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Austin & Ally
Austin & Ally is a hit Disney Channel series that follows the partnership and unique relationship between a shy songwriter, Ally Dawson, and Austin Moon, an overnight internet sensation who gains sudden fame after stealing and performing one of Ally's songs. After Austin apologizes and pleads to Ally for her to write him a new song, the two decide to combine their talents to create a musical tour-de-force. Along with them is Ally's sarcastic best friend Trish, who manages the two, and Austin's goofy best friend Dez, who has a talent in filmmaking.

Next on Austin & Ally

In Duos & Deception Trish books Billie and Bobbie of "The Billie and Bobbie Show," a famous brother and sister duo, to talk and perform with the students of the A&A Music Factory. Meanwhile, when a code inspector comes to look at the music school and threatens to shut it down, the foursome learns the famous duo have ulterior motives.

Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan guest star in this episode as part of "What the What?!" weekend on Disney Channel.

Latest Episode

Homework & Hidden Talents
In Homework & Hidden Talents, a new student named Shelby comes to the Austin & Ally Music Factory. Ally sets herself on a mission to prove to Austin that she can unlock the hidden musical talent of Shelby.

Maddie Ziegler, a famous dancer from the reality TV show Dance Moms and the star of the popular "Chandelier" music video, guest stars in this episode. This episode was also part of a special programming event on Disney Channel titled “Tune In 4 What?!” weekend.

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Featured Episode
Relationships & Red Carpets- Austin and Ally are very excited to be able to attend the Worldwide Music Awards together but, their relationship hits another road block when Jimmy Starr forces Austin to hide his relationship with Ally from the public because him being single would sell more music. Meanwhile, Dez contemplates moving to L.A. to attend film school after learning that Carrie will be moving there and Trish tries to sign some more artists to manage. Read more...
Featured Gif
Auslly cheek kiss
(from Buzzcuts & Beginnings)
Featured Video
New Season! - Austin & Ally - Disney Channel Official-101:16

New Season! - Austin & Ally - Disney Channel Official-1

Featured Guest Star
Tumblr n7uam2rD1k1qzh02bo1 1280

Wade in "Fanatics & Favors"

Dwyane Wade is a professional basketball player for the Miami Heat of the NBA who guest starred on Austin & Ally in the episode Fanatics & Favors as himself who, in the show, is Dez's cousin and obsesses Austin.


Did You Know...?
  • ...that Laura has said that her favorite food is Go-Gurt?
  • ...that Ross was a background dancer alongside with other Disney stars in a music video with Selena Gomez called: "I'm Gonna Arrive" featuring the Sears Arrive Air Band when he was a kid?
  • ...that Jill Benjamin and John Henson, who play Austin's parents, are married in real life?
  • ...that Ross and Laura were born exactly a month apart? (Ross: December 29, 1995 and Laura: November 29, 1995)
  • ...that Laura Marano is a songwriter outside of the show as well as on the show?

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Duos & Deception1

Duos & Deception will premiere in...
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