Bloggers & Butterflies
Interior. Sonic Boom
Austin is eating a strawberry ice cream cone near the counter at Sonic Boom, when the ice cream falls into his lap. Instead of throwing the ice cream away and wiping his pants off, he decides to duck under the counter and takes his pants off laying it on the counter with the ice cream still on it. He then breaks out a plastic bottle of chocolate syrup and an aerosol can of whipped cream, pops the tops off of both simultaneously and sprays them on the ice cream, and after this pours some undetermined nuts on the ice cream and finally adds a cherry on top.
Austin: (excited gasp) Pants sundae.
Cut to another scene where Austin and Ally are watching this incident on a laptop PC. The headline reads "AUSTIN EATS PANTS SUNDAE," with three exclamation points, and the scene changes to a piano at Sonic Boom.
Austin: I can't believe this is on the internet. I thought I was alone.
Ally: Austin, you know there's no eating in the store. And there's definitely no eating off your pants.
Austin: There's no sign for that.
Ally: There shouldn't have to be a sign to not eat off your pants.
Trish: (walking in dressed as a pirate) Guess who got a job at Pirate Frank's Fish Fry. Where every meal is a parrrty (removes her eyepatch) This is the worst job I've ever had. I smell like fish guts. And guess who my new co-worker is;
Dez: (also walks in dressed like a pirate) Ahoy, maytees! I just got hired at Pirate Frank's, where every meal is a parrrty. I can't wait to starrrrt. I can save up to buy a carrrr.... (Trish grabs him by the mouth with her hook)
Austin: Guys, we've got bigger problems. This blog.
Trish: Oh, I know that one. Miami H8ter Girl. She writes about everything she hates in Miami. She's so angry and bitter. I love her.
Ally: Well, right now all she hates is Austin. I mean look at all these embarrassing videos she posted. Austin with broccoli in his teeth. (screenshot of just that) Austin biting his toenails. Austin checking out a girl.
Video clip of Austin fixing his hair on his way out of Billl's Surfshop before he approaches two girls sitting at a table in front of that store. He turns his head in their direction as he walks to our left, then bumps into a pillar.
Austin: That was so embarrassing. (Trish pushes a button on the laptop) Trish, did you just click "like"?
Trish: Hey. Funny is funny.
Theme Song
Exterior. Mall of Miami Food Court
Austin: I can't believe there's an anonymous blogger who hates me.
Ally: Don't worry. H8terGirl's website only has like 47 hits (Ally's laptop chimes to indicate an increase in the number of hits)... 112 hits... (chimes again) 1059... (chimes twice), okay, maybe worry. (she closes her laptop).
Austin: We've gotta find out who H8terGirl is. I'm performing at the mall this week, and I can't afford all this bad publicity.
Ally: Oh, I've got it. She's filming you doing embarrassing stuff, so don't do anything embarrassing (Austin shakes his head in agreement then smiles to reveal another broccoli leaf stuck in his teeth) You have broccoli in your teeth again.
Austin: (sighs as he wipes the broccoli off of his teeth) How does this keep happening? I don't even eat broccoli?
Ally: Maybe, you should do only good things, so H8terGirl won't have anything bad to put on her site.
Austin: Great idea. (camera widens to Nelson leaning over a water fountain) Hey, Nelson. Come here. (he does) How would you like a shiny new quarter to make a wish in the fountain?
Nelson: Thanks. I'm gonna wish for a mustache. (takes his quarter)
Austin: (slightly loud so that other people in the vicinity can hear him) Yup. Austin Moon is a good guy who makes little kids' wishes come true.
Austin throws his paper soda cup in the trash can where it belongs. Suddenly a splash can be heard from the fountain as Austin & Ally both discover Nelson fell in.
Ally: Nelson!
Austin: I got ya, Nelson. Hang in there buddy.
Ally: Oh, are you okay? Are you okay? (Austin lifts him out of the fountain) He's gonna be okay.
Austin places Nelson on his feet outside of the fountain. Nelson promptly does a spit take.
Austin: You're supposed to let go of the quarter when you throw it in the fountain.
Nelson: So no mustache?
Austin: Sorry, Nelson.
Nelson: Aw, Nartz. (Nelson returns Austin's quarter and walks away)
Ally: (slightly loud so that other people in the vicinity can hear her) Austin, you just saved Nelson. Whoo! (starts applauding, other mall patrons in their vicinity eventually applaud as well)
Austin: I'd like to see H8ter Girl make that look bad.
Cut to an image of the Miami H8ter Girl's website with the headline "Austin Dunks Defenseless Boy Into Fountain!," containing footage of Austin rescuing Nelson doctored as a repetitious loop making it appear he's shoving him into the fountain.
Austin: "Austin dunks defenseless boy into fountain"?
Ally: Wow. H8ter Girl is good. (Austin looks at her as if he's offended) I mean bad. I mean good at being bad because she's a bad person but she's just so good at being a bad- I'll stop talking now.
Interior. Pirate Frank's Fish Fry
Brief cut to the sign on the door, then of Trish at the counter who hands a customer his tray.
Trish: Here you go. (pirate voice) Sorry I messed it up the first time. (the customer walks away, and Trish turns around to check on Dez's work) Dez, what are you doing?
Dez: Frying a football. (Dez turns around to reveal a football covered in bread crumbs in his tongs) This thing isn't just good for frying fish. You can fry anything in here. Look; (uses his tongs to pick up more items covered in bread crumbs) A hammer, (picks up another item) my purse...
Trish: That's my purse.
Dez: (sighs) That makes so much more sense.
Pirate Frank: (walks in the door) Pirate Trish.
Trish: (both Trish and Dez salute him) Yes, Pirate Frank.
Pirate Frank: I have to go walk the plank. That's pirate for "use the bathroom." While I'm gone, I need you to take out the trash, mop the floor, and batter the fish sticks.
Trish: (pirate voice) Aye-aye, Captain. I live to serve. (Frank walks behind the counter. Trish turns to Dez, going back to talking normal) Pirate Frank wants you to take out the trash, mop the floor, and batter the fish sticks.
Dez: (frustrated) Man! What did he tell you to do?
Trish: Read this fashion magazine. (picks one up with her hook)
Dez: Ha-Ha! Sucker!
Both turn away from each other. Trish appears puzzled over why Dez thinks she's a sucker for doing whatever she wants while dumping her job onto him. Suddenly she hears her cell phone ringing, and is surprised not to find it when she reaches for it.
Trish: Where's my cell phone?
Dez: I've got it. (Dez uses his tongs to pull her cell phone out of the deep fryer covered in battered bread crumbs) I'd give it a minute to cool off before you answer it.
Trish takes the cell phone from him and opens it with her hook. She sighs briefly as she tries to answer the phone, knowing that working with Dez will be more of an ordeal than she could possibly expect.
Exterior: Mall of Miami; B-roll, then Interior: Ally's Practice Room.
A large camping tent is by the door of the practice room. Austin zips the tent open revealing that he's camping there. Just then Ally walks in, knowing full-well this has to be the antics of her songwriting partner.
Ally: What's with the tent?
Austin: I'm living here until the mall concert so H8ter Girl can't get anymore bad footage of me. I've got everything I need: food, video games, a bathroom-
Ally: That's a closet.
Austin: Oh. Might not wanna go in there for a while.
Ally: Alright, first, Eww! Second, I think you're overreacting. It's just a harmless website. It's not like H8ter Girl is going to ruin your career.
Trish: (storming in the door with Dez) H8ter Girl is ruining your career.
Austin: (to Ally, as he stands up from his tent) See?
Trish: The owner of the mall saw the video of you dunking Nelson in the fountain, and cancelled your gig. Apparently the mall has a "No dunking kids in the fountain" policy? So strict!
Austin: That does it! We need to find out who this H8ter Girl is, and stop her!
Ally: You're right, We can't let her hurt your career anymore. (turns to Trish and Dez) Come on, guys. Let's... (suddenly disturbed by Dez's antics).. What's with your shoes?
Dez: I fried 'em. Deee-licious!
Ally: There's no eating shoes in the store.
Dez: There's no sign that says-
Ally: There shouldn't have to be a sign to not eat your shoes.
Dez: Fine! (walks out with one shoe on his foot and the other on a big fork.)
Interior: Mall of Miami, near the food court
The camera pans from a recycling bin to a vending cart selling hats. Ally, Trish, Dez, and Austin rise from behind it all with goofy hats on their heads. Each start shushing each other frantically, assuming that each other are making too much noise. Finally, Ally just ends the rampant shushing.
Ally: Dez, go. Just go.
Dez finally leaves the hiding spot with a leaflet in his hand.
Trish: So why do we think H8ter Girl's gonna show up?
Austin: Because Dez e-mailed her and said he had embarrassing pictures of me. She said to leave them in that recycling bin.
Scene of Dez hovering in the vicinity of the recycling bin.
Ally: When H8ter Girl comes to get them, we'll find out who she is. It's perfect. She'll have no idea we're hiding here.
Dez drops the papers in the recycling bin, almost stylistically, then runs back to Team Austin's hiding spot.
Dez: "The chicken is in the bucket."
Austin: Is that code for "you made the drop."
Dez: No. (Places a paper chicken bucket from a fast-food restaurant on the cart) I brought chicken. 'Cause I might be here for a while.
Austin: Good call. Stakeouts can take all night. The key is to stay alert and awake.
Cut to Team Austin falling asleep after eating all that chicken, The camera pan from Austin, to Trish, to Ally who are all sleeping on the floor, then up to Dez who's head is sticking out of a vending cart. A huge glob of barbecue sauce falls out of his mouth and lands on the floor next to Ally's head, but doesn't wake her up. The camera then focuses on the recycling bin, which is revealed to be one of H8ter Girls disguises as it sprouts legs and arms and runs away. As it runs, it crashes into something off screen, waking Team Austin.
Austin: The recycling bin is gone.
Dez: Do you think H8ter Girl took it?
Trish: (sarcastically) No. It sprouted legs and ran away.
Dez: (Gives Trish a dirty look as he takes another bite of his chicken leg)
Austin: Now what? We blew our shot of catching H8ter Girl.
Ally: Sorry Austin. But look on the bright side; She didn't get any embarrassing photos of you. All she got was an empty envelope.
Cut to an image of the Miami H8ter Girl's website with the headline "Old school photo of Austin Moon! EEEK...," containing an apparently Junior High era-picture of Austin with his hair messed up.
Austin: (O.S.) "Old school photo of Austin Moon"?
Image reveals Team Austin is watching this at Pirate Frank's.
Ally: Why did you give her real pictures?
Dez: Because I promised. She may be an evil blogger who's out to destroy my best friend, but I'm a man of my word.
Austin: This H8ter Girl's driving me nuts.
Trish: You know what's driving me nuts? Trying to read a magazine with a hook hand.
Camera angle turns to somebody in a catfish costume standing outside the front door of Pirate Frank's in the background.
Ally: Your uniform could be a lot worse. At least you're not the one who have to greet customers dressed as a catfish.
Brief close-up to the catfish costume standing then back to Team Austin.
Trish: Wait a sec. That catfish doesn't work here. We don't serve catfish. We don't even serve real fish.
Austin: That fish has been watching us for like five minutes. (The "fish" knowing it has been busted runs away off screen) That must be H8ter Girl!
Dez: I'll get her. (gets up from his chair to grab a fishing rod, most likely used just for a decoration, then turns around) Tell Pirate Frank I've gone fishing.
Dez tries to leave, but the fishing rod gets in his way momentarily. He turns it and continues his pursuit. Cut to a scene at the food court of the Mall of Miami. The catfish waddles through the food court trying to get away from Dez who is off screen. It bumps into a random mall patron. Both he and the fish get up from their collision. Suddenly Dez comes into view.
Dez: Hey you... (barely able to think of a word) Catfish!
Dez whips the fishing rod at whoever is in the costume, and successfully snags this person by the shoulder.
Dez: Gotcha!
Dez reels the mysterious fish-costumed person in along the floor, as if it were a real catfish on the Atlantic Ocean. The rest of the team encourages him to lure this person towards them like real fisherman on an expedition, and cheer when he or she is in their hands. When they finally catch the "fish" it pops it's head up.
Austin: Let's see who this H8ter girl is.
Austin pulls the head off the costume to reveal a young, pretty Caucasian teenage blonde haired girl with a notable facial tick. Ally recognizes this girl right away.
Ally: Tilly Thompson?
Austin: You know her?
Ally: We went to kindergarten together (to Tilly) You're H8ter Girl?
Tilly: H8ter Girl? You mean that beautiful, amazingly talented girl who has that awesome website abut how much I hate Austin? Never heard of her.
Tilly tries to get away, but the team grabs her.
Trish: You realize you just admitted you're H8ter Girl.
Tilly: I hate it when I admit things! I hate it! I Hate it! I HATE IT!
Austin: So, how did you get all those videos of me?
Tilly: I was always around you. You just didn't realize it because I'm a master of disguise. (pulls a cell phone from her back pocket to show them her disguises.) Here's me as a cowboy, a biker, and here... my favorite.
Dez: That lady in the stroller doesn't look anything like you.
Tilly: I'm the baby. (Pretends to cry like a baby, then gives Austin a dirty look) BURP ME!
Austin: Look Tilly, you seem like a really nice... not crazy girl. But why do you hate me?
Tilly: I don't hate you. In fact I think you're an amazing singer.
Austin: Really? Thanks.
Tilly: (turns to Ally) I hate HER!
Ally: (obviously startled) What? What did I do?
Tilly: Oh, don't act like you don't know.
Ally: I'm not acting, I really don't know.
Tilly: You mean, you don't spend every minute of every day thinking about my song you ruined in kindergarten?
Ally: No. (slight chuckle) A person who dwells on something every minute of every day for ten years would have to be insane (Tilly gives her a threatening look) -ly talented. And pretty.
Austin: How did Ally ruin your song?
Tilly: We were both in Mrs. Carmichael's class...
Scene dissolves to flashback of when Ally, Tilly, and Trish were five years old. Little Ally notices another boy in her class eating a green ice pop, and tries to stop him.
Tilly: (narrating) As usual, Ally was being her little bossy self.
Little Ally: There's no eating in the classroom. (Ally takes the ice pop from the boy, who folds his arms in anger at her)
Return to present scene.
Trish: I was in that class too.
Return to flashback; Five year old Trish bounces in the classroom with a red sash around her torso reading "Hall Monitor."
Little Trish: Guess who got a job as the hall monitor.
Return to the present.
Tilly: The spring pageant was coming up. This years theme was insects. I wrote "The Ladybug Song." It was brilliant.
Return to flashback.
Little Tilly: (standing in the middle of class)
♫ I'm a little laydybug
I have black polka dots
I love to eat pizza
and ride my bicycle ♫
Tilly: (narrating) Everybody loved it.
The teacher and others in the class shake their heads, clearly not impressed with her idea. Tilly takes a bow anyway.
Return to the present, again.
Ally: It was kind of cute. But the lyrics were a little all over the place. I mean, ladybugs don't ride bikes.
Tilly: Oh, like you know everything about ladybugs.
Ally: I don't know everything. Just that they don't ride bikes.
Tilly: Whatever. The point is, you had to go and write "The Butterfly Song."
Return to flashback.
Little Ally: (Playing piano and singing)
♫ I'm a little butterfly
Spread my colorful wings
Even though I'm small and fraill,
I can do most an-ny-thing ♫
(stops playing)
Tilly: (narrating) Everybody hated it.
The kids applaud, and Mrs. Carmichael does as well. Tilly, on the other hand finds her song repulsive, and starts banging her head on a wall.
Return to the present, yet again.
Tilly: And then the class picked which one was going to be in the insect play.
Dez: Which one did they pick? Which one did they pick?
Tilly: They picked Ally's.
Dez: Aww, no way! I would be so mad if I were you. (Tilly shoots a dirty look at him) You were saying?
Return to flashback. Little Tilly walks over to the teacher's desk and she's pretty steamed, to say the least.
Little Tilly: Not fair! My song was better!
Tilly shoves various paperworks and knick-knacks off of the teacher's desk. Ally seems particularly disturbed by the tantrum of her classmate.
Little Tilly: Ally, you will pay for this. Have fun singing with no lyrics.
Little Tilly grabs the paper out of Ally's hand, crinkles it into a ball and tries to eat it, only for Ally to take it out of her mouth and grab it back because...
Little Ally: There's no eating in the classroom.
Tilly shrieks as she goes into a full-fledged temper tantrum.
Return to present, and never going back.
Ally: That was special day for me. It was the day I realized I wanted to be a songwriter.
Trish: It was special day for me, too. It was the first time I was fired from a job. Apparently, a hall monitor can't charge kids to use the bathroom.
Tilly: Well, it wasn't a special day for me. It was the day Ally destroyed my dream.
Ally: Look Tilly, it was kindergarten. We were kids. 'Kinder' is German for kids.
Dez: And 'garten' is German for meatloaf. Kindergarten; Meatloaf made of kids.
Trish: Your brain is made of meatloaf.
Austin: I don't understand.
Dez: Well, it's one part kid, one part hamburger, put it together...
Austin: (interrupting Dez) No. Why are you taking it out on me, if you're mad at Ally?
Tilly: Because, I figured by ruining your career, I'll be ruining her career. The perfect way to get my revenge.
Dez: Wait, wouldn't it be better to just get revenge on Ally directly?
Tilly: That's a great idea!
Ally: (Annoyed) Dez!
Dez: I'm just saying, cut out the middle man. Besides, it's not like I told her how to get revenge. Like using your stage fright against you or something (Ally gives him another annoyed look. He imitates her.) Dez! (covers his own mouth)
Tilly: That's exactly what we're going to do. We're going to have a little show here at the mall... (hands her fish head to Austin, who hands it to Dez, who tries to hand it to somebody only to find nobody there, then takes it back) .. and reverse what happened in kindergarten. You're going to sing your "Butterfly Song" and look stupid because of your stage fright, and I'm going to sing "The Ladybug Song," and everybody's going to love me.
Ally: What if I don't sing The Butterfly Song?
Tilly: Then I'm going to keep posting bad stuff about Austin and make sure he never has another gig again.
Interior: Ally's Practice Room.
Austin pretends to be an announcer as part of an attempt to help Ally combat her stage fright.
Austin: Ladies and gentlemen, singing The Butterfly Song, Ally Dawson.
Ally: (strums a guitar) ♫I'm a little butterfly♫- I cant do this. They're staring at me.
Brief cut to reveal a row of cute stuffed animal plush toys sitting in chairs.
Austin: They're stuffed animals. They don't blink.
Ally: Well, that one laughed at me.
Brief cut to a plush lizard in another chair.
Austin: It's Larry the Laughing Lizard. That's what he does. (Austin pushes a hidden button on his back that triggers pre-recorded laughing noises, then tosses Larry over his shoulder.) I just don't get it. You didn't have stage fright in Kindergarten. What happened since then?
Ally: I don't want to talk about it.
Austin: I mean, now you can't even sing in front of a bunch of sweet, little, fuzzy animals with cute little eyes and- can I keep this one?
Ally: Look Austin, I promise if I ever want to talk about my stage fright, you'll be the one I go to. It's really sweet that you care. Now give me back Dougie the Dolphin. (grabs Dougie out of his hands)
Austin: You know you don't have to go on stage and embarrass yourself like this.
Ally: Yes I do. If I don't Tilly's going to destroy your career. I'd rather face my biggest fear than have that happen.
Austin: Thanks, Ally. That means a lot. You're going to sing as beautiful as the sunset out there.
Austin draws her attention toward the sunset out the window, and tries to snatch Dougie the Dolphin behind her back.
Ally: (sternly) Don't touch my dolphin!
Ally turns directly towards Austin giving him a threatening look. Austin puts his hands up feigning innocence.
Interior. Pirate Frank's Fish Fry
Dez and Trish emerge from behind the counter. Dez is playing with a replica of a ship's wheel as if he were a child pretending to driving a car.
Trish: I can't believe Tilly's forcing Ally to sing on stage, and we're not there to see it.
Dez: Well, you're a good friend for wanting to support her.
Trish: No. She could have a meltdown and yack on someone in the front row. I don't want to miss that. (they both laugh) But yeah, also the support thing.
Dez: We could ask for the night off.
Trish: That's not how I do things. We need to get fired.
Dez: In that case, there's something I've have been dying to do.
Cut to a later scene where almost everything at Pirate Frank's is covered in deep-fried bread crumbs.
Pirate Frank: I can't believe it! Ye deep fried me entire restaurant! You're fired!
Trish and Dez droop their heads and pretend to sulk as they walk out together, then giggle at each other with excitement just as they get to the door.
Exterior. Mall of Miami Food Court
The night of the concert. Tilly has come out on stage, as the momentary emcee.
Tilly: Thanks everybody for coming out. You're about to hear two songs. One great one, and one terrible one. I'm not going to say which one is which... here to sing the terrible one, Ally Dawson.
The audience applauds in spite of Tilly's obviously biased announcement. Austin hands Ally her guitar.
Austin: (to Ally) You can do this. I have total faith in you. (to the audience) Those of you in the front row, might want to take a few steps back.
Cut to Nelson, who's in the second row wearing a fake mustache. He backs his own chair up, and taps the shoulders of two teenage girls, gesturing to them that they should do what Austin says. Ally walks slowly and nervously onto the stage hiding her face from the audience with the head of her guitar. Just before she sits down in front of the microphone, she pulls the guitar down from her face and is spooked, thus pulling it back. Eventually she sits down, and places the guitar in her lap. Dez shoots his camera at her. She pretends to be performing wildly without any sound coming out of her microphone, and Austin, Dez, Trish, and Tilly are puzzled over her behavior.
Ally: (clearly fake) Oops! Mic's not working! (tries to leave the stage)
Dez: (rushing to the microphone) Testing, testing. Check, one-two. It's working fine.
Ally: (sarcastically) Thank you, Dez.
Dez: (whispering) You're welcome.
Knowing there's no way she can back out anymore, Ally sits back down on the stage, stammering as she struggles to start performing. Austin knows her goose is cooked and she's going to sink like a stone, and decides he has to step in.
Austin: I'm Austin Moon, and I'm here to sing a song for you! (audience applauds)
Ally: Austin, what are you doing?
Austin: I don't care if H8ter Girl ruins my career. I'd rather have that happen than let you suffer.
Ally: Seriously?
Austin: Yeah.
Ally: Thank you, Austin, That is the nicest thing anybody's ever done.
Audience: Awwwwww!
Ally: Gotta go. Bye.
Ally quickly walks off stage with her guitar. Austin grabs one of his own, when suddenly a furious Tilly Thompson approaches Austin before he gets the chance to sing.
Tilly: This isn't part of the deal. If Ally doesn't sing her stupid song, then I'm gonna keep posting fake stuff about you on my H8ter Girl website. (the audience is surprised at this inadvertent revelation)
Austin: Woah, you heard her folks. That's H8ter Girl and she faked the stuff about me on her website.
Nelson boos at her, then the rest of the audience does as well. Even Ally and Trish join in.
Tilly: I hate it when I admit things! I hate it! I Hate it! I HATE IT!
Trish: Yeah, yeah, you hate things. Join the club! Let's go, whack-a-doodle! (drags Tilly off stage)
Austin: Now I'm gonna sing the best song ever written by a five-year-old.
Tilly: (briefly returning) The Ladybug Song?
Austin: The Butterfly Song.
Tilly: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Trish drags her away again)
Austin: This song was written by my partner Ally. It's special to her because it made her realize she wanted to be a songwriter. And that makes it special to me too.
Ally smiles at his declaration, and continues to do so through his performace. Austin stars singing "The Butterfly Song," and seems to add lyrics that Ally didn't have in Kindergarten. The audience sits with rapt attention towards him. Nelson attempts to twirl his fake mustache briefly, and Trish stands next to Ally as she watches him. As the song is about to end, we see Dez filming his concert, twisting the camera around for some unexplained reason. The audience naturally applauds, except for Tilly, who just as in Kindergarten bashes her head against a wall repeatedly.
Interior. Sonic Boom
Austin, Trish and Dez are watching something on Ally's laptop and laughing at it with each other. Ally walks behind them with Dougie the Dolphin in her hands and touches Austin on the shoulder.
Ally: Austin, that was really sweet what you did yesterday. I want you to have this.
Austin: Dougie! (grabs Dougie and snuggles him right up to his face)
Trish: You like stuffed animals?
Austin: No. (to Ally) I'll pick him up later.
Ally: What are you guys watching.
Dez: H8ter Girl's meltdown. This is all over the internet.
Cut to a shot of Tilly Thompson screaming like a maniac as she tries to trash what little there is of the stage.
Trish: Tilly was so embarrassed, she shut down her H8ter Girl website.
Austin: I guess we won't have to worry about her anymore.
A blonde woman in her 20's or early 30's walks into the Sonic Boom with a stroller. Ally turns around and is the first to notice the mother and child.
Ally: Aww, what a cute little baby.
The rest of the team joins Ally in gushing over the woman's baby. She stop and lets them look at her. Ally pulls the covers from her face, and much to their horror, she turns out to be Tilly's favorite disguise.
Tilly: Miss me?
All four members of Team Austin scream in horror. The woman with the stroller Tilly is riding walks away with it as the team's fear lingers on.
(End credits show, End of Episode)
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