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  • ...Laura is a Sagittarius?
  • ...Laura is set to release her debut album in September of 2016?
  • ...Calum signed the petition for the Climate Reality Project?
  • ...Heath and Kevin (the producers) were also the producers of "Sonny With A Chance?"
  • ...Laura released her Boombox video on April 4th and it got 4.5 million views in just a week?
  • ...Laura released her single Boombox on March 11th, the day before the KCAs?
  • ...Calum wrote the episode "Eggs & Extraterrestrials"?
  • ...Laura actually hates pickles in real life?
  • ...Calum went trick-or-treating with Kevin and Heath as Dez?
  • ...Heath and Kevin joked that Calum can't grow facial hair which is why he looks like a teen?
  • ...R5, the band that Ross is in, was on the Ellen Show?
  • ...The last EP was Take it From the Top?
  • ...Ross was nominated for the KCAs 4 times in a row and won all four times?
  • ...Austin & Ally is one of the 2 Disney shows to have won a KCA?
  • ...Laura is one of the 4 Disney actresses to have won a KCA?
  • ...Raini has a dog named "Baby"?
  • ...The Austin & Ally dog's name is "Pixie"?
  • ...Calum's girlfriend is Celesta DeAstis?
  • ...Laura was on the cover of Tiger Beat Magazine?
  • ...Laura loves doing livestreams especially on YouNow and Facebook?
  • ...The first promo for the series aired on October 14th, 2011?
  • ...Laura co-wrote the song "Finally Me"?
  • ...Laura has a dog named Velvet?
  • ...that Ross' favorite subjects are Art and English?
  • ...that Laura was in the Disney channel original movie Bad Hair Day with Leigh-Allyn Baker?
  • ...that Ross Lynch and his siblings are from Littleton,Colorado?
  • ...that Ross Lynch and his siblings along with family friend Ellington Ratliff are in a band called R5?
  • ...that Vanessa Marano from "Switched at Birth" is Laura Marano's older sister?
  • ...that Raini Rodriguez's younger brother Rico Rodriguez plays Manny on the ABC sitcom "Modern Family," and starred in an episode of "Good Luck Charlie" ("The Bob Duncan Experience")?
  • ...that the cast has daily Jam Sessions (which is basically the cast singing songs and rocking out) on set?
  • ...that Julianne Hough and Derek Hough are Ross Lynch's cousins?
  • ...that Laura Marano is a songwriter outside of the show as well as on the show?
  • ...that Laura Marano and Raini Rodriguez both starred in an episode of "True Jackson VP" (Laura in "Little Buddies" and Raini in "True Mall")?
  • ...that Raini Rodriguez was in an episode of "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody"("Sleepover Suite")? She also played in the Disney XD series; I'm in the Band as Annoying Arlene?
  • ...that Ross, along with his older brother Riker, is in the "Ordinary Girl" music video by Hannah Montana?
  • ...that Ross Lynch got his middle name, Shor, from his uncle?
  • ...that Phill Lewis, who played Mr. Moseby on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Suite Life on Deck, has directed quite a few episodes of Austin & Ally.
  • ...that the first season of Austin & Ally began filming in August 2011 and had finished filming on January 27, 2012?
  • ...that Laura Marano and Anna Sophia Robb were in a GAP commercial together, when they were little kids?
  • ...that Calum Worthy is Canadian?
  • ...that Ross and Laura were born exactly a month apart? (Ross: December 29, 1995 and Laura: November 29, 1995)
  • ...that Ross once stated that if he didn't shower before swimming, his hair turns lime green?
  • ...that the Austin & Ally soundtrack reached #1 of iTunes soundtrack charts on its first day of release?
  • ...that Laura has known Cody Allen Christian (who guest starred as Elliot in season 2) since she was a little girl?
  • ...that Jill Benjamin and John Henson, who play Austin's parents, are married in real life?
  • ...that Calum Worthy has lots of background with Meghan Ory who plays Ruby on ABC's Once Upon a Time?
  • ...that Laura's mom is an acting coach and her dad is a teacher?
  • ...that Season 2 started filming on Monday, June 4, 2012 and ended filming on February 1, 2013?
  • ...that Calum is the only one in the cast that is an only child?
  • ...that Laura and Austin are both cities? (Laura, Ohio and Austin, Texas)
  • ...that Ross' brother Riker plays Jeff the Warbler in Glee?
  • ...that Laura is a Harry Potter fan and has a crush on him, not Daniel Radcliffe, but the actual character?
  • ...that Laura and her sister Vanessa played sisters on the show Without a Trace?
  • ...that Ross isn't picky when it comes to food?
  • ...that Laura has said that her favorite food is Go-Gurt?
  • ...that Ross was a background dancer alongside with other Disney stars in a music video with Selena Gomez called: "I'm Gonna Arrive" featuring the Sears Arrive Air Band when he was a kid?
  • ...that Austin & Ally were originally going to be cousins and their last names were going to be Ray?
  • ...that Ross' favorite kind of pizza is Hawaiian?
  • ...that one of Ross' guitars' name is Luna?
  • ...that Ross was in Cartoon Network Promo?
  • ...that Laura was in British children"s television program Blue Peter?
  • ...that Laura appeared in the Vamps and Demi Lovato's music video of "Somebody To You"?
  • ...that Calum Worthy appeared in an episode of the Disney Channel series "Good Luck Charlie" in the episode "L.A.R.P. in the Park"?
  • ...that Laura is said to release her own debut album in the summer of 2015 and go on tour?
  • ...that Laura along with her sister, Vanessa Marano, are going to starr in a movie together called "Saving Zoe", based on the book?
  • ...that Calum went to an R5 concert in Vegas?
  • ...that Raini directed "Rejections and Rocketships"?
  • ...that Laura is keeping Ally's songbook?
  • ...that Ross made a video to say goodbye and thanks for Austin & Ally?
  • ...that Ross is going to film a new movie called "Status Update"?
  • ...that Ross took the wedding ring from the finale from set?
  • ...that Laura has her own radio show on radio Disney called "For the Record" and that her first guests were the cast of Austin and Ally?
  • ...that Ross has a girlfriend named Courtney Eaton who is an Australian model?
  • ...that Calum was in a movie called "All She Wishes"?
  • ...that the cast and producers of Austin and Ally (except Ross - He was on tour in Japan) had a finale watch party at Heath's house?
  • ...that Ross's brother, Riker was in Dancing With the Stars with Allison Holker and that he came in second place?

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