On there is an official Austin & Ally Website. The website consist of games, galleries, videos, and character bios.

Main Page

The main page has slider which showcases new and featured activites to do on the website. At the bottom, you can
write shout outs to your favorite characters and shout outs about Austin & Ally! To the right of that, you can click "Be a Fan" to show that you are fan of Austin & Ally! In between the slider and the shouts outs you can see advertisements for more things about Austin & Ally!


Hype Cart

Main article: Hype Cart

Fan Flyer Creator

Main article: Poster Creator

Sonic Boom Lounge

Main article: Sonic Boom Lounge

Sonic Boom (Game)

Main article: Sonic Boom (Game)

Musical Marathon

Main article: Musical Marathon

Pinball Panic

Main article: Pinball Panic

Harmony &  Melody

Main article: Harmony & Melody

Auslly's Monster Crush

Main article: Auslly's Monster Crush

Trish's Jobs

If you click over to Trish's Jobs, you can see short videos of Trish talking about her crazy job each week!

Website Gallery

To view the gallery for the website as a whole go here.

International Websites

Austin & Ally Brazil

Austin & Ally Latin America

Austin & Ally Australia

Austin & Ally Asia

Austin & Ally Japan

Austin & Ally UK

Austin & Ally Spain

Austin & Ally France

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