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Boynado is a boy band managed by Trish De la Rosa in Austin & Ally. The band consisted of three boys named Rupert, Devin, and Nigel up until Rupert left the band and a boy named Benny took his place. Boynado is first mentioned in the episode Relationships & Red Carpets and mentioned various times after but is first seen in Burdens & Boynado.


The three Boynado boys are described by Trish as irritating and whinny. As a group, the three often argue and do not get along. Most of the problems however come from Rupert who is demanding, self-centered, and hard to work with. Devin and Nigel are on the softer side and try to work together.


The Boynado is a popular British boy band consisting of three British boys named Rupert, Devin, and Nigel. At the end of season 3, Trish becomes their manager and goes on tour with them. In the public eye, the three are stars but behind the scenes they do not get along and their constant bickering annoys Trish. Soon after their fighting gets to a boiling point, Rupert leaves the band and is replaced by a celebrity impersonator, Benny. Because of Benny, the band became more successful than ever.

Physical Appearance

All three members of Boynado are very handsome boys and the stereotypical pretty boy. Rupert and Devin have brown hair while Nigel has blonde hair. When Benny joins the band, he breaks the stereotypical look that the band has as he is not muscular and is on the chubbier side. However, Benny does take up the gelled hair look.