost in the chili. She ends up getting it back at the end of the episode, however.

Solos & Stray Kitties

Trish books Ally to perform as she thought that Ally would get a record deal but it was actually to perform for the stary kitties. Ally is first excited at getting a part in a showcase, but when everything goes horribly wrong with Ally and the "Stray Kitties", Ally wants to get out of her contract, but the manager won't let her leave the band, for 5 years. She needs her friends' help.

Boy Songs & Badges

In this episode, Ally is writing songs for her demo reel. Due to this three-song-requirement, Ally is unable to write a
song for Austin's interview with Jett on "New Music Tuesday", which forces him to write a song by himself. After hearing Austin's heavily-Pioneer-Ranger-inspired song, Ally at first lies and tells him that she enjoyed it. Later, however, she tells him the truth with a wide smile, and then offers to let him use one of her songs for New Music Tuesday. This plan is not able to work, unfortunately; her three songs are each too girly for Austin to sing at the interview.

Tracks & Troubles

In this episode, Jimmy asks for her to sell her song, I'm Finally Me, to Kira. She refuses and is sad that she didn't

Ally in Tracks & Troubles

receive a record deal; thankfully, Austin and Trish cheer her up. When they visit Jimmy's new recording studio the next day, she is the last to play with the studio; Austin and Trish had played with it before her. She, Austin and Dez go to the yoga studio in an attempt to get Kira to sing her song, Elevator Doors, again so they can attach that singing to the music. When that doesn't work and Austin is dropped from the label, she is willing to sell her song to Kira so that Austin can get signed again. Kira has a change of heart and says that only Ally could sing the song; she then gets to sing I'm Finally Me at Kira's gig. Afterwards, Jimmy offers Ally a record deal as well as re-signing Austin.

Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing

In this episode, Ally gets nominated for Future 5 Contest, and she needs to make a video. But Ally wants to make a dance video, her friends try to stop her knowing her dance skills. When Ally finds out that her best friends don't think
she can win, she gets disappointed and post a video of her dancing and gets many mean comments. In one moment Austin realizes that he needs to help her, and they make The Ally Way so Ally can show her moves and get chances to win because the song goes with her moves. At the end Ally wins the contest because she made those moves fit in one song.

Tunes & Trials

In this episode, Ally, as well as Austin, are approached by Val, who tries to persuade them to write a hit song for her
band, Stray Kitties. They decline. Ally, with the use of sports analogies that don't quite work, manages to persuade Austin to write the lyrics to his new single--later called Steal Your Heart--and tells him to write it about someone that he cares about. Due to Austin and Ally rejecting her request, Val comes back and sues Austin for stealing Steal Your Heart. At the end of the episode, it is confirmed that Austin wrote the song about Ally, which leads to Austin and Ally admiting they still have feelings for each other.

Future Sounds & Festival Songs

Austin and Ally in future sounds and fesitval songs

In this episode, Ally does not have too much to do. She tries to convince Austin to write a new song the traditional way, as opposed to the shortcut way with the Tune Pro. In Austin's dream about the future, however, Austin has to teach Ally how to write songs the traditional way, as Future Ally only knows how to use a Tune Pro to write songs.

Sports & Sprains


In this episode, Ally tries to get herself a job writing for the school newspaper. She also advises Austin not to give up on playing basketball even after Jimmy tells him to quit. At the end, she ends up getting her article on the front page.

Beach Bums & Bling

In this episode, Ally is given crystal look alike shoes from her favorite movie by Austin.
Beach Bums & Bling Clip 6
For most of the episode, she finds it hard to walk in them, and makes Austin carry her around the mall so she can still do certain things, like go to lunch with Austin, or visit the grand opening of Trish's kiosk (her gift from Austin). Eventually, in the middle of the episode, Dez drives off in his car (his gift from Austin) with Jackson Lowe, with the shoes on the back. They topple over onto the floor and shatter. Ally also meets Jackson Lowe, Austin's old hero, and helps Austin to bring him back to stardom. She writes a song for Austin and dedicates it to Jackson, who also performs with Austin at the concert.

Family & Feuds

Family & Feuds-55-

Upon finding out that Didi's boyfriend is Chuck, Ally ends up supporting the couple despite an endless feud between the two families. But, Ally gets mad when Austin and Dez made Chuck and Didi break up. She helps Austin, Trish, Didi, and Dez's parents get Dez and Chuck to be friends and end the feud.

Moon Week & Mentors

Moon Week & Mentors (20)

Ally, alongside Austin, is one of the celebrity judges on America's Top Talent. She thinks one of the contestants, Lucy reminds her of her old self, as she was shy and insecure. Ally decides to take her under her wing to "train" her so she's more successful. She and Austin work together to make the girl a top contender.

Real Life & Reel Life

In helping play herself in the Austin & Ally Rockumentary, Ally acts out various scenes from her life with Austin along with the rest of her friends. Though, it is discovered while filming one scene that Ally didn't originally want to
Real Life & Reel Life (62)
be Austin's partner because he stole her song, embarrassed her on live television, and thought that he might end up being a one hit wonder. This results in Austin angry at her, but later, she finds out that Austin had a secret of his own too - meeting up with another songwriter, meaning that Ally is now angry at Austin. The two remain mad at each other until Trish and Dez have them film the scene of where Ally overcomes her stage fright, and the two kiss for the second time and make up. Ally also says that her partnership with Austin is the best thing that's ever happened to her.

Fresh Starts & Farewells

As the day for the start of tour comes closer, Ally helps Dez study for his biology exam so that he can go on the trip, though he does end up doing better than her on the actual test. Meanwhile, Ally fires and rehires Trish as her manager when she thinks Trish isn't taking her career seriously for messing up a meeting with Ronnie Ramone.
The Me That You Don't See (144)
but rehires her after Trish takes credit for getting Ally the opening act of Austin's tour. Though, when Ally finds out the lie, Trish is fired again, but hired once again when Ronnie Ramone ends up being at the concert. So, when Ally performs her song, The Me That You Don't See, Mr. Ramone is impressed with her performance and offers her a record deal. The only thing is, she has to choose from the record deal and going on Austin's tour. In the end, Ally ends up staying in Miami to record her album, and says goodbye to her friends before they leave. Though, Austin almost admits he loves Ally, but can't get the words out, so he gives her a card and note before he finally left too. Ally is then seen in the recording booth at Romone Records.

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