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Austin and Piper




Auslly, Gally

Portrayed by

Ross Lynch and Hayley Erin

Ausper (Aus/tin and Pi/per) is the romantic/friendly pairing between Austin and Piper. They first meet in Fashion Shows & First Impressions. In the episode, Piper was testing Austin to prove he was not shallow, and in the end, they began dating. This pairing strongly rivals one of the most popular pairings in the show, Auslly. They broke up in Last Dances & Last Chances.

Other Names

  • Pipin (Pip/er and Aust/in)
  • Paustin (P/iper and Austin)
  • Auster (Aust/in and Pip/er)
  • Aper (A/ustin and Pi/per)
  • Pistin (Pi/per and Au/stin)
  • Pustin (P/iper and A/ustin)
  • Austir (Austi/n and Pipe/r
  • Pipstin  (Pip/er and Au/stin)
  • Aiper (A/ustin and P/iper)
  • Auper (Au/stin and Pi/per)
  • Pipestin (Pipe/r and Au/stin)
  • Pistiper (Pi/per and Au/sti/n)
  • Piaupestin (Pi/pe/r and Au/stin)


Austin and Piper Broke up in Last chances & last dances (2014)

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Fashion Shows & First Impressions (a.k.a "Austin's New Crush")

  • They meet for the first time.
  • Austin falls for Piper as soon as he sees her.
  • They both find out they both like surfing.
  • Piper admits that, though she usually surfs near her house, the beach has "better scenery". Though she said she was talking about the beach, she could've also been flirting with Austin.
  • Piper says she's a big fan of Austin.
  • Piper mimics Austin's "'Sup?"
  • Austin flexes his muscles and Piper touches his arm.
  • Austin asks Piper out on a date and she accepts.
  • Austin goes to great lengths to prove he's not shallow. At first, he writes Piper a poem and gives her tofu turkey, but, after she declines, does everything she asks instead, even to the point of giving up soap, hair products, and technology.
  • They officially start dating at the end of the episode.
  • Austin Wanted to be with Piper since Ally is with Gavin

Proms & Promises

  • They were both excited about prom.
  • Piper was worried that Austin won't ask her to prom.
  • Austin sang to Piper to ask her to prom.
  • When Austin was singing to Piper, she was smiling lots.
  • Piper says yes, and hugs Austin.
  • They were in Sonic Boom, sitting at a piano an were talking about prom.
  • Austin said it will be the most romantic night ever.
  • Piper looked jealous and hut when Austin held Ally's hand, and said she looked great.
  • Austin said he was really happy that he was with Piper, and she said he was really happy too.
  • When they left Sonic Boom, they linked arms.
  • They had their picture taken together.
  • Austin said they made a really cute couple

Last Dances & Last Chances

  • Piper jumped on Austin's back.
  • Piper looked really hurt when Austin and Ally were dancing together after winning prom king and queen.
  • Austin didn't want to ruin Piper's night, and wanted to make it special for her after wanting to be there with Ally.
  • They broke up, but stayed good friends.


Austin: [Sees Piper.] Whoa, hello. I mean... [gets up off beach towel] 'sup? [walks up to Piper] I'm Austin.
Piper: I know who you are. I'm a big fan. I mean... [imitating Austin] 'sup? I'm Piper.
Piper: Well, I usually surf near my house, but there's much better scenery here, if you know what I mean.
Austin: Thanks. [Flexes his muscles.] I did some push-ups earlier.

Piper: I was talking about the beach, spaghetti-arms. [Touches Austin's arm.] Are you sure you're doing those push-ups right?
Austin: Very funny. You just wanted to touch my arm.

Piper: Maybe.
Austin: Listen. I wanna prove to you that I'm not shallow. I spent all night writing you this poem. [Gives Piper the poem.]
Piper: [Reading the poem] I know I was rude, and came off kinda jerky, so I made you some food, enjoy this tofu turkey.
Carrie: What are you up to? You don't drink coconut water.
Piper: I know. I'm testing him. He says he's a genuine guy who's really into me, and, I wanna see how far he'll go.
Piper: Sorry again for lying to you.
Austin: I understand why you thought I was shallow. I-I'm really sorry too.

Piper: Can we start over?
Austin: I'd like that. [Gets up off the edge of the runway.] 'Sup? [Reaches out his hand.] I'm Austin.
Piper: [Takes Austin's hand.] [Imitating Austin] 'Sup? I'm Piper. Wanna go surfing? I hear there's some killer 20-foot waves tomorrow morning.
Austin: Great, then I'll see you after lunch. Not 'cause I'm scared of big waves; 'cause it's gonna take me that long to get my hair looking good again.

[Piper chuckles.]




  • They both liked each other
  • They both have blonde hair
  • They both liked surfing.


  • Austin is a boy; Piper is a girl.
  • Piper has a sister; Austin does not.
  • Piper is vegan; Austin is not.


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