Season 3

Road Trips & Reunions


Having recorded several songs for her album and having trouble finishing the rest, Ally has been recently hallucinating about Austin, meaning that she does miss him. So, with encouragement from her friends, she uses the plane ticket in the card Austin gave her to meet up with them on tour for a few days before going back to Miami for a meeting with Ronnie Ramone. During all of this though, she and her friends keep messing up the exact location of where to meet up, as in different cities. Eventually, she and Austin are finally together, but she has to soon leave to go back to Miami, even after going all they went through just to see each other. But, Ally realizes why she's having trouble finishing her songs - she needs Austin to help her. That meaning, Ally stays on the rest of the tour with Austin, Trish, and Dez.

What If's & Where's Austin


While Austin is out getting breakfast burritos, Ally along with Trish and Dez imagine what their life would be like without him. This includes Ally giving up her dream of being a singer-songwriter, turning the practice room into a chemistry lab, and losing Trish as her best friend. Overall, she concludes with Trish and Dez that their lives would've been terrible without Austin around.

Presidents & Problems

Presidents & Problems -40-

Wanting to make the most of their last day on Austin's tour, Ally suggests to go to the Smithsonian Museum after going to the ceremony for Austin - as he had received the Teen Role Model of the Year award. At the museum, Ally naturally takes over the tour guide's role, having to almost always add and correct the facts the guide presents at each exhibit. During the situation of Austin getting the silver shoes from the Wizard of Oz stuck on his feet, Ally is able to come up with a way to hide them and save him from getting in trouble - putting on bigger shoes over the heels. Though the idea did not worked, Austin is pardoned by the president, saving Team Austin from any further complications.

Beach Clubs & BFFs

Austin and Ally Beach Clubs and BFF's 24

After getting back from Austin's tour, Ally reveals that she has become a close friend of Kira's. This making Trish become jealous, Ally and Trish face a conflict in their friendship. Ally starts hanging out with Kira a lot more often, and Trish tries to join in, but can't quite "fit in" with the two as they are twinsies. Trish confronts Ally about her being replaced by Kira and Ally assures her to not worry about anything. However, at the luau at Shredder's, Trish had accidentally made the machine spin too fast to cook the pig, making it fall on top of Ally. Ally accuses Trish of doing it on purpose to ruin her performance, but eventually apologizes upon finding out it really was just an accident, meaning the two make up. Back at the beach club, Ally finally performs her new song, Redial, which is written and dedicated to her best friend, Trish.

Mix Ups & Mistletoes

Allychristmas 3

Ally helps the rest of Team Austin with the Kids' Club Christmas Party, and the Austin Moon dolls. She also performs a duet with Austin for the Club called "I Love Christmas".

Glee Clubs & Glory

Glee fever!

In this episode, Ally and Austin start separate glee clubs, and Ally's team goes old-school. Soon Austin and Ally are both kicked off and later put back in. They perform a glee mashup as a whole glee club and win first place.

Austin & Alias


She is first seen in the practice room working on a song with Austin, and Ronnie Ramone walks in and says that he loves all her songs she's recorded and that its time to start talking about releasing the album. But then Ronnie tells her she and Austin can't be partners anymore. After Ronnie tells Ally she can't be Austin's songwriter anymore, she decides to create an alias called 'Roxy Rocket' to continue being his songwriter and she goes on TV with Austin as 'Roxy'. After Ronnie offers 'Roxy' a record deal, she reveals that she is Roxy and she starts getting cross at Ronnie but he lets her continue being Austin's songwriter and to keep her record deal.

Princesses & Prizes


Ally wants to do a charity and need money. She organizes an auction and raffling a day to spend with Austin. But it offers Chelsea, a beautiful girl and Ally begins to be jealous. When she discovers that Chelsea has a boyfriend and he just wanted to help in the celebration of his little sister, is embarrassed.

Cupids & Cuties

If i want a goat

In the beginning of the episode, Ally gives Trish advice for her date with Jace. However, her advice doesn't work well for her. She also tried to cheer up Dez, whose love life isn't going so well. By the end of the episode, she was flying paper airplanes with Austin.

Critics & Confidence

Critics & confidence34

Ally, along with Trish and Dez, help Austin gain his confidence back, after a critic dislikes his performances. In the end, Ally relates to Austin about overcoming her stage fright, and encouraged him to show Kenneth Kreen, the critic, what he can do.

Directors & Divas

Directors & Divas (10)

Having been hired to be the songwriter for Spike Steven's "The Pilot and the Mermaid", Ally gets the chance to write a theme song for the new movie. However, Brandy makes her write it completely different after Ally attempts to show Spike the original, the lyrics come off as a little weird in the Heart of the Mermaid sequence. Meanwhile, Ally helps Austin and Trish get Dez his big shot at filming the movie. They all give him encouragement to not give up and have Spike pretend that his wife is in labor in order to allow Dez to direct instead.

Hunks & Homecoming

Me and You (7)

Ally gets a new songwriting partner - Gavin Young - to work with for a new song. Unbeknownst to her during their songwriting sessions, Austin gets jealous of Gavin and makes Ally choose between him and Gavin, which makes her upset with Austin. Ally and Gavin have been hitting it off, so after Austin apologizes for what he said, Gavin asks her out on a date. Ally is shocked by the question is unsure of an answer. However, after the performance of Me and You, it is confirmed by Ally that she has decided to start dating Gavin.

Fashion Shows & First Impressions

Fashion shows and first impressions 205

Trish gets Ally to partake in a fashion show that is to promote an endangered species of birds as the main model. Ally, being a bit clumsy as she is, struggles to successfully come up with model walks that will make her look good in the show. In the actual show, however, as she goes up the runway, Austin pushes her out of the way, due to him setting up the protest of dumping paint all over the models. Ally falls off the stage and the fashion show is ruined, but afterwards, she talks to Austin. She says that it was nice for him to do that, considering that he was able to take a hit and humiliate himself in front of an audience for Piper

Fanatics & Favors


Ally is first scene hand out at the beach club with Austin, Dez and Trish. Dez then invites Austin, Ally and Trish to his cousin Dwayne's house. When they arrive, they find out that Dez's cousin is Dwayne Wade! Later, Ally gets suspicious about Dwayne and thinks that he is not just a fan, but is obsessed with Austin, and decides to have a look around his house. Ally then shows everyone how obsessed Dwayne is with Austin, and they come across Dwayne's secret shrine to Austin. Ally and Austin, back at Sonic Boom, decide to allow Dwayne to perform with Austin at his next gig so he can get over his obsession. Austin later performs What We're About with Dwayne - a song that Austin and Ally have been working on. Ally enjoys their performance and they find out that Dwayne knew that Austin and Ally tricked him into writing the song. Ally is later, at the end of the episode, at Sonic Boom again and reading magazines with Austin, and they find out that Dwayne is over Austin.

Eggs & Extraterrestrials

Look Out 5

Ally in Eggs & Extraterrestrials

Ally is first seen in Sonic Boom and Austin, Dez and Trish convinces Ally to join them at the zalien convention. In the next scene, Ally is seen walking into the convention, along with Austin, Trish and Dez, and Ally is dressed up as Princess Starna, and gets attention from boys, making her like it. When Trish and Dez later come into Sonic Boom, after the convention, they convince Austin and Ally that they are real zaliens, but Austin and Ally don't believe them until they see Zip suck Ziltch's brain. They then have to perform for them to save their lives! After the performance, since the zaliens loved their performance, they decide to take Austin and Ally to their planet instead of a prince egg. It's later revealed that it was all in Dez's dream, and then Ally is seen at the convention with Austin, Dez and Trish. 

Proms & Promises

Tumblr na90s9AT8O1tvhs7to1 r1 500

Ally in Proms & Promises

Ally is first seen with Austin and helps him practice how to ask Piper to prom, but she thinks his way is boring and says how she wants Gavin to ask her. Ally is later seen on a date with Gavin and says how everyone has a date accept her. Gavin then invites Ally to see his family, but she says no. Ally is later seen at the beach club with Trish, Piper and Carrie and they're all talking about prom. Austin then sings to Piper and asks her to prom and she says yes, making Ally jealous, hinting that she still has feelings for Austin. Gavin then comes down the stairs and asks Ally to prom, but she says no. Ally is then seen in the practice room, and Trish asks her what happened, and said she said no because she wonders if she's with the right guy, making Trish wonder if Ally will break up with Gavin, but she said she doesn't know, but knows that she'd rather stay home than go to prom with the right guy. On prom night, Ally is seen in sonic boom with everyone and that they wanted to see Ally before prom, and Austin says it's weird going without her. When Dez insulted Ally, Austin held Ally's hand and said she looks great and always looks great, making Ally blush. Piper then becomes suspicious of their relationship, but Trish said they broke up, making things clearer for Piper. When everyone leaves for prom, Ally is left with a hurt expression on her face. Austin is then seen at prom with Piper, but keeps mentioning Ally making Piper even more suspicious about their relationship, and asks Austin if he still has feelings for Ally, but he denies it saying he's really happy being with Piper. Ally is then seen in the practice room, and her dad walks in and convinces her to go to prom to have fun with her friends since she doesn't have a date and she decides to go. Ally is later seen at the episode walking into prom and she caught Austin's eye and he looks like he is in love! Austin then realized that he has made a huge mistake - he's meant to be at prom with Ally instead of Piper! He then turns around to see Carrie and when Piper hugs Austin, Carrie almost tells her the truth, and the episode ends with a 'To be continued...' ending.

Last Dances & Last Chances

Last Dances & Last Chances241

Ally and her new boyfriend <3

Ally is first seen walking up to Piper and Austin. Piper becomes suspicious of their relationship again. Later in the episode, Ally and Austin win prom king and queen. When they're dancing, Austin leaves with Piper, and breaks up with her to be with Ally. When Austin almost tells Ally his feelings, Gavin turns up much to Ally's surprise. Ally is then seen outside with Gavin and she breaks up with him to be with Austin. Then Ally comes back in, and tells Austin she broke up with Gavin, and he says he broke up with Piper. Austin then asks Ally to dance, which she happily accepts to. When they're dancing, Austin admits to Ally he still has feelings for her, and she says she feels the same way. Ally then says Austin is the perfect guy for her to be with. Austin then asks Ally out on a date, which she happily accepts to. They then share their third kiss, hug and finally get back together. In the final scene, Ally is seen dancing with Austin, and they are officially boyfriend and girlfriend again, and Ally then says the evening turned out just how she wanted it to, and the episode ends. 

Videos & Villains


Ally, in "Videos & Villains"

Ally is first seen in Sonic Boom with Trish and Austin and Dez walk in. Ally gets excited (along with everyone else) about Austin's performance and interview with Jett Deeley on Video Countdown Live. Ally then becomes worried when she finds out that Brooke has kept Austin a hostage until he writes a love song for her and goes to find him. Ally is later seen at Austin's performance of Upside Down and loves it. At the end f the episode, Ally is seen in Sonic Boom with everyone and asks Austin again why he takes her food and throws it in the bin like a basketball hoop.

Beauties & Bullies


Ally auditions for the school lay (Sleeping Beauty) and wants to play Sleeping Beauty, but loses the part to Trish, and gets the part of town's folk #1. She and Austin work on their scripts and Ally keep playfully saying he's doing it in a boring way. She later keeps changing her lines, annoying people. Ally along with the rest of the gang, tries to help Trish when she gets bullied and she and Austin write a song for her. Ally is later seen at the beach club with Austin, Trish and Dez and loves Austin's performance of Superhero, which he dedicates and sings to Trish. In the end, Ally performs in the play, along with everyone.

Horror Stories & Halloween Scares


Ally in "Horror Stories & Halloween Scares"

Ally is first seen in Sonic Boom and compliments Austin on his Halloween costume and says Dez looks a little weird. When the power in the store goes out, Ally tries to scare everyone, but fails and ends up getting scared. In Dez's story, Ally and Austin help Dezmond and Patrisha reunite when they find out that they hsvrn't spoken in over 200 years. They are able to get them back together and they are able to and then find out that Esmerelda is the daughter of them (a girl that Ally teaches to play piano). After all the stories, it's revealed that Ally pranked everyonr with the lights and pretended to be possessed by a ghost and then at the very end of the epsode, everyone screams when they realize that Esmeralda is a real girl.

Records & Wrecking Balls


Ally performing "Parachute"

This episode is centered around Ally. Ally is first seen working in sonic boom and gets very excited when Trish reveals that her album will be released the following week and she shares a tight hug with Austin after he says he's very proud of her. Ally spends the whole episode with Austin and they go on lots of dates together, cause of Ally's album. Later, she quits the store, which her dad is okay with, surprising Ally and then he decides to sell the store, upsetting everyone. Ally is later seen in the practice room, with everyone and she has a sweet moment with Austin when he says that he met Ally there. Later, at Ally's record release party, she is interviews by Jett Deely and then performs Parachute and sings it to Austin and they gaze into each other's eyes. After the performance, Ally gets the store back and she and Austin share another tight hug and then Ally is seen talking with her dad and sonic boom then gets hit by the wrecking ball. 

Relationships & Red Carpets


Auslly!! <3333

Ally is first seen in sonic boom with Austin and they find out that they have both been nominated against each other for best debut album at the Worldwide Music Awards. Ally is then seen in the practice room with Austin and can't wait to walk the red carpet together or tell the world that they're dating. They practice their walk for the red carpet and Ally calls Austin her boyfriend. Then, downstairs, in the store, Ally is seen with Austin again and after Austin tells Jimmy that they're dating again, he bands them from going together, which really upsets them. Ally is then seen on a date with Austin and says she was really looking forward to going to the WMA's with him and they agree to not act like a couple, but fail. Then, at the red carpet, after Austin tells Jimmy he doesn't want to hid his relationship with Ally anymore, and Jimmy threatens to drop Austin from his label, Ally finds out and feels guilty for being in the way of his career. Ally is then seen outside with Austin and they temporarily broke up, leaving Ally crying. Austin then goes on stage and chooses Ally over his career and they both finally admit they love each other,, by Austin saying, "I love you, Ally" and Ally responding with, "I love you, too, Austin!" and Ally runs on stage and they share their forth kiss and most passionate and get back together. In the final scene, in sonic boom Ally shares a tight hug with Austin after he said he made the right choice for choosing her over his career and Ally said she can't wait to go on tour with Austin. ally group hugs with her friends and they will all see each other when Ally's tour arrives in LA. Ally exits the store, but comes back, after almost forgetting her songbook and happily leaves the store with Austin and the episode ends.