Austin Moon, MY boyfriend.
Brooke to the European Super Model in Magazines & Made-Up Stuff
Full Name



Scrapbook Girl (by Trish)



Resides in

Miami, Florida

Eye Color


Hair Color



Austin Moon (ex-boyfriend; crush)


Austin Moon (sometimes)


European Super Model (one-sided, on Brooke's side)
Ally Dawson (most likely)
Trish De La Rosa

First Episode

Magazines & Made-Up Stuff

Last Episode

Mysteries & Meddling Kids

Portrayed By

Carrie Wampler

Brooke is Austin Moon's ex-girlfriend. Brooke first appeared in the episode, Magazines & Made-Up Stuff. Her last appearance on the show was Mysteries & Meddling Kids

Brooke is portrayed by Carrie Wampler.


Brooke is shown to be a person who is very serious about her relationships. She's considered to be obsessed and insanely in love with Austin, even though they only went on two dates. She claims they went on 37 dates in her dreams. Austin, however, doesn't return her feelings, due to her being insane. As seen in Videos & Villains and Mysteries & Meddling Kids she's shown to be very capable of doing anything to get Austin back into her arms, like when she held him captive in the break room unless Austin wrote a song about her or when she stole Ally's songwriting book and trapped her in the photo booth, then disguised herself as Ally.


Brooke makes her first appearance in the episode Magazines & Made-Up Stuff. She is shown to be a little bit annoying since Austin is shown to be little annoyed by her at the beginning of the episode. She collects all sorts of stuff (i.e napkins, croutons from salads, golf track sheet, etc.) all from her and Austin's dates, which makes her quite creepy. She and Austin broke up. She got mad various times in the episode. When she first saw the European supermodel, she thought the model was Austin's girlfriend after hearing her constantly say, "Austin Moon, MY boyfriend". In Season 3, it was shown that Brooke was still creepily obsessed with Austin, even going as far as kidnapping him to get him to write a love song for her, in Videos & Villains. Then in season 4, in Mysteries & Meddling Kids she stole Ally's songbook and dressed up as the librarian, Mrs. Kravitz in order to kidnap Ally and lock her up in a photobooth and framed Chuck, Kimmy and Myles for being the thief. Then in the end of the episode she disguises herself again, but as Ally.


Season 2

Season 3

Season 4



Brooke and the European Supermodel in "Magazines & Made-Up Stuff."

  • She and Austin broke up, though she still has feelings for him. He doesn't return her feelings, due to the fact that she's insanely weird.
  • She dislikes the European Super Model.
  • She seems to dislike Chelsea (Princesses & Prizes)
  • She thought Austin was blowing her off to do fun stuff.
  • She first appeared in Magazines & Made-Up Stuff .
  • She goes to Marino High School.
  • Her last name is unknown.
  • She thought Austin cheated on her when the European supermodel stated, "Austin Moon, my boyfriend."
  • She appeared in Tunes & Trials.
  • She is obsessed with Austin.
  • Brooke made imaginary dates with Austin in her scrapbook from her dreams.
  • She says she went on 37 dates with Austin, but only went on 2-3.
  • She gave Austin flowers in his locker and said she'd never forget this angrily.
  • Brooke returns in Season 3 in the episode Princesses & Prizes.
  • It is said by Trish and Dez that she went on 2 dates with Austin. But, in Magazines & Made-Up Stuff, she kept three different things from dates with Austin: a napkin, a mini-golf scorecard, and a crouton. Meaning it is likely she went on 3 dates.
  • Trish calls her "Scrapbook Girl"
  • Brooke is a bit similar to Nora Dershilt from iCarly and Sam And Cat. Both are huge fans of someone (iCarly for Nora and Austin for Brooke). Also, they both have kidnapped someone (such as in Videos & Villains)
  • Austin is shown to be scared of her.
  • Her final appearance is in Mysteries & Meddling Kids


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