Buzzcuts & Beginnings
Interior: Backstage of concert.
Austin: (Austin is walking forward singing backstage as people cater to him giving him accessories and doing his make up and fans asking for autographs.)

♫ Didn't go nowhere, never left, uh
You really thought that I was gone, gone, gone, gone
I heard you talking like I lost my swagger
Said I was over, you were wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong
I'm always improving always on the move and
Working on my flow, to take it to the studio
This is not a comeback, following my own path
Laying down the fat tracks, still a music maniac ♫

(Austin enters the stage) Whoo! What's up, Atlanta? Welcome to my comeback show, my first gig in three months! I want to thank Jimmy Starr for changing his mind and letting me perform again. Let's go!

♫ A billion hits is what I'll get
Whoa, I know that I'll make it
Never put my head down t-t-turn it up loud
Yeah 'cause I don't have to fake it
If I keep on working it a billion hits is what I'll get
Whoa-o-o-o-o that's what I'm gonna get
Whoa-o-o-o-o that's what I'm gonna get
Yeah 'cause I know that I'll make it
Overload the internet a billion hits is what I'll get
Call someone I think this is an emergency
Hey! Pull the plug Austin's blowing up my PC
Every hour, day and night can't get this rocker out my site site, site, site
You can't get me out of your site, you can't get me out of your site you
Thought that I was gone guess that you were wrong
'Cause I just wrote your new favorite song
Whoa, I know that I'll make it
Never put my head down t-t-turn it up loud
Yeah 'cause I don't have to fake it
If I keep on working it a billion hits is what I'll get ♫

Crowd Austin! Austin! Austin! Austin!
Interior: A stage. Scene fades to Austin and Ally on a stage in an empty space.
Ally: (Scene fades to Ally, revealing Austin was only dreaming) Austin. Austin. Austin. (Nudges Austin with a plate of pancakes) Austin! I brought you pancakes.
Austin: Huh? It was just a dream.
Ally: (Sighs) I know, right? My whole tour has been like this one amazing dream. (Hugs Austin)
Austin Yeah, that's what I meant. (The two exit the stage together)
Theme Song
Interior, Sonic Boom
Dez: (Dez jumps out of a hiding corner as Trish walks into Sonic Boom) Surprise! You're not Austin and Ally.
Trish: Nice to see you too. (Walks behind counter)
Dez: I thought you were still on tour with that British boy band.
Trish: Boynado? I left Boynado in New York and flew back here to surprise Austin and Ally.
Dez: Well, I came all the way from L.A. to surprise Austin and Ally. (Sits on counter as he speaks) I've been hiding here for three days.
Trish: (Trish catches a whiff of Dez's breath and makes a disgusted face) Apparently, you also haven't brushed your teeth in three days.
Dez: No. No, I have not. (Gets off counter) Look, I was here first, so I get to surprise Austin and Ally.
Trish: Okay, you can surprise them after I surprise them.
Ally: (Austin and Ally walk into Sonic Boom) Dez? Trish?
Austin: You guys didn't tell us you were gonna be here.
Dez: Guys, please, we're in the middle of something. So when Austin and Ally come in, I'm gonna- (The four run to each other screaming of excitement and hug)
Ally: What are you guys doing here?
Trish: We couldn't miss the last night of your tour.
Dez: Oh, it's so good to see you guys again. (Dez brings everyone in for another hug) It's like a breath of fresh air.
Ally: (They all smell Dez's breath) Nothing fresh about it. (The four try to part but Dez brings them back in)
Dez: Oh, come on. Whoo!
Interior: Sonic Boom practice room and store
Ally: This was such an amazing summer, but I missed you so-
Trish: (Trish's phone rings) Hang on, it's Boynado. Trish here. Uh-huh. Well, tell Nigel to give Devon his hairbrush back. (Hangs up phone) You were saying?
Dez: (Scene switches to Sonic Boom store, Austin sitting on the piano and Dez opposite him) And then, the gorilla rips off his mask, and it turns out it was the kangaroo committing all those crimes.
Austin: Oh, and the diamonds were in his pouch!
Dez: Yep.
Austin: Wow. Huh, sounds like you're doing great at film school.
Dez: Yeah. (Austin walks behind counter) In fact, now that we're finished with the summer session, they gave me money to shoot a movie here in Miami.
Austin: That's awesome! Hey, how's it going with you and Carrie?
Dez: Oh, couldn't be better. Her modeling career is really taking off. Check it out. She's the new face of Aqua Smile Toothpaste. (Shows Austin magazine)
Austin: No way! Carrie's the new is-there-something-in-my-teeth girl?
Dez: Yeah. So how's it going with what's-her-face?
Austin: You mean Ally? (Sits on counter) Oh, it's been incredible. She's the best. It's like, every day we spend together-
Ally: (Scene switches to practice room, Ally sitting on piano bench next to Trish who is texting) -is like the best day ever, except that the day before was just as amazing, and I know that the next day is gonna be just as amazing too. So, I guess you could say that every day is tied for the best day ever.
Trish: I'm sorry, were you saying something?
Ally: Nope. (Gets up from bench)
Trish: Anyway, how's Austin been dealing with the whole not-performing thing?
Ally: You know what? He's great. He's totally happy just hanging out behind the scenes.
Austin: (Scene switches to Sonic Boom store) I mean, I'm totally happy for Ally, but it's really hard for me just hanging out behind the scenes.
Ally: (Scene switches to practice room) Austin doesn't even think about playing music anymore. (Sits opposite Trish)
Austin: (Scene switches to Sonic Boom store) All I ever think about is playing music.
Ally: (Scene switches to practice room) You know, I'm kind of sad that tonight's the last show of the tour.
Austin: (Scene switches to Sonic Boom store) I gotta be honest, I'm kind of happy that tonight's the last show of the tour.
Ally: (Scene switches to practice room) So, I guess what I'm saying is-
Trish: (Phone rings) Hang on. Boynado is driving me crazy. (Walks towards door)
Austin: (Scene switches to Sonic Boom store) So, I guess what I'm trying to say is-
Dez: Hang on, Boynado's driving me crazy. I can't get their song out of my head. (Singing) Caught in my funnel of love-
Austin and Dez: (Singing) It's a Boynado!
Dez: Love that song.
Interior: Concert Hall where Ally's concert is taking place
Ally: Thank you, Miami! This show is extra special to me, because this is my hometown. And because my best friends are all here. This song is called No Place Like Home.


♫ There's nothing wrong with spending summer in another city
I've seen the lights above the street at night, they look so pretty
I've flown above the clouds and thought I'd never come back down, back down
Now I find myself where I started
Picked right up like we never parted
Feels like I'm in between am I wide awake or in a dream? A dream
No matter where I go there's no place like home
There's no place like home, hey
No, no no matter where I go there's no, no, no
There's no place like
No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o, matter where I go-o-o-o-o-o-o
No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o, no matter where I go
There's no place like home
There's no place like home, hey
No, no no matter where I go
There's no, no, no there's no place like home ♫

Thank you!

Interior: Backstage of concert
Dez: (Austin and Dez walk backstage where Trish is) Remember when you used to play concerts like this? Ugh, must be frustrating to know that Jimmy Starr will never let you perform again.
Austin: Dez, can you please stop talking? Not only is what you're saying very upsetting, but your breath is melting my face.
Ally: (Entering) Hey, guys.
Austin, Trish, and Dez: (The three hug Ally) Ally! Great show! You killed it!
Ally: I am so glad you guys are here with me.
Austin: Now that the tour's over, it's gonna be nice for things to go back to normal. I'm really looking forward to going back to school.
Ally: Really?
Trish: Say what?
Dez: I'm confused.
Austin: I'm excited to go back to school because the four of us get to spend our senior year together. Hey, I came up with a cool nickname for us. The fearsome foursome! (Ally, Trish, and Dez look away from Austin) If you don't like it, we can come up with something else.
Trish: It's not that. Well, it is that, but also, I'm not going back to school.
Dez: What?
Ally: Really?
Dez: Finally kicked you out?
Trish: I'm getting my diploma online, so I can go back on the road with Boynado.
Dez: Oh.
Ally: Congrats!
Austin: Cool.
Trish: (Phone rings, Trish angrily answers) What? (Walks off)
Austin: Well, at least we're all still gonna be together, (puts his arm around Ally and Dez) the fearsome threesome.
Dez: Dude, you know I'm going back to L.A. for film school.
Austin: What? But you said you were making a film in Miami.
Dez: Yeah, a short film. It's called, Ally performs in Miami. I just finished it. My plan was always just to be here for a few days, then head back.
Austin: Oh.
Dez: Don't be sad, bud, because then you'll make me sad. (Dez starts crying then leaves)
Austin: I'm bummed Dez and Trish aren't gonna be with us, but at least I get to spend my senior year with my girlfriend. The fearsome twosome. I mean, unless you're gonna tell me that you're jetting off to Switzerland. (Ally shrugs) You're jetting off to Switzerland?
Ally: Ronnie Ramone called me before the show. The tour did so well that he booked me a European tour. It starts next week.
Austin: But what about school? You love school.
Ally: (Phone rings) This is Ronnie now. Sorry, Austin. (Kisses Austin on the cheek then talks on the phone while exiting) Ronnie, hey.
Austin: (Sighs) Well I guess now it's just the fearsome onesome.
Interior: Sonic Boom store
Ally: (Austin is sadly playing the guitar atop the counter and Ally, Trish, and Dez are sitting around) Hey, instead of being sad about everyone going their separate ways, let's talk about the next time we can get together.
Austin: I'm free pretty much every day, except, I'm free always.
Trish: How about the first weekend of October? (The four look on their phones)
Austin: Yep, works for me.
Austin: I'm in Barcelona.
Dez: How about the sixth? No, wait, I can't. How about the seventh? No, wait, I can't. The eighth? No, wait, I can't. The ninth? - No, wait, I can't.
Trish: Okay, forget October. How about the first weekend of November?
Austin: Yep, works for me.
Ally: I'm in Milan.
Austin: (Gets off counter) Well, when do you get back, Ally?
Ally: Uh Christmas.
Trish: Oh, I can do Christmas.
Dez: Oh, I can't. Oh, wait, I can.
Austin: Great, so Christmas it is.
All: Yay!
Trish: That's kind of far away.
Ally: You're right.
Austin: (Groans) Well, it'll be here before you know it. Anyway, I got you guys a little something. (Goes behind counter and takes out backpacks) Matching backpacks. They were supposed to be for school, but why let them go to waste? They all say fearsome foursome and have our names on them.
Dez: (Ally and Dez each take a backpack) Aw, how come mine says Trish?
Austin: Because that one's not yours.
Dez: Oh. (Takes another backpack) Oh, cool. Mine says Ally. (Dez puts the backpack on his back)
Interior: Moon's Mattress Kingdom
Austin: (Walks into Moon's Mattress Kingdom to see Mimi jumping on a mattress) Mom, can I talk to you a sec?
Mimi Moon]: Hang on. (Stops jumping and sits on mattress) This mattress is supposed to have a jump factor of 80, and I'm only getting 63.
Austin: That's horrible?
Mimi: (Scoffs) Yeah. Is everything okay?
Austin: Yeah, I'm fine. I guess I just have a lot on my mind.
Mimi: Oh, honey. Come have a seat on this relaxapedic memory foam comfort sleeper, and tell Mommy all about it. (Brings Austin over to mattress and they sit down)
Austin: It's just I'm really Ooh, this is really comfortable.
Mimi: I know, right?
Austin: Yeah. Anyway I was really looking forward to senior year with my best friends, and now I'm gonna be going to school all by myself.
Mimi: (Scoffs) Sounds like someone's mattress has lost its spring.
Austin: I can't even make music anymore.
Mimi: (Sighs) When I was your age, I felt exactly like you do. I was lost and directionless. My hair was losing its luster. Ugh, it was dried out, and brittle, and frizzy, and I had split ends, and I was suffering from dry scalp, and I was like-
Austin: Can you please get to the point?
Mimi: The point is, is I needed a change in my life, so I decided to go to military school.
Austin: You think I should go to military school?
Mimi: Oh, it was the best decision I ever made. I made great friends there, and every weekend we had mixers with the kids from the mattress academy. That's where I met your father.
Austin: I don't know.
Mimi: Oh, military school can give you the confidence, structure, and discipline your life's missing.
Austin: But did it fix your hair?
Mimi: (Scoffs) You tell me. (Laughs) I should get back to work now. (Continues jumping on bed)
Interior: Sonic Boom practice room
Ally: This week flew by. It feels like we all just got here, and now we're saying goodbye again.
Trish: I'm really gonna miss you guys. One of you much more than the other.
Dez: Sorry, Ally. Me and Trish just have this special thing. (Hugs Trish and sobs)
Ally: Come on, Dez. You're going back to film school, and Carrie's there waiting for you.
Dez: (Crying) She's not waiting for me. Carrie broke up with me.
Ally: What?
Trish: Seriously?
Dez: A month ago. I was too embarrassed to tell anybody. I don't want to go back to L.A. I lied, it wasn't fun. I was sad and lonely there without you guys.
Ally: Aw, Dez, I'm so sorry. I really thought you and Carrie were so perfect for each other.
Dez: Oh, don't you think I know that? (Cries and hugs Ally)
Ally: Sorry.
Trish: Since we're being honest, my summer touring with Boynado wasn't as great as I made it sound either.
Ally: Actually, you never made it sound great. You pretty much just complained about it the whole time.
Trish: Well, those boys are driving me nuts! (Mimicking Boynado in British accent) Rupert ate my cereal, Nigel stole my trousers, stop mocking me, Trish! (In normal voice) I miss just managing my friends.
Ally: Honestly, I'm not that excited about going back on tour. I'm gonna miss Austin and I really was looking forward to our senior year.
Trish: Wait, why are we all going to do things we don't want to do when we can stay here and enjoy our senior year together?
Dez: That's a great idea!
Ally: So we're all staying in Miami? (The three each put one arm out in a circle) On three. One, two, three.
All: (Ally, Trish, and Dez throw their arms up each saying a different sentence at the same time, respectively) Senior year! Let's go manatees! We're staying in Miami!
Ally: We probably should have planned what we were gonna say before we did that.
Dez: We have to tell Austin. He's gonna be so excited.
Ally: (Scene switches to Ally, Trish and Dez walking into the Sonic Boom store where Mimi is) Oh, hey, Mrs. Moon.
Mimi: Hey, guys. Austin wanted me to give you these letters. He said not to read them until after I leave. (Mimi gives them three letters then frantically runs out)
Ally: (The three open the letters and scan them) Austin's going to military school?
Trish: He didn't have the heart to say goodbye in person?
Ally: He already left?
Dez: Dear Dez?
Interior: Sonic Boom store
Ally: I can't believe Austin left for military school without even saying goodbye.
Trish: We have to get down there and stop him before he's officially enrolled.
Dez: Let's go.
Trish: (Ally and Trish groan as they smell Dez's breath) Dez, please do something about your breath. It's like you have a dead skunk in your mouth, and that skunk has another dead skunk inside of his.
Dez: I haven't brushed my teeth since Carrie dumped me. Now that she's doing ads for Aqua Smile, it's too painful to even look at toothpaste.
Exterior: Outside Military School
Ally: (Ally, Trish, and Dez stand outside the entrance, Ally holding a paper) Okay, according to the schedule, registration is in a half hour. After Austin signs his paperwork, there's nothing we can do.
Trish: We gotta get in there before it's too late.
Dez: (Grabs the paper) Oh no. This says Austin's at the school barber right now getting his head shaved. His hair is all he has left!
Ally: Really, Dez? Austin's about to enroll in military school, and you're worried about something as silly as his hair? Those golden locks? The way it flows in the summer breeze. How it perfectly cascades behind his We've gotta get in there before it's too late!
Trish: Dez, we'll distract the guard so you can sneak in.
Guard: (Ally and Trish approach the guard as Dez tries getting into doors) Can I help you?
Ally: Yes. Hello. Yes. You can help us. Right, Trish?
Trish: Yes. (Giggles) Oh, yeah. Uh, we're looking for our...grandma.
Ally: Bird.
Trish: Our bird's grandma.
Ally: Or our grandma's bird. Which would make much more sense.
Trish: (Austin about to get his haircut is shown while Dez falls into the security booth making a loud noise) Oh, look. It's a bird over there.
Ally: And that's when she flew out of the window.
Trish: The bird, not our grandma.
Ally: Grandma's don't fly.
Trish: Doof.
Guard: Excuse me?
Trish: Uh, Doof is our grandma's name. Yep, old Nana Doof. It sounds like a real name, right?
Ally and Trish: And that's why we're best friends forever B.F.F.'s!
Guard: That five-minute song and dance routine was sweet and all, but what does it have to do with your grandma's bird?
Ally and Trish: Uhhh (Dez falls, screams, and makes a thud noise)
Guard: What was that?
Ally: I didn't hear anything.
Dez: Ow!
Ally: I didn't hear that either.
Trish: Mm-mm.
Dez: (Shouting to Ally and Trish from the door) Guys, I got us in. Come on, let's go!
Guard: You, come here. (Dez goes to the guard) What is going on here?
Dez: Uh I'm their grandma's bird. Ca caw, ca caw, ca caw?
Ally: We weren't really looking for old Nana Doof's bird.
Dez: (Sighs) It's true. I'm not a bird.
Ally: We were just trying to sneak in to see our friend Austin Moon.
Guard: Well, why didn't you say so? Go on in.
Ally: Really?
Trish: Seriously?
Guard: Sure, students have visitors all the time. You just have to sign in, and I will give you an I.D. badge.
Dez: Sweet.
Guard: And a breath mint.
Interior: Military School barber shop
Dez: (Dramatic music playing, a blonde boy is about to get his haircut when the three run in in slow motion) Not the hair! (As the first hair snip falls to the ground Dez runs to it) No-oo! (Slow motion stops, Dez tries to put the hair back on Austin's head) Austin, I can't fix it! (Turns the blonde around in the chair to show it's not Austin)
Ally: Huh?
Trush: What?
Dez: Austin? What did they do to your face?
Austin: (Walks up to the three) Guys?
Ally, Dez, and Trish: (Hugging Austin) Austin! It's you!
Austin: What are you doing here?
Ally: You can't go to military school. We came here to stop you.
Austin: What? Why?
Ally: We all decided to stay in Miami, so we can enjoy our senior year together.
Austin: Are you serious?
Ally: Yes! (The four hug)
Austin: All right! The fearsome foursome is back!
Trish: Yeah, not so much.
Dez: It's getting really old.
Trish: We're not doing that.
Interior: Sonic Boom practice room
Austin and Dez: (Singing) When you're not here I'm spinning out of control dark clouds are crushing my soul my heart is ready to blow it's a Boynado!
Austin: Man, I love that song.
Dez: I'm really glad everyone decided to stay.
Austin: This year's gonna be the best, man.
Dez: You said it. I couldn't be happier. Nothing could bring me down.
Austin: Hey, is there something in my teeth?
Dez: (Sobbing) Carrie! (Ally and Trish walk in with goggles and toothbrushes and they grab Dez) What's going on?
Ally: We're brushing your teeth.
Trish: Whether you like it or not. (Ally and Trish start brushing Dez's teeth)
Dez: Is that Aqua Smile? No-oo!
End credits, end of episode
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