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Hey Guys! Welcome to the Austin & Ally Wiki News Center! The News Center will tell you all the news you need to know about Austin & Ally(also crushproblems) and the Austin & Ally Wiki! So keep an eye out for this newest Austin & Ally Wiki feature!
~Austin & Ally Wiki Admins
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Hey guys, great news! Laura Marano has officially joined Twitter! The cast confirmed it!

So what are you waiting for?? Go follow her! :)


The only thing I'm confused about is that she was been tweeting since January but made it official now.

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The statistics are in! Continue for some facts about the Austin & Ally Wiki!

  • The wiki was founded by on May 29, 2011!
  • Singingpeace2 is the founder of this wiki!
  • The user, Justsomechic, adopted the wiki on October 12, 2011.
  • On October 17, 2011, Jessie1010 and KataraFan became admins!
  • Here are some statistics of the Austin & Ally Wiki as of October 26, 2012:

The majority of this wiki is populated by 11-13 year olds with a percentage of 49%. Coming in second are users 14-16 years old with a percentage of 26%. 14% of the users are 7-10 years old. 8% of the users are 17 and up and lastly, .59% of the users are 6 and under.

These statistics include registered users as well as unregistered users.

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Austin & Ally Wiki News Archive


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