Austin's Prom Proposal Song
Austin's Prom Proposal Song25
Song by Ross Lynch as Austin Moon
Episode: "Proms & Promises"
Length: 0:36
Austin & Ally chronology
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Austin's Prom Proposal Song was performed by Austin Moon in Proms & Promises when he was asking Piper to prom, and she accepted.


Piper, I would have done this sooner
But I was given the task
For figuring out
How to do a big ask

I wanted to ask you in the place we first met
To make this moment something you won't forget.

If you say no
I'll have to go with my mom
So please say yes
And be my date to the prom.


  • Austin performs this song in Proms & Promises to ask Piper to the school prom. He wrote it himself specifically for her. 
  • Austin's mom, Mimi, is mentioned in this song when he sings the lyric, "If you say no, I'll have to go with my mom." This is the second time Austin's mom was mentioned in one of his songs, the first being Stuck On You.


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