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Backups & Breakups
Exterior; B-roll of Miami, then the Mall of Miami food court.
Austin, Dez, and Ally are in the food court in front of a newly established restaurant counter. Ally stands in front of their table and has just finished buying food for herself.
Ally: Look how small this pizza is. (she briefly looks to her right, and notices the sign, which reads "mini's," and shows other types of tiny food, then does a double-take) I just realized why they call this place "mini's."
Dez: I probably should've ordered more than one taco. (he eats it in one bite, and is still hungry) Can I borrow your pizza? (takes it from her dish without permission, and wolfs that down too)
Ally: Dez!
Ally grunts in exasperation. She then notices Austin has an unfinished hot dog and salad on his dish. Austin realizes she's about to snatch it away from him, and quickly grabs it and puts the food in his mouth in one bite before she can ever get the chance to grab it herself. Just then Trish quickly approaches the three of them in a nail salon uniform.
Trish: Sorry I'm late for the Team Austin meeting!
Ally: Actually, you're right on time. You see, I set your watch ahead 45 minutes, so you wouldn't be late.
Trish: Aw man! That means I was on time for work too! That's why they didn't fire me... (sits down) So where are we on the new dance video?
Ally: Yeah, I promised the fans we'd have it on the website next weekend.
Austin: Well, I've been working on something with my new backup dancers.
Trish: So when do we get to see it?
Austin: Does now work for you?
Austin removes a small boom box with an iPhone dock out of his backpack, and places it on the table next to himself. As he turns it on we hear an instrumental version of the song "Illusion." Bystanders and other customers are revealed to be his backup dancers, all joining him in what appears to be a flash mob. Even Dez recognizes what's going on and breaks out his video camera.
Dez: It's an Austin flash mob!
Austin and his backup dancers continue to dance. The rest of the team and other bystanders are impressed as one might expect. One dancer leaps from a garbage can to an ice cream cart for "Scoop, There It Is," not realizing it isn't chained up to a wall. The impact of his move sends the cart barreling toward Mini's with the dancer unable to safely get off the cart. He flies into the clerk at Mini's and is injured from the accident.
Austin: Umm, that cart wasn't there last night when we rehearsed..
Trish: We're going to need a new backup dancer.
Theme Song
Exterior; B-roll of Miami, eventually leading to an exterior shot of Marino High School, and finally to an interior shot of the school.
Trish and Dez are standing next to each other, giggling in close proximity, seemingly in a romantic manner. Austin and Ally are walking together and notice this exchange. The scene is cut to the two giggling sidekicks.
Dez: Shhh! Fine, we'll just keep this a secret between us.
Austin: (suspicious) Keep what between us?
Trish: Uh...Wha...Uh...Uh, this book! For now we'll just keep this book between us!
Behind the four of them, an adult Caucasian male with glasses, thinning hair and a sweater vest tries to act cool as he approaches them. Obviously this man is a teacher.
Mr. Conley: What 'up, kids?
Ally: What-up, Mr. Conley
Mr. Conley: So Austin, I hear you're having an audition for a new backup dancer.
Austin: Yeah, one of my guys got hurt last week, so I'm looking for someone to replace him.
Mr. Conley: Hmm, that's a bummer for him... but awesome for me! I'll see you cats, there.
Dez: You dance? (laughs) But you're a teacher.
Mr. Conley: There's a lot of things about me you don't know. For instance, I live with my mother, and I text with my toes. (he dances away)
Austin: I hope some people show up for the audition, because my gut tells me Mr. Conley's not the guy.
Trish: No.
Ally: You've got that right.
Trish grabs her purse from where Ally is sitting.
Ally: Ohh, hey Trish. I thought you were going to come by Sonic Boom last night.
Trish: Oh, we went to the movies. Don't see "The Timid Heart."
Ally: We went to the movies? Who's "we."
Cut to Dez at his locker, who turns his head towards Ally and Trish nervously.
Trish: Uhh... we? I didn't say "we." I said "me." (cut to a nervous Dez again) Me went to the movies.
Ally: Really? You said "me" went to the movies?
Trish: Yes, me did. That's what me said. Well, me gotta go to class.
Trish runs away just as Austin arrives back in the lobby. Ally turns around and grabs Austin's arms.
Ally: Trish is dating somebody!
Austin: What?
Ally: Nobody knows Trish better than me. Something's up! She went to the movies with somebody. (walks toward Dez) Dez do you know something?
Dez: (shocked, and close his locker) Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, me gotta go to class (goes up to he bench and runs away).
Austin: Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh? Five Uh's?! He does know something. (grabs Ally's arms) Trish is dating somebody!
Interior; Marino High School Auditorium
A black and white poster with a red guitar and text advertising auditions for backup dancers for Austin sits on an easel on stage. Austin approaches the poster in front of the stage.
Austin: Welcome to the auditions to be my new backup dancers. (cut to a scene of Ally, Dez, Trish at to the Judge's table) Thanks for coming out.
Trish: Those of you that stink, thanks in advance for wasting my time.
Ally: Just the fact that you showed up here today're a winner!
Dez: Except we are only looking for one dancer, so the truth is, most of you are losers.
Austin: Okay, let's see what you got.
A montage of dancers begins. Some good, some bad, one even Dez. Ally cheers them all on regardless of their skills, and on some occasions other members of the team join her applause, rather insincerely. Team Austin is impressed by Roger except Trish.
Austin: Wow, that Roger guy is really good, I don't think anyone's gonna beat him.
Ally: I like him, let's hire him!
Trish: Hang on, we still have one more dancer. Trent!

Cut to Trent, who stands up, walk towards Austin and hands him the paper.

Trent: Here you go. Um.. I just wanna thank you guys so much for this opportunity, it means so much to me and I will do anything to make it.
Trish: He seems very driven.
Ally: I like him, lets hire him!
Austin: I think we should see him dance first.

Trent begins dancing, Team Austin seemed impressed And the group of dancers that auditioned seemed impressed as well, except Roger who is disliking it. Until Trent finishes his dance. All four are impressed this time.

Cut to a later scene of Trish is walking around the same auditorium. Austin and Ally deciding and Dez looking at the three pictures.

Austin: Okay, it's clearly between Roger and Trent.
Ally: Totally, and Dez and Mr. Conley and the juggler, everybody was so good (Ally hands the three pictures to Trish).
Trish: We can't hire everybody (rips off the pictures and put it on the garbage can). Trent is the guy, he's exactly what your looking for, right Dez?
Dez: I totally agree with Trish, Trent's our guy. (winks).
Austin: Okay I'm convinced, Trent it is.
Ally: Ugh, I'm glad thats over, I feel so bad to people who don't get picked.
Dez: Like in "The Timid Heart, when Emma chooses Richard over Gabe, it was devastated. (shocked) Not that I would know because I didn't see it (walks beside Austin and Trish),
Austin: So.. What do you say I take you guys of for some tiny pizza to celebrate my new dancer?
Dez: Yes..
Trish: No I can't, I have something to do,... and so as Dez. (they leave together)
Ally: Dez saw "The Timid Heart." You know what that means. Trish went to the movies with Dez. He is the "we." Trish is dating Dez! Dez is dating Trish! Each of them is dating the other one!
Austin: Ally, come on. The idea that Dez and Trish are secretly dating is Ridiculous, impossible, and completely totally...
Cut to an interior shot from Marion High where the pop-star and songwriter are stunned as they're looing at something off-screen
Austin: .. True.
Cut to what the two are looking at... Trish and Dez hugging each other tightly, looking off in the distance in what seems to be a romantic moment.
Exterior; Mall of Miami food court.
Austin and Ally are sitting in front of the counter at Mini's, enjoying their tiny food as the discuss the relationship between Dez and Trish.
Ally: I can't believe Trish and Dez are dating.
Austin: It's surprising, but I can kind of picture it.
Cut to a montage of romantic scenes with Dez and Trish which only seem to exist in the shared imagination of the pop-star and songwriter. Scenes include a typical romantic picnic at school, with the two of them eating a large meatball hero sandwich "Lady and the Tramp"-style. Then a slow motion run of the two holding hands with Trish wearing a t-shirt that read's "I'm With Stupid," with an arrow pointing to Dez, who himself is wearing a t-shirt reading "I'm With Her," with an arrow pointing in the same direction. The scene reverts back to the picnic, and then to Dez supposedly painting a portrait of Trish. He turns it around to reveal that it's just a painting of himself painting a white canvas, yet Trish reacts as if it's still his picture of her. The scene reverts back to the picnic, and the would be couple looks like they're getting close enough to kiss, when they suddenly start to get sick from the hero. The fantasy segment ends, and Austin and Ally shutter in disgust over their shared concept of their best friends as a couple.
Austin: Okay, maybe it's a little hard to picture.
Ally: I don't know why Trish didn't tell me. We're supposed to be best friends.
Austin: She probably feels weird about it. You know,... because it's weird.
Ally: What if they break up? How are we going to work together or be friends together?
Austin: I just don't want it to change the way the four of us hang out.
Ally: They'd feel the same way if we were dating.
Austin: Me and you? (snickers) That'd be weird.
Both seem like they're about to imagine themselves as a couple, but simultaneously stop that fantasy sequence before it starts.
Austin: (Laughs) Really weird.
Ally: Totally weird.
Austin: Yeah, weird.
Interior; Sonic Boom
Austin is choreographing his dancers, who now includes Trent. They're rehearsing during another instrumental version of "Illusion."
Austin: Five, six, seven, eight and one.
Ally: So, haven't seen you since yesterday. Let's catch up. I'll go first I don't have a new secret boyfriend. Okay, your turn.
Trish: Shh! I'm trying to watch the new back-up dancer.
Austin continues to choreograph his dancers, and finally finishes the rehearsal.
Austin: Cool! Take five. There's drinks upstairs in the practice room. (they leave)
Ally: It's driving me crazy. Why won't they admit they're dating?
Austin: Maybe we got it wrong.
Ally: Please, I know Trish better than anybody. She's definitely dating Dez.
Cut to Trish and Dez, who are talking behind Austin & Ally's back.
Trish: Ally's acting strange.
Dez: And that's unusual because...?
Trish: She's acting like she knows something. Did you tell her about my boyfriend?
Dez: I haven't said anything about you two. [panics and grabs her shoulders] You didn't tell them my secret, did you?!
Cut back to Austin & Ally.
Ally: Look at them, they're so in love. They can't keep their hands off of each other.
Cut to Trish and Dez, who are talking behind Austin & Ally's back.
Trish: [pushing him away] Get your hands off me. I haven't said anything.
Cut back to Austin & Ally.
Ally: This is ridiculous. I'm going to say something.
Austin: [tries to stop her] Ally, wait, I...
Ally: I'm sorry, guys. I can't keep pretending. We know your secret.
Dez: Fine, you got us!
Ally: I knew it! You and Trish are dating!
Dez & Trish: Huh? What? Ewwwww!
Dez: No, my secret is that I love romance movies. Trish caught me at the theater when she was on a date with her new boyfriend.
Ally: I knew you had a new boyfriend. So if it's not Dez, who is it?
Trish: I've been secretly dating Trent.
Austin: My new back-up dancer?
Ally: How long has this been going on?
Dez: Well, it all started in third grade when I saw "Letters From a Lover Lost."
Ally: I'm talking about Trish and Trent.
Trish: It's only been a week.
Ally: But we saw you and Dez hugging at the locker.
Trish: Oh, I was so happy that Trent got the dancing gig that I had to hug somebody.
Austin: Wait, back up. Dez, you like romance movies?
Dez: No, I love them! The passion, the heartache, the emotion. They live the love we can only dare to dream.
Ally: Can we just focus on one secret at a time? Trish, how come you didn't tell me about Trent?
Trish: Because I didn't want the fact that we were going out, to influence Austin's decision on who to hire.
Austin: You didn't want to influence my decision? You're kidding me, right?
Cut back to an earlier scene where Austin is sitting down in a chair, and an excited Trish is standing maniacally over his left shoulder.
Trish: Pick Trent! Pick Trent! Pick Trent! Pick Trent! Pick Trent! Pick Trent! Pick Trent! Pick him! Pick Him! PICK HIM! PICK HIM! Pick Trent! Pick Trent! Pick Trent!...
Cut back to the present.
Trish: It means a lot to me that he was hired on his own merit.
Trent: (Coming back down the stairs with the other dancers) Hey, guys. Ally, Dez.- Sorry, what was your name again?
Trish: They know about us.
Trent: And you guys are cool with it?
Ally: Totally cool with it.
Trent: Austin, I promise we're not going to let our relationship get in the way of team Austin.
Austin: Awesome. So, Trent, what do you say we get back to rehearsal?
Trent: Let's do it.
Trish: Oh, he can't. I'm making Trent take me to see "The Wedding Diary." It starts in like 15 minutes.
Dez: "The Wedding Diary" is out already? Listen, guys, I have to go. I have practice for... Sports. [runs to door then grabs a tissue box] In case I cry during the... Sports.
Exterior; Mall of Miami
Ally and Trish are walking through the mall. Ally is so excited over her best friend's relationship she sings about it.
Ally: (Chanting) My best friend has a boyfriend. My best friend has a boyfriend. My best friend has -
Trish: (interrupting) Ally, please stop singing that song.
Ally: I just love love. So tell me, what's Trent like?
Trish: He treats me so great. And he's so much fun to be around. Look at this bracelet he got me for our one-week-iversary. It says, "Trent's boo."
Both girls squeal in delight.
Ally: I haven't seen you this happy since Dez got that tuba stuck on his head.
Trish: That was a good day. Listen, Ally, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about this right away.
Ally: That's okay. I understand.
Trish: I gotta run. I'm gonna get fired from my job at the nail salon so I can spend more time with my boo.
Both girls squeal again, and Trish walks off screen. Just then, Ally notices Trent talking to another girl. It's his real girlfriend, Becky a young Afro-American girl, who is justifiably suspicious of him. Immediately, Ally hides behind a surfboard on display at "Everything's Beachy" which is behind the couple.
Trent: Babe, please don't be mad. You know I only started dating Trish to get the gig as Austin's back-up dancer.
Becky: How do I know you're not just saying that? You haven't even gotten me anything for our three-week-iversary.
Trent: I got you this.
Gives Becky a bracelet identical to the one he gave Trish.
Becky: "Trent's boo"?! I love it. You're gonna break up with her, right?
Trent: Yes. Yeah, I just I have to figure out how to let her down easy, you know, so I can still keep the gig.
Trent and Becky walk away smiling as they hold hands lovingly. Ally comes out from behind the surfboard and comments aloud on what she just saw.
Ally: Trish's boo has another boo? Booooooooo!