Auslly's Monster Crush is an Austin & Ally game on the official Disney Channel website.

Auslly's Monster Crush Game (1)

The Story

Go behind the scenes where Austin and Ally are filming a new music video, which stars as Austin playing the hero who is to save Ally. Help Austin and Ally create a great music video for the fans!


How to Play

Auslly's Monster Crush Game (3)

On the way to save the day, collect music notes for points and hit bad guys to build up a combo streak to increase your score. Hitting obstacles along the way will break the streak.


Fly Up - Up Key

Level Selection


Auslly's Monster Crush Game (2)


  • Medieval Kingdom
  • Outer Space
  • Dark Forest


With whichever song chosen, an instrumental version of it plays in the background as played. As for
Auslly's Monster Crush Game (4)
settings, the medieval kingdom has Austin on a pegasus fighting vultures and dragons to save Ally in a high castle tower, outer space has him fight aliens to save a trapped Ally in a spaceship, and the dark forest instead has Ally with built-in wings to fight vampires and mechanical werewolves to save Austin who is tied to a tree.

Endless Mode

Auslly's Monster Crush Game (5)
Hit as many bad guys as you can and don't hit any obstacles to break the streak, otherwise it's game over.

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