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Hi people. Say the first thing that comes to your head when I say: Fried chicken

Sam Puckett



hey. - chiwistlave03

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Welcome to the edits I guess............ Speaking of guess, can you tell who this is???? 

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I love chess, reading books and being in my computer. Who is this? 

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We Can. 


But it was funny! (Ps I am not sure if this is what they ment by editing this but okayyyyy) ~Lizzy

Guess who is this? BAM WHAT?!?!

Who Wants To Come On Chat?

Hello people :) ~Ausllyraurafan123

Blah blah

Pineapples shall rule the world.

Yes they shall.

I like turtles. 🙈🐢

I like pizza!

And I like DRUMMERS! Pshhh You know who this is 😝😸

If You L♥ve Austin & Ally Put your name ~Please put your name Number order~

  1. AusllyRaura2014
  2. ThatAwkwardWeirdGirl
  3. Lizzy!!!! (RikerIsHot)
  4. XoAngie97
  5. The cray cray cy cy (Cyrus/Austin and Ally Ultimate Fan) :p
  6. Ausllyraurafan123
  7. MonsterHigh5842
  8. AustinAndAllyFan
  9. A&A Rocks100
  10. Ausllyrauralover23
  11. Ellliiieeeee. Wait. Who the heck is Ellie?
  12. Bella8991
  13. DatNuttyKid
  14. Bader_Mousa
  15. Heatherblast9
  16. AusllyR5ari ~Also known as the person that haunts you in your nightmares~
  18. A&A fan15
  19. Aleeha.Alavi
  20. Darkhearted-Returns
  21. HarryPotterRules1
  22. Fabina Lover21911
  23. Mary De La Wary
  24. SmallTownGirl2000
  25. iloverosslynchlauramaranorauraausllyandr5
  26. Ausllyaari
  27. Adorkabler5er
  28. WatermelonR5
  29. hellome098
  31. Allyson L. Dawson
  32. MacyZC55 aka SENIOR 2015 WOHOO! (I dunno how the number thing works but mehhh)
  33. Ally 12232
  34. Cee_Bear
  35. totallyfoeausily
  36. Fulvio (Emma.giovanova)
  37. Auslly Lover
  38. Causemydarlingyoudrivemecrazy ( Rossen)

39. Ausllyrocks45 AKA BEST FOR LAST SARAHHH! :D

Message from AustinAndAllyFan

Go to my message wall to see a link to my new wiki Austin And Ally Spinoff Wiki. I Used the episodes from down here but i'm gonna give ya'll credit for it. Ya'll's episodes were amazing. I need new users & admins to help me out thanks.

Write An Episode Title (Not Episode Titles From Austin & Ally)

Season 1

  1. Crushes & Singers (From : Bader_Mousa)
  2. Flyers & Filers (Aleeha.Alavi)
  3. Chores & Concerts (AustinAndAllyFan)
  4. Detention & Do-Overs (AustinAndAllyFan)
  5. Bad Reviews & Bad Fans (AustinAndAllyFan)
  6. Plays & Preformances (AustinAndAllyFan)
  7. Football Halftime Preformance & Foot Problems (AustinAndAllyFan) One Hour Episode
  8. Scanning & Songwriting (AustinAndAllyFan)
  9. Crushes & Cuties (AustinAndAllyFan) Part 1
  10. Jelousy & Jelly Beans (AustinAndAllyFan) Part 2
  11. Girlfriends & Boyfriends (AustinAndAllyFan) Part 3
  12. Dates & Disasters (AustinAndAllyFan) Part 4
  13. Shcemes & Sleeping (AustinAndAllyFan)
  14. TV Appearences & Talk Shows (AustinAndAllyFan)
  15. Austin And Ally Meets World (AusllyRaura2014)
  16. Dances & Drama (AustinAndAllyFan) Part 1
  17. Break Ups & Make Ups (AustinAndAllyFan) Part 2
  18. Pumpkins & Pots (AustinAndAllyFan)
  19. Movie Nights & Movie Disasters (AustinAndAllyFan)
  20. Advice Wisperer & Auslly (AustinAndAllyFan)
  21. Christmas Songs & Christmas Parties (AustinAndAllyFan)
  22. Success & Starr Records (AustinAndAllyFan)
  23. Autographs & Aulbums (AustinAndAllyFan)

Season 2

  1. Valentines & Valentine Parties (AustinAndAllyFan)
  2. Secrets & Surprises (AustinAndAllyFan)
  3. Beaches & BFFs(AustinAndAllyFan)
  4. Birthdays & Birthday Bashes (AustinAndAllyFan)
  5. Situations & Songwriting Problems(AustinAndAllyFan)
  6. World Records & World Peace(AustinAndAllyFan)
  7. Parties & Problems(AustinAndAllyFan)
  8. Lovers & Leftovers(SmallTownGirl2000)
  9. Letters & Lovers (AusllyRaura2014)
  10. Alligators & Ariana Grande (AusllyRaura2014)
  11. Stealers & Songs (MonsterHigh5842)
  12. Kira & Kisses (Ausllyraurafan123)
  13. Lyrics & Let-downs (Ausllyraurafan123)
  14. Competitions & Competitors (AustinAndAllyFan)
  15. Toutors & Teachers (AustinAndAllyFan)
  16. Anniverserys & Austin's Alone (AustinAndAllyFan)
  17. Pop Stars & Parades (AustinAndAllyFan)
  18. Halloween & Haunts (AustinAndAllyFan)
  19. Crimes & Culprits (AustinAndAllyFan)
  20. Famous Stars & Famous Comeback (AustinAndAllyFan)
  21. Dog With An Austin And Ally Christmas (AustinAndAllyFan)
  22. New Years & New Years Resulutions (AustinAndAllyFan)
  23. Moon Week & Meet Austin's Parents (AustinAndAllyFan)
  24. Showers & Surgerys (AustinAndAllyFan) One Hour Episode
  25. Red Carpets & Real Injures (AustinAndAllyFan)
  26. Reality Shows & Real Reality (AustinAndAllyFan)
  27. Tonsils & Trapped (AustinAndAllyFan)
  28. Spelling Bees & Set Ups (AustinAndAllyFan)
  29. Documentaries & Break-Ups (AustinAndAllyFan)
  30. Tours & Talents (AustinAndAllyFan)

Season 3

  1. Returns & Success (AustinAndAllyFan)
  2. Songs & Surprises (XoAngie97)
  3. Bad Grades & Bad Days (XoAngie97)
  4. Conflicts & Confusions (XoAngie97)
  5. Karaoke & Curfews (XoAngie97)
  6. Piano Months and Piano Misery (Darkhearted-Returns)
  7. Mysteries & Maps (AustinAndAllyFan)
  8. Campaigns & Charities (AustinAndAllyFan)
  9. Game Shows & Games (AustinAndAllyFan)
  10. Talent Shows & Talent Competition (AustinAndAllyFan)
  11. Projects & Partners (AustinAndAllyFan)
  12. Lessons & Love (AustinAndAllyFan)
  13. Pets & Pests (AustinAndAllyFan)
  14. Liv And Maddie Meets Austin And Ally (AustinAndAllyFan)
  15. Austin And Ally Didn't Do It (AustinAndAllyFan)
  16. Dreams & Drop-Outs (AustinAndAllyFan)
  17. Scares & Stories (AustinAndAllyFan)
  18. Countdowns & Captive (AustinAndAllyFan)
  19. Family & Feasts (AustinAndAllyFan)
  20. Principals & Problems (AustinAndAllyFan)
  21. Austin Jessie Ally All Star Christnas (AustinAndAllyFan)
  22. Fans & Fan-Fiction (AustinAndAllyFan)
  23. Records & Wreckers (AustinAndAllyFan)
  24. Bullies & Beat-Ups (AustinAndAllyFan)
  25. Driving Lessons & Drama Lessons (AustinAndAllyFan)
  26. World Tours & World Changes (AusllyRaura2014)

Season 4

  1. Returns & Rollbacks (AustinAndAllyFan)
  2. Backstories & BFFs (AustinAndAllyEpisode)
  3. Austin and Ally Meets Victorious (Cyrus)
  4. Camping Trips & Camping Stories (AustinAndAllyFan)
  5. Dares & Drama (AustinAndAllyFan)
  6. Vampires & Vests (AustinAndAllyFan)
  7. Ghosts & Ghouls (AustinAndAllyFan)
  8. Pranks & Promises (AustinAndAllyFan)
  9. Bad Luck & Bad Teachers (AustinAndAllyFan)
  10. Misteltoes & Make Ups (AustinAndAllyFan)
  11. Cheaters & Challenges (MonsterHigh5842)
  12. iMeet Austin And Ally (AustinAndAllyFan) (This Is A Crossover With iCarly)
  13. Zombie Apocalypse & Zaliens (Bader_Mousa)
  14. Waiting and Weighting (HarryPotterRules1)
  15. Kissing & Krazy Dissing (AusllyRaura2014)
  16. Sports & Spirit (AustinAndAllyFan)
  17. Jobs & Jokes (AustinAndAllyFan)
  18. Detention & Daires (AustinAndAllyFan)
  19. Brothers & BFFs (AustinAndAllyFan)
  20. Changes & Careers (AustinAndAllyFan)
  21. Sickness & Stress (AustinAndAllyFan)
  22. Chaos & Complications (AustinAndAllyFan)
  23. Revenge & Races (AustinAndAllyFan)
  24. College Interviews & College Alplications (AustinAndAllyFan)
  25. Acceptence & Awesomeness (AustinAndAllyFan)
  26. Auditions & Auslly Moving? (AusllyRaura2014)
  27. Wizards vs. Mortals (HeartsAndKisses) One Hour Episode
  28. Graduations & Goodbyes (AustinAndAllyFan) One Hour
  29. Romeo and Juliet (Auslly Lover)

Season 5 (This Season Does Not Have To Be Alliterated. Also I Will Not Do This Season Because I'm Running Out've Ideas). (AustinAndAllyFan)

  1. Beginners & Grown Ups (Bader_Mousa)
  2. Marriages & Brides (Bader_Mousa)
  3. Honeymoons & Hawaii (Ausllyraurafan123)
  4. Austin & Ally Meets World with Jessie & Liv & Maddie (AusllyRaura2014)
  5. Babysitting & Bright Futures (AusllyRaura2014)
  6. Trez & Tea Parties (AusllyRaura2014)
  7. Dumping & Dissing (AusllyRaura2014)
  8. I Didn't Do It Meets World With Blog & Austin & Ally 2 hour special (AusllyRaura2014)
  9. Austin & Ally Marraige 3 hour special (AusllyRaura2014)
  10. Conjuring & Cursed Dolls ONE HOUR HALLOWEEN SPECIAL (Austin and Ally Ultimate Fan)
  11. Pregnancies & Parents (Ausllyraurafan123)
  12. Ballets & Bullets (Aleeha.Alavi)
  13. Crowds & Crows  (Aleeha.Alavi)
  14. Feeling & Feelings  (Aleeha.Alavi)
  15. Stoppers & Steppers  (Aleeha.Alavi)
  16. Flukes & Fame  (Aleeha.Alavi)
  17. Cross & Cars  (Aleeha.Alavi)
  18. Summer Specials & Summer Sick  (Aleeha.Alavi)
  19. Clayton & Clewis  (Aleeha.Alavi)
  20. Austin & Ally (Special Auslly Episode)  (Aleeha.Alavi)
  21. Lovers & Lowers  (Aleeha.Alavi)
  22. Haunted & Hostages (Special 1 Hour HAll0wEEn Episode)  (Aleeha.Alavi)
  23. Mockers & Stalkers (A lesson for "Haters")  (Aleeha.Alavi)
  24. Travelling Fame & Partnership Heights (90 minute Special) (A&A fan15)

25. Proposals & Pomogranite Juice (Special Auslly episode set in the future)

Write Random stuff about your day

  • My crush looked at me exactly 6 times today. (Ellie-different Ellie...)
  • My Brain is BarbeQueD !!! (Aleeha.Alavi)
  • I am Waiting for The new episode -_-. (Aleeha.Alavi)
  • I'm eating a microwaved pizza. -Lizzy
  • I looked at pictures of Ellington.-Amanda (ThatAwkwardWeirdGirl)
  • I got out of school at 12:35 like every Wednesday!!(SmallTownGirl2000)
  • Same Amanda, same -Lizzy
  • I have no school for this whole week. :D (MonsterHigh5842)
  • I had school this week :( (Ausllyraurafan123)
  • I'm very bored. (AusllyR5ari)
  • We read And Then There Were None in English over the past 2 weeks. (Ausllyraurafan123)
  • ^And write an essay about it. (Ausllyraurafan123)
  • I Met My bff's boyfriend today (AusllyRaura2014)
  • I recently found out that Ellen Marano was once an obscure actress named Ellen Sweeney. (DanTD)
  • I fangirled and went crazy, just like I always do :D (AusllyR5ari)
  • I listen to Ariana Grande whole day and watched Victorious (No one knows me!!)
  • my lips are blue, chubby bunny, and smoothy challenge vomiting Yay? (iloverosslynchlauramaranorauraausllyandr5)
  • I went out to lunch with my friends and shopping after! (Angie)
  • I saw a baby bunny. It was so chubby I wanted to hug it. 🙈 (Adorkable Panda - Adorkabler5er)
  • Watching Woman In Black (Scaring Me 😱😱😱😱😱)
  • I stalked the A&A cast's twitter for an hour! :P (A&A Rocks100)
  • I listened to Upside Down! (ThatAwkwardWeirdGirl)
  • I ate pizza! (Allyson L. Dawson)
  • I have a ton of homework and I am procrastinating doing it. (Ausllyraurafan123)
  • I learned how to customize my mouse cursors so now I have really cool mice! ;D ~Nutta
  • Today, I had some trouble adding sound files of two CD's by Dandelion onto iTunes. After some frustration, I found a way around my problem. This method works for iTunes V.12 too. (DanTD)
  • I'm hoping someone comes to my halloween party on chat. (AustinAndAllyFan)
  • Watched Sam and Cat, studying Problem (the song), found out that One Last Time is actually a single for Ariana Grande and nearly finish being ill (Austin and Ally Ultimate Fan)
  • Had grapes!
  • Im gonna write something to my crush.
  • I had R5's Stay With Me and Sam Smith's Stay With Me stuck in my head at the same time (Amanda)
  • went on youtube for two hours and then saw a movie! (Iloverosslynchlauramaranorauraausllyandr5)
  • I can't wait for R&RC also I'm really bored. (Mary De La Wary) * just waitting for Austin and Ally to get married
  • Listening Smile. :P (Mary)
  • Listening Smile again. :P (Mary).
  • I just realized I'm graduating in November 21st from next year... no... (Mace :D )
  • went to an amazing R5 concert and met the band! (iloverosslynchlauramaranorauraausllyandr5)
  • I'm watching Hannah Montana right now. I HAVEN'T SEEN IT IN SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm excited.........  (AusllyR5ari)
  • I'm eating pancakes. Sorry Austin, I don't share my pancakes. (AusllyR5ari)

What do you want to happen in Austin & Ally

  • Marriage (Like Jessie)
  • not to be a party pooper but jessie i repeat DID NOT get married
  • More unblocked kisses
  • More AUSLLY!
  • The return of characters such as Tilly Thompson, Mindy, Shiny Money, Trent, Piper, and Penny Dawson.
  • Mushy gushy stuff that makes me cry
  • R5!
  • ARIANA GRANDE!!!!! (Who is this by??)
  • Austin to gain weight that creates problems for his career and have to diet. (HarryPotterRules1)
  • For Dallas to comeback. Because he never did comeback did he?
  • Marriage not like in Jessie because Jessie didn't actually get married(iloverosslynchlauramaranorauraausllyandr5)
  • More amazing songs!
  • All of the above except #9. (Allyson L. Dawson)
  • for them to kiss and for r5 to come on the show
  • To get Austin to go out to dinner with Ally on a boat
  • As I posted on my Tumblr, I want Austin to kiss Ally's cheek while they're in the practice room.
  • Auslly to have a steady relationship and R5!
  • For the writers to stop basing everything off of Auslly and actually have a meaningful episode (past relationships, I mean). I mean, 2 seasons based on relationship troubles is getting old...

Write Your Favorite Austin & Ally Episode

  1. What Ifs & Where's Austin (From : Bader_Mousa)
  2. Road Trips & Reunions (AusllyRaura2014)
  3. Proms and Promises (HarryPotterRules1)
  4. Last Dances & Last Chances (MonsterHigh5842)
  5. Horror Stories & Halloween Scares (CYRUS)
  6. Rockers & Writers (Adorkabler5er)
  7. Records & Wrecking Balls (A&A Rocks100)
  8. beauties and bullies (hellome098)
  9. Partners & Parachutes (Allyson L. Dawson)
  10. Tunes & Trials (Peacelove4ever)
  11. Secrets & Songbooks (Ally 12232)
  12. Real Life & Reel Life (Causemydarlingyoudrivemecrazy) ~ Iren
  13. Relationships & Red Carpets :) ~ I'mJustMe (Purple)
  14. Last Dances & Last Chances
  15. Relationships & Red Carpets (A&A fan15)
  16. Rockers & Writers ;) (Macy)

What Is your Favorite Austin & Ally Charater(s)

  • Trish (AusllyRaura2014)
  • Dez and Ally(ThatAwkwardWeirdGirl)
  • Austin (MonsterHigh5842)
  • Austin, Ally and Dez (XoAngie97)
  • Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez. Wait, isn't that all of them? (AusllyR5ari)
  • All! (Mary De La Wary)
  • Ally (Allyson L. Dawson)
  • Trish (Causemydarlingyoudrivemecrazy) ~ Iren * Ally Dawson (Auslly Lover)

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I Love All The Songs!
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My favorite character is
Ally Dawson!
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Pilot short 2
My favorite character is
Lester Dawson
My favorite character is
Lester Dawson!
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Moon family!
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Kimmy My favorite character is Kimmy!
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My favorite character is
I love
Team Austin!!!
I am a fan of
I am a fan of
Ross Lynch!
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Ausllyandflyna This user compares Flyna to Auslly... and obviously thinks that Auslly is better!
Ausllyshipper Auslly: Ship It!
HD P&P-1- OMG; Auslly is already dating?!?!
I ship
I ship
I ship
Lunapic 136405281341273 24 Put the calculator away.
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