Season 1

Rockers & Writers

Austin steals one of Ally's songs that she wrote and then sings it in a music video. Afterwards, he becomes an overnight sensation and when asked to write a new overnight hit, Austin convinces Ally to help him out. He performs on the Helen Show, and tries to help Ally get over her stage fright, but she ends up destroying the set. He uses the money he received from guest starring to upgrade his music room. Austin then asks Ally to be his music partner, and she agrees. Trish becomes their manager, and Dez appointed the video director. Team Austin is born!

Kangaroos & Chaos

Austin hounds Ally to write another song for him after a month long wait.
When chaos strikes, Austin helps Ally and Trish to get everything back in order so he can perform his song. He gets upset when two people mistake him for a dog food guy. He even mentioned that some woman wanted him to have a picture taken with her dog. So Trish, Dez, and Ally make it up to him, by having Trish book him a "concert" for $10 a ticket. It gets sold out, and so everybody comes. What Trish, Dez or Ally didn't tell Austin, is that they are coming to see and get pictures with the kangaroo. Everybody looks puzzled when they show up, and ask Austin (who is up on stage), where the kangaroo is. Austin tells them that they caught him and it is okay. He then performs A Billion Hits, and gets all of his fans back. Ally apologizes at the end of the episode, and tells Austin that she won't wait that long to make another song for him. 

Secrets & Songbooks




Austin and Dez with Ally's Secret Diary

Ally's song book was missing so everyone was helping to try and find it. Austin and Dez found it so they read Ally's songbook even though she constantly tells them not to touch. They gets the wrong idea when he reads that she likes a guy (Dallas, The cell phone accessory cart guy) who has the same characteristics as Austin, such as kind eyes, hair that flops just the right way, they work so close to each other and yet they're so far apart and he smells like a fresh summer breeze. Ally and Trish trick him into thinking Ally hates guys who sweat a lot and have fake tans. Austin gets a fake tan and makes himself look like he's been sweating. After being embarrassed in a fake interview, he realizes Ally does not have a crush on him, and he tells her that he only freaked out when he thought that she had a crush on him because he didn't want their friendship to be ruined.
Secrets and songbooks

Austin with his fake tan and being sweaty.

Then Austin performs "Not a Love Song" which Ally wrote about their friendship.

Zaliens & Cloud Watchers

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When Austin told Ally he didn't like the song she wrote for him, they decided to hang out together to get to know each other better. Austin teaches Ally how to have fun and Ally wrote another song for Austin. They discover that, despite their differences, they are very compatible with one another. It is their differences that make them better partners.

Bloggers & Butterflies

A mysterious blogger, that goes by the name of Miami H8ter Girl, is posting embarrassing stuff about Austin. Later, he finds out that Miami H8ter Girl doesn't hate him, but she hates Ally, because of what happened in kindergarten. When Ally has to sing The Butterfly Song in front of an audience, she gets nervous. Austin didn't want to see Ally suffer so he sings The Butterfly Song for her.

Tickets & Trashbags


Performing Song without practice

When Austin got a chance to have his song Double Take in Shiny Money rap, everyone got excited, but they soon realized that there is only one ticket; making everyone fight for it. Trish makes Austin chocolate covered french fries, Dez gave Austin his pants and Ally talked so much that Austin gave in.

Auslly hug

 Austin then decided that since he promised all three that they could go, he wouldn't go. The three reacted in a negative way, and Austin realizes that they are being selfish and acting childish, so he took Nelson to instead. His performance is ruined when Ally, Trish and Dez try to apologizes to him, but in the end he's glad they came.

Managers & Meatballs

A manager tries to replace Trish as Austin's manager, Ally with professional songwriters, and Dez with a famous director. At first, Austin agreed, but when he realizes that he doesn't want his dreams come true without his friends, he fires Demonica Dixon (Austin's wannabe manager).

Club Owners & Quinceaneras

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Austin finds out that he might have a chance to perform around the country, when Trish said the big night club owner is going to be at her quinceañera. Meanwhile, he tried to teach Ally how to slow dance, but then accidentally twisted his ankle when she knocks the amp onto his leg. Later, during the party, he was about to perform, but he decided not to when he sees that Ally is disappointed because Dallas doesn't want to dance with her, so Austin dances with her instead of performing (even though he might miss the chance of his first across-the-country-tour). It turned out that the clubs weren't Night Clubs, they were Country Clubs.

Deejays & Demos

Deejays & Demos (493)

Austin decided to put Ally's song on the radio after he heard her sing. He wanted people to know how talented Ally is but his plan backfires. He tries to help her by getting rid of her stage fright by using a technique he found on the internet, but found out it's how to get rid of hiccups instead. Though, Austin had another plan, using Trish to pretend to be Ally.

World Records & Work Wreckers


Austin and Dez spinning the basketballs on their fingers

Austin and Dez decide to break a world record, seeing who can spin a basketball on their finger for the longest amount of time. While they are doing that, Dallas complains to Ally about how much working at the Cell Phone Accessory Cart, and Ally tells him, "You think your job is hard? You should try working here," being sarcastic. He takes it the wrong way, quits his job, and goes back to Sonic Boom telling Ally he is ready to work. He doesn't do a very good job. He is constantly breaking guitar picks, and dropping boxes with instruments in them. Her dad tells Ally he can't afford another employee, and that she needs to fire him. She doesn't know how, so Trish says she will do it. When Dallas gets fired, he tells her no hard feelings because his mom hired him at the library (he pronounces it libary, which makes Ally flinch at the sound of somebody saying it like that). At the end of the episode, Austin tells Dez that he will let him win, stopping the basketball. Dez (being stupid), tells Austin that he wants Austin to win, and he drops his basketball too. Austin points out that he already lost, and the judges are disappointed. Austin says he wants to break the world record of being the oldest man to live, and Dez says he wants to break the world record of spinning plates for the longest. Proving that to Trish, he brings his mothers good China, and breaks all of them trying to spin them. 

Songwriting & Starfish

Heard It On the Radio (384)

Austin is going to perform at the Hot Summer Jam Contest on the beach, where he could win a chance to have his song played on the radio, but before he does he needs a hot summer jam to perform. Austin helps Ally get her fun beach juices flowing so she can write a good song for him. In this episode, Austin sings Heard It on the Radio.

Soups & Stars

Soups & Stars (169)

When Ally accidentally ruins Miss Suzy's soup's image, the whole gang which included Austin, makes a commercial with a jingle, which they hope will help Miss Suzy to get her customers back. At the end, they use Austin and Ally's idea for the jingle which results to be great.

Burglaries & Boobytraps

Burglaries & Boobytraps (1768)

When Austin was just borrowing the new guitar to get it autographed by Bruno Mars, he was accused of being the mall thief. Ally, Trish, and Dez helped clear his name. In the end, Austin caught the thief by hiding in the piano and knocks him out.

MyTAB & My Pet

MyTAB & My Pet (168)

After a night of sleeping out in the mall with Ally, Dez, and supposedly Trish, the foursome wait in line for obtaining one of the new myTabs. Team Austin tries to take turns waiting in line throughout the day, but Austin having left Dez in line by himself has made them get farther back in line, and essentially losing their spot overall. Meanwhile, Austin is trusted to watch Ally's bird, Owen, though he accidentally loses it and attempts to find it. This leads to confused chaos by Ally as Austin, with the help of Dez and Trish, are in a panic to find Owen. Eventually, they fill the room with popcorn, and as soon as Ally is about to find out, Owen flies back into its cage. In addition, having lost their place in line, Ally suggests that Austin perform a song back in Sonic Boom to attract the people in line to follow him in order for Ally to get back in the line. They do get the myTab, but then lose it to Mindy because of a previously failed plan, thanks to Dez.

Filmmaking & Fear Breaking

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Austin's fear of umbrellas is discovered when he quits to perform in Dez's movie so Ally helps Austin to get rid of his fear. However, things didn't turn out right. Ally told Austin how she got her stage fright which gives confidence to Austin. Austin decided to do the movie and got rid of his fear.

Diners & Daters


Performing"Heart Beat"

Austin falls for unbelievably, amazingly, and beautiful new singing waitress at the Melody Diner, Cassidy. However, he has trouble expressing his true feelings for her, so when Cassidy says only music speaks to her, Austin asks Ally for help writing her a song. However, Ally has trouble making up lyrics. Austin, thinking she finished the song, sings it to Cassidy, but it turns out terrible, and blames Ally. Later, they make up by "dancing it out" and they come up with the perfect song for Cassidy, Heart Beat, which he performs at the diner. The whole purpose of the song was to make Cassidy like him so that he can ask her out. Cassidy accepts, but then declines, due to her band going to L.A. because of their record deal. It's a possibility that they will meet again in S4.

Everglades & Ally-Gators

Everglades & Ally-Gators (1632)

When Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez are invited to Shiny Money's boathouse to sing for Shiny Money's Swamp Blast in the Everglades, the team has to prepare a new song. Meanwhile, Dez focuses on creating a documentary film. However, trouble arises and Team Austin is confronted with Big Mama, after her baby alligator is found following Dez (because he has rotten meat in his pocket). They manage to lure Big Mama away with success, however, in the long run, they sink Shiny Money's boathouse. Austin and Ally are successful in writing a pop song for the Swamp Blast, Na, Na, Na (The Summer Song) which is then performed by Austin.

Successes & Setbacks

Ss 01

Austin practicing the high note in The Way That You Do

When Jimmy Starr, a record producer might give Austin a record deal, Ally pushes Austin to rehearse more. But Ally pushed him too hard causing him to almost never sing again. Austin now has to decide if he wants to do the procedures the doctor told him which also have side effects. He tells Ally that if he doesn't do the procedure, he could never sing the songs that Ally writes for him, and that disappoints him, and makes him sad. Then Ally points out if he does do the procedure, he can sing, but maybe never the same again. Austin does end up agreeing to do the procedure. The procedures include he can't talk for 48 hours. With only a couple hours left, Austin forgets and talks by accident. When Jimmy Starr shows up, he tells Austin, Dez, Ally, and Trish that his flight was leaving early, and that he had to leave for his flight so Austin had to sing the song right away, leaving him to take a risk. Austin says okay, and tells Jimmy Starr to give him a minute to get ready. When he sings The Way That You Do, he was able to hit the high notes and Jimmy Starr then signs him to get the record deal. 

Albums & Auditions

Austin and Ally 11

Austin singing the second part of Ally's song, and Ally looking sad.

Austin's new album is released, and they all celebrate. Ally then gets an application for the school Music University of New York (MUNY), which is a school she's always dreamed of going to. However, Ally says she doesn't want to go to the school, even though Music University of New York (MUNY) is the best school in the Country. Trish, Dez, and Austin want Ally to go to the school, so they set up a fake interview with the principal, using a film that Dez filmed of Ally giving Dez a "piano
lesson." They send it in to the school, and she gets accepted. Ally doesn't know how to tell Austin, Trish, and Dez that she is moving, so she writes them a song. Dez tells her that the song is "kind of a downer," and Austin tells her they have enough time so they could "work on the lyrics." Ally tells him to sing the rest, and then they realize that she is moving, not knowing that the school is in New York. Austin is the most upset, because his career is just getting started. Ally gets upset that they aren't happy that this is a big deal for her, and she walks out, disappointed, mad, and sad all at the same time. Knowing that Ally is leaving, Austin sings an acoustic version of Can't Do It Without You to Ally at his album-release party that Jimmy Starr paid for, while showing a video of some of the fun times that they had together (they are mostly about Austin and Ally). She ends up staying because Austin's career is just taking off, and she would miss them too much to leave them. Austin then performs Illusion for all of his fans, happy that Ally is staying with them.