Butch & Bitey Song
Couples Careers 038
Song by Austin Moon and Ally Dawson
Released: May 5, 2013
Episode: Couples & Careers
Genre(s): Soft, rock
Previous: "I Think About You"
Next: "Pillow Fight"
Butch & Bitey Song00:18

Butch & Bitey Song

Butch & Bitey Song is the song from Couples & Careers. It was originally to be pitched in the movie, Butch & Bitey. It is most likely the song was not in the film, since Austin and Ally realized it was terrible to combine fast, upbeat rock with a slow, sad ballad.


I am a dog
And you are a flea

But we get along like family!

Butch scraches all day
And itches all night

'Cause Bitey lives on his butt
And loves to bite!


  • This song was supposed to be in the movie Butch & Bitey.
  • This was the first song Austin and Ally wrote as a couple.
  • Ally thought this song should be slow, whereas Austin thought it should be fast, so all of Ally's parts are slow, but Austin's parts are upbeat.
  • Austin and Ally both agreed that this was the worst song they ever wrote together.
  • After this song was written, Austin and Ally decided to break up.
  • This song was evidence that Austin and Ally being a couple had affected their songwriting.
  • The song was the fitfh song in the series written by Austin (Song Song, Suzy's Soups Jingle, The Food Songs, Sonic Boom Blues). The next one was Steal Your Heart, which was his first good song.


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