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Benjy's Bungees
Benjy's Bungee
Benjy's Bungees logo

First Appearance

"Magazines & Made-Up Stuff"

Last Appearance

"Magazines & Made-Up Stuff"


A bridge in Miami


Bungee jumping

Benjy's Bungees is a bungee bumpy jumping place featured in the episode "Magazines & Made-Up Stuff". It appears because Ally said to Megan that they do crazy stuff to inspire them to write their songs. It is only a minor place in the show, and it never appeared again. Austin, Ally, Dez and Trish had to get their parents' permission slips signed for their safety.


Benjy's Bungee is a location that only appeared in the Season 2 episode, Magazines & Made-Up Stuff. Ally told Megan that she, Austin, Trish and Dez like to do crazy stuff to help them write songs for Austin. She then told her that they bungee jump all the time, but she was actually lying. So, later they went bungee jumping at Benjy's Bungees and Megan took some pictures of them. Later, she put a picture of Austin and Ally bungee jumping on the cover of Cheetah Beat.


  • This is one of the only location that has appeared in Season 2 that is not situated in the Mall of Miami.
  • It only appeared in the episode "Magazines & Made-Up Stuff."
  • Before Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez could bungee jump, they had to get their parents' permission slips signed, for their safety, which they did.
  • Benjy's Bungees is located on top of the highest bridge in Miami.
  • Dez dropped his phone in the waters below Benjy's Bungees.
  • Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez were scared to bungee jump at first, but they did it anyways.
  • Megan took a picture of Austin and Ally bungee jumping and she put it on the cover of Cheetah Beat.


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