CONGRATULATIONS! We've reached our goal of 25 ornaments on the tree before Christmas! We currently have 25+! Thanks to everyone who made ornaments for the tree! You can always keep 'em coming! Post your ornaments in the comments below and the admins will put it on the tree! Merry Christmas everybody! :D

Ally 12232 ornament
DEzOrnament OrnamentAaornament
SnowflakeLaornTrishonherelephantOrnamentXDFabiashear ornament 2
Austin and ally piano ornamentOrnament1Ornament2I know this is weird XDAlly 12232 ornament 3

My-BaubleAlly 12232 ornament 5Ally 12232 ornament 2Fabiashear ornamentAlly 12232 ornament 4Nutta of da Buttas ornament 1
My second ornament!Orna20AusllyNutta of da Buttas ornament 2Nutta of da Buttas ornament 3Ornament.2Ornament.3

Sweetcupcakes12 ornament 2Holidayv.PNGHolidayu.PNGAusllyforever20's ornamentSweetcupcakes12 ornament 1

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