Butch & Bitey
Couples Careers 038

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Butch & Bitey


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Butch & Bitey is a film from Couples & Careers. Austin and Ally were supposed to pitch a song for the movie, but the song ended up terrible because of them not wanting to hurt each others feelings about the ideas.


A dog named Butch meets a flea named Bitey, who used to live on his bottom. The dog and flea soon became friends and decided to sell tacos together. Butch soon implied that Bitey's tacos didn't taste that good. It is guessed that they would have became friends again later in the film.


  • This movie is one of the things that led Austin and Ally to break up.
  • Austin and Ally wrote the Butch & Bitey Song to pitch for the movie.
  • The film had plush dolls that Trish bought for Austin and Ally to help them find inspiration for the song.
  • Dez took the Butch plush doll and built an exploding capsule inside it.
  • The film was likely in theaters at the same time as Zaliens 8: My Brains as that movie was also said to be coming to theaters soon in the same episode.
  • This movie was made by the creators of another fictional movie, "Possum RL," according to the movie's poster.

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