If you're looking for the whole crossover, go to Monstober Spooktacular.

Bite Club is the eighteenth episode of Season 2 of I Didn't Do It. It aired on October 2nd, 2015.


When Logan and Delia attend a New York Science Presentation they run into Trish and Dez and a crazy fortuneteller, at the city's biggest Halloween party. Meanwhile, Garrett takes Betty's nephew, Kevin, trick-or-treating.


Main cast

  • Olivia Holt as Lindy Watson
  • Austin North as Logan Watson
  • Piper Curda as Jasmine Kang
  • Peyton Clark as Garrett Spenger
  • Sarah Gilman as Delia Delfano

Recurring cast 

  • Karen Malina White as Betty LeBow

Special guest stars


  • This is part of Disney Channel's Spooktacular weekend featuring two-characters crossovers in each show.
    • Trish and Dez guest star in this I Didn't Do It episode.
      • This is counted only as a Didn't Do it episode, but it could be counted as Austin & Ally 4th crossover.
    • This is the second episode of this special weekend to feature characters from Austin & Ally, the first one being Girl Meets World: Of Terror 2 from Girl Meets World.
  • This is a Halloween episode. it is the second Halloween episode, the first being Next of Pumpkin, and third holiday themed episode of the show.
  • This is the penultimate (second to last episode) of Season 2. Possibly the series considering it has not been renewed yet.
  • This is the first I Didn't Do It crossover, and so far, the only crossover of the series.

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