I want my blanky, I want my bear-bear, I want my yogurt, I want a unicorn that breathes fire!
— Brandy to Dez
Brandy Braxton
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Full Name

Brandy Darling Braxton


Sweetie, Baby, Baby Girl, Kid, Kiddo, Virgin Mary, Sweetheart, Angel



Date of Birth

Valentine's Day

Resides in




Eye Color


Hair Color



Gabriel (daddy) Jennifer (mother)


Trish De La Rosa


Robert Frost High School

First Episode

"Directors & Divas"

Portrayed By

Grace Phipps

Brandy Darling Braxton is an actress in the episode Directors & Divas. She is played by Grace Phipps.


Brandy Braxton is a very bratty and unappreciative little lady. It is shown in Directors & Divas that she likes everything to go her way, how she wants it and when she wants it. Brandy is also very hard to please and is very high maintenance. Brandy can also be described as being a bit childish as she gets very angry when things don't go her way and she needs her stuffed bear to calm her down. In addition, she has problems controlling her anger. However after Dez "intimidates" her, she seems to have parcially grown out of her childish behavior, as she still loves her bear.



Brandy is an actress and is known to be a very gifted and talented one. She starred in the movie, "The Duchess Diaries," a movie that Trish said really inspired her.


Brandy appears in Directors & Divas. Brandy was selected to play the female lead in the movie "The Pilot and the Mermaid," as the Mermaid. Austin gets the opportunity to be her co-star, playing as the Pilot. Brandy is shown to be a brat right from the beginning. She gets made at an assistant on the set for giving her a sandwich with a tomato. She then throws the sandwich to the ground, knocks food of a table, and marches off. Throughout the episode, Brandy continues to be a pain to everyone on the set. She refuses to let Austin touch her or look her in the eye, she refuses to work various times, she forces Ally to rewrite the song she wrote for the movie, she fires her manager and Trish has to be her new one, and more. The director of the film, Spike Stevens refused to fire her because she's incredibly talented. Ultimately, Brandy eventually quits after Trish yells at her. But, after Trish is forced to apologize, she comes back. However, she continues her bratty behavior. Dez, who was left in charge when Spike Stevens had to go, stands up to her and tells her that she has to listen to the director and do her job. Surprisingly, Dez seems to scare Brandy straight and she listens. The movie is successfully finished with Brandy and Austin.

Physical Appearance

Brandy has blackish brown hair, blue eyes, and white skin. Her clothing style is very upperclass which shows her high maintenance personality.


Austin Moon

Austin and Brandy worked on "The Pilot and the Mermaid" movie together, Austin playing the pilot, Brandy playing the mermaid. When Brandy first meets Austin, she tells him not to stand in front of her, touch her, or looks her in the eye. This keeps Austin from doing the direction that Spike Stevens gives him. The two have a rocky relationship and Austin agrees with his friends that Brandy is off her rocker.

Trish De la Rosa

Brandy and Trish do not have a good relationship. At first, Trish liked Brandy since her work in "The Duchess Diaries" inspired her but after Trish meets Brandy and discovers how rude she is, she no longer likes her. When filming "The Pilot and the Mermaid," Trish has to be Brandy's manager after Brandy fires her old one. Later on, after Brandy sprays a juice box on Trish, Trish calls her a selfish brat and Brandy quits the movie. Trish is forced to apologize which makes Brandy come back to the movie. However, Brandy tells Trish that she doesn't respect her as a manager or a person.


Brandy: Don't talk to me either, I don't really care about my co-stars. But I do have a few rules.One, don't stand in front of me. Two, don't look me in the eye and three, don't ever touch me.


  • Brandy was in a movie titled, "The Duchess Diaries," which is most likely a parody of "The Princess Diaries."
  • Her first appearance was in Directors & Divas.
  • Her actress, Grace Phipps, stars in the Teen Beach series with Ross Lynch.
  • She loves belly rubs.
  • Her daddy is Gabriel Braxton.
  • Her mother is Jennifer Braxton.
  • She has a older sister named Alex.
  • She has a puppy named Fifi.
  • She could be a selfish little brat.
  • She loves her bear.