Campers & Complications
Interior. Sonic Boom
Dez: Hey Ally! You wanna hang out?
Ally: I have to put these harmonicas away.
Dez: Are you done yet? *Ally puts them away* Are you done yet? *Ally puts them away* Are you done yet? *Ally put them away* How about now?
Ally: Dez, why don't you hang with Austin?
Dez: I can't. Ever since he started dating Kira I've barely seen him.
Ally: I know you miss him, but part of growing up is to learn to be your own best friend.
Dez: You're right. I don't need Austin. I have myself and that's enough.
Ally: Good, now I'm going back-
Dez: Don't leave me! *Holding on to Ally'* Myself isn't enough!
Trish: *Trish enters* Guess who got a job at Champy's Sports Grill *Comes to Ally* What's with Dez?
Ally: He misses Austin. *Dez stops holding onto Ally*
Trish: Awww, Dez I'll hang out with you till Austin gets back.
Dez: Thanks, Trish!
Ally: *Austin and Kira enters holding a giant stuffed panda bear* Hey Austin!
Trish: Austin I'm so glad you're here. I almost had to hang out with Dez!
Ally: How was Phill's Fun Town? *Looks at the giant stuffed panda bear* Awww, you won Kira a giant panda.
Kira: Actually, I won it for Austin.
Austin: *grunts* You weren't supposed to tell anybody.
Kira: Awww, you're so cute when you pout. *Gets panda bears arms and touches Austin's nose*
Austin: Awww, you're so cute when you tell me I'm so cute. *Gets panda bears arms and touches Kira's nose*
Kira: I should go. Walk me out?

My pleasure. *Dez takes Kira's arms and runs out*

Kira: I meant Austin! *reaches out for Austin*
Austin: *runs after Kira*
Trish: I know it's gotta be hard watching Austin and Kira together. You okay?
Ally: Yeah. Why wouldn't I be okay?
Trish: 'Cause last week you said you liked Austin, and now you're acting like you're over him. Come on Ally, you can talk to me.
Ally: There's nothing to talk about. Austin likes Kira and I'm totally cool with it.
Austin: *walks in with Dez* Totally cool with what?
Trish: Uh, she's totally cool with.. giving me 20 bucks! *Ally turns to Trish* Pay up so he'll believe it!
Ally: She means, I'm totally cool that we can't hang out today because I have an old friend coming to town, his name's Elliot. We went to Arts & Crafts Camp together. *shows her friends a picture of Elliot*
Dez: Beep beep beep! *pretends to read his phone* Oh, I just got a text message. It says "Nerd alert".
Trish: I remember Elliot. He was your first crush.
Ally: Here's a first picture of us making macaroni christmas ornaments.
Austin: Meh. If you take away the braces and bushy eyebrows, he wouldn't look so bad.
Ally: That's me. I'm so excited to see Elliot.
Elliot arrives at Sonic Boom.
Elliot: Ally?
Ally: Elliot!
Ally runs to hug Elliot.
Austin: That's Ally's friend?
Dez: Beep beep beep! *pretends to read his phone* Hunk alert!
Theme song
Ally: It's so good to see you. Wow, you look ah-mazing.
Elliot: Me? What about you? You look guh-orgeous.
Dez: Why are they talking so cruh-azy?
Ally: Come meet my friends, This is Trish, Dez and Austin.
Elliot: Nice to meet you guys. Austin, I'm a huge fan. Your album rocks.
Austin: Thanks man. I have the best songwriter in the business.
Elliot: Yeah, she's the best at everything. That's why we're basket-weaving buddies at Camp Craft-a-monga. I'll never forget the first day she walked into the riversite.
Ally: He said my baskets were unbe-weavable.
Austin: I used to do Arts and Crafts too.
Dez: Nobody cares.
Elliot: Remember when we tie dyed pillowcases?
Ally: We were only supposed to tie dye T-shirts. We were Arts and Crafts rebels.
Trish: Yeahh... I don't think those words go together.
Austin: Check it out. It's a hand turkey. Gobble gobble gobble.
Dez: Put it away, you're embarrassing yourself.
Elliot: Ally, I need to ask you something. Will you... help me make a toothpick house for my turtle?
Ally: Of course! Still have your glue gun?
Elliot: I never leave home without it.
Ally: Isn't he cute?
Trish: *whispers to Austin and Dez* I thought so until he pulled out a glue gun.
Austin: Well, great to meet you Elliot. Ally and I have to rehearse now.
Ally: We'll rehearse later, Austin. I want to show Elliot around Miami.
Elliot: I saw a craft store at the Mall. Can we hit that first?
Ally: Does Ballsawood makes the best bird feeder? It does.
Ally and Elliot leaves the store.
Exterior. Sonic Boom
Austin: Hey Trish! Have you seen Ally?
Trish: No, she's out with Elliot.
Austin: Again? It's been 3 days. How long does it take to catch up with a guy?
Trish: A regular-looking guy, a day. A cutie like him, you may never see Ally again.
Austin: We need to write some new songs but with Elliot around, it's like Ally's too busy for me.
Trish: C'mon, join the club. You sure it's just about work? You almost sound jealous.
Austin: Why would I be jealous? I'm dating Kira. She won me a panda!
Trish: I was just asking. You don't have to sound all defensive.
Austin: I'm not defensive! I think you're jealous of my panda!
Elliot: And then I said your baskets were unbe-weavable.
Ally: We've had so much fun back then.
Austin: Well, I bet your fun back then wasn't anymore fun than our fun back now.
Trish: Anyway, Ally, you ready for our Girl's Day?
Elliot: Oh... Trish, don't hate me but I was really hoping Ally and I could basket weave again. For old time's sake. Wanna join?
Trish: Oh, that sounds awful.
Ally: Sorry, Trish. We'll have our Girl's Day next weekend! Come on, Elliot. *walks away with Elliot*
Kira: (walks up to Austin) Hey, Austin. Ready to go to the movies?
Austin: Um, can I take a raincheck? I have to go work on a song. By myself. Ally hasn't had time since Elliot's been in town.
Kira: Is that the guy I just saw her with? He's really cute.
Austin: He carries a glue gun, you know.
Kira: Well, I'm bummed you can't make it.
Dez: (walks in) Hey, Austin.
Austin: Sorry, I'll call you later. (walks away)
Kira: Okay...
Dez: What time?
Kira: (Trish walks over to them) That was really weird. Is he okay?
Trish: Yeah, I think he's just stressed 'cause he hasn't had time to write with Ally.
Kira: Well, I guess that makes sense. But now I don't have anyone to go to the movies with.
Dez: I'll go with you!
Kira: Aww, that's sweet, Dez. But you don't have to do that for me. See you guys later! (walks away)
Dez: It wasn't for you. (to Trish) Want to hang?
Trish: I don't know, I'm doing girly stuff-
Dez: I'll pay. (holds out cash)

To the spa, we go. (takes money)

Interior. Practice Room
Austin is weaving a basket when Dez comes into the room.
Dez: Guess who got his eyebrows plucked, armpits waxed, and feet scraped?
Austin: That sounds painful.
Dez: It was. And it's all your fault!
Austin: Sorry, but you do smell pretty good.
Dez: Thanks, it's cucumber melon. Uh, why are you making a bird's nest?
Austin: It's a basket! (stands up holding the basket) Elliot's not the only guy who can do arts and crafts.
Dez: (takes the basket from Austin) Apparently he is. And, I know why you're doing this. You're bummed about Ally and Elliot.
Austin: A guy can't just basketweave for the fun of it?
Dez: No, no he can't. (drops the basket) Austin, don't you see what's going on here? You like Ally.
Austin: What?! That's crazy!
Dez: Is it? You don't like anything about Ally?
Austin: Well, yeah, I like a lot of stuff about Ally. (Dez sits in the chair behind him) I like writing songs with her.
Dez: Uh, huh.
Austin: I like that I can talk to her about anything.
Dez: Go on.
Austin: And, I like her smile, and the way she laughs. Oh, and I really like it when we're playing piano, and my hand accidentally touches hers. I get this awesome feeling that no one, not even Kira, makes me... (stands up) Oh, man. I like Ally.
Dez: Oh, it's more than that, buddy. (stands) I think you're in love with her. (forms his hands into a bird flying away)
Austin: Wow. I like Ally.
Interior. Champy's
Dez is playing air hockey by himself when he scores in the empty goal across from him.
Dez: Yay. Score.
Austin: (comes running in to Dez) I need to talk to you, Dez. I was up all night thinking about what you said.
Dez: About you and Ally and the- (forms his hands into a bird flying away)
Austin: Yeah, the- (forms his hands into a bird flying away as well) Maybe I do have feelings for her. But she clearly likes Elliot, and I'm dating Kira, who I really really like.
Dez: I get it, you're torn. Let me give you some unbiased advice. Forget about girls, hang out with your best friend! Trust me, you'll feel better.
Austin: Look Dez, I like things the way they are with Kira and I don't want to mess up my friendship with Ally just because I have some mixed feelings.
Dez: Your feelings aren't mixed! You like Ally way more than you like Kira.
Austin: No, I don't! And I'm gonna prove it.
Kira: (walks into Champy's) Hey, Austin. I got your text. What's so big you couldn't wait to tell me about?
Austin: That I'm sorry for how I've been acting this week. I'm gonna make it up to you, starting tonight. We're seeing Katy Perry at the beach club!
Kira: Really?! (hugs Austin)
Dez: Man, I wanted to see Katy Perry.
Austin: Meet me at Sonic Boom at seven. (Kira nods and walks away) Isn't she awesome? I can't believe I had second thoughts. Obviously, me and Ally should be together!
Dez: Did you hear what you just said?
Austin: Later, buddy. (walks away)
Trish: (walks up to Dez) Dez, since you have no one to play table hockey with, and I hate working, I had an idea.
Dez: You want to play table hockey with me?
Trish: Close. I want you to clean the counter with me!
Dez: Let's do it! (takes the rag and starts cleaning the counter while Trish sits and reads a magazine)
Interior. Sonic Boom
Trish is by the counter reading a magazine when Ally and Elliot walk in to the store.
Elliot: And remember when we tie-dyed pillow cases?
Ally: Yup, I still remember.
Elliot: So, I'll meet you at Champy's at seven. Don't forget, it's trivia night. Remember how competitive I was when we used to play games at camp?
Ally: Yes, I remember everything from camp!
Elliot smiles, waves, and walks out of the store while Ally waves back. Ally then turns around to Trish.
Ally: Trish, I thought you're supposed to be at work.
Trish: I am. That's why I'm here.
Ally: Great, 'cause I need to talk to you. Elliot mentioned the g-word today.
Trish: Glue gun?
Ally: No, girlfriend. As in, I think he wants me to be his.
Trish: Ally, that's great! That's what you wanted, right?
Ally: I thought so, but after hanging out with him for a week, I realize we have nothing to talk about but camp. And that's all he talks about.
Trish: That's too bad. I know he was your first crush.
Ally: Well, I'm not the same girl I was at Camp Craft-a-monga. (walks to behind the counter)
Trish: No kidding. Your eyebrows are nowhere near as bushy.
Ally: I wanted so bad for things to work out with him. I'm not even sure why.
Trish: I know why. You still like Austin.
Ally: I know. You're right. Maybe I thought it would be easier to get over Austin if I had somebody else.
Trish: You have to tell Elliot you're not interested.
Ally: Okay, I'll do it tonight. I'll just say, "Elliot, you were my first crush. I always wanted to be your girlfriend."
Dez is about to go up the stairs when he hears what Ally says and gasps, causing Trish and Ally to turn to him.
Ally: Oh, hey, Dez.
Dez: Hi, Ally! (waves) I didn't hear anything.
Ally: Oh-kay. Well, I better get ready to meet Elliot. What do I wear for something like this?
Trish: Well, you're coming to Champy's and I'll be your server. So, you should wear something to hide food stains.
Ally: I'll go with the red dress. (walks away)
Dez: I gotta find Austin. (turns around)
Trish: Make it quick. I want to hang out with you tonight.
Dez: (immediately turns around back to Trish) Really? You want to hang out again?
Trish: Well, you can keep doing all my work and I'll keep taking all the tips. But you can still call it hanging out. (takes out a Champy's uniform shirt)
Dez: Deal! (Dez takes the shirt and runs up to the practice room)
Interior. Practice Room
When Dez reaches the practice room, he sees Austin holding what appears to be a small book in his hand.
Dez: Austin! (Austin screams) We gotta talk about Ally.
Austin: We already went over that! I'm happy with Kira! Ally and I are just friends, I swear. (sets the book he was holding down)
Dez: Okay, great. 'Cause I was worried that you'd be upset that Ally's gonna tell Elliot she wants to be his girlfriend.
Austin: What?!
Dez: Yeah! She said he was her first crush and she's always wanted to be his girlfriend. She's telling him tonight at Champy's. She's wearing a red dress and everything!
Austin: No, that can't happen. She can't be his girlfriend, he's not the right guy for her!
Dez: Well, I'm just glad you don't have any feelings for Ally. (Austin starts to run out of the practice room) 'Cause I'd hate to see how'd you react if you really liked her.
Interior. Sonic Boom
Austin is running down the steps in the store when he is stopped by Kira who comes into the store.
Kira: Hey, Austin. Ready for the Katy Perry concert?
Austin: Yeah, I just gotta drop off something to Ally on the way. This pencil! (picks up a pencil) It's her lucky one. She needs it to finish lyrics on the song we're working on.
Kira: Aren't all those pencils the same?
Austin: No, she's really superstitious. It has to be this one. (accidentally breaks pencil and picks up another one) I mean, this one. Let's go. (starts taking Kira out of the store)
Interior. Champy's.
Ally and Elliot are sitting at a table in Champy's. Elliot continues to talk about camp while Ally looks bored while he does.
Elliot: And then I said your baskets are unbe-weave-able. (laughs) Ah, I never get tired of telling that story.
Ally: Yeah. I noticed. Listen, Elliot, I need to talk to you.
Austin walks into Champy's with Kira by his side.
Austin: Ally!
Ally: Austin, what are you doing here?
Austin: I brought your lucky pencil! (gives the pencil to Ally)
Ally: This isn't my lucky pencil.
Kira: I can't believe she noticed.
Elliot: Are you guys staying for trivia night?
Kira: No, we're on our way to see Katy Perry.
Austin: Aww, Kira, I think they want us to stay.
Ally: Actually, I was kinda hoping for some time alone-
Austin: Oh, if you insist! A few questions won't hurt. (he and Kira sit at the table next to Ally and Elliot's)
Elliot: Ally and I are gonna win. We're the best team.
Austin: No, you're not. 'Cause me and Kira are.
Kira: Aww, you think we make a good team?
Austin: Yeah, but not tonight. Let's not play teams. I say we go head to head. Unless Elliot's scared I'll beat him.
Kira: Austin, what about Katy Perry?
Austin: I'll beat her too! So, what do you say, Elliot?
Elliot: I say the same thing Camp Craft-a-monga says about sunblock: Bring it.
Dez: (walks up to Austin) What'd I miss?
Austin: Dez, you're just in time. I'm about to beat Elliot in trivia.
Dez: But you stink at trivia.
Austin: Dez, can you be a little more supportive?
Dez: Sorry. (in an excited tone) But you stink at trivia!
Trish: Okay, people with nothing better to do. Welcome to trivia night! (people applaud in the background) Yippee. First question: Name the British singer who sang Rolling in the Deep.
Kira, Austin, and Ally write down their answers with a dry erase marker on their whiteboards.
Elliot: That's a tough one. Not really into music.
Austin: Ha. You hear that, Ally? He's not into music. (Ally gives him a weird look)
Trish: Time's up. The correct answer is Adele! (people hold up their boards showing their answers)
Austin: Austin - 1. Elliot - 0.
Kira: Kira - bored. (holds up her board with "Katy Perry" written on it) Can we go now? (Austin insists to stay longer)
Trish: Okay, next question. Name the method for dying fabric using wax.
Elliot: I know this from camp! (writes on his whiteboard)
Ally: Shocker. (writes on her whiteboard)
Austin: What is it, Kira? Think, think!
Kira: I have no idea.
Elliot: Hey, no helping each other.
'Trish: Time's up. The answer is batiking.
Elliot: Yes. All tied up. In your face, Austin.
Kira: You know whose face he should be in? Katy Perry's.
Austin: Just one more question.
Trish: That was our 50th and final question.
Austin: Did I win?
Trish: Austin, you and Elliot are tied. For last place. Oh, and Ally Dawson won.
Ally: Woo! Free appetizer!
Kira: Austin, let's go. I don't want to miss the concert.
Ally: And Elliot, I really need to talk to you.
Austin: No, no one can do anything until I beat him. I know how we can settle this.
Austin and Elliot are shown competing in a variety of activities including air hockey, basketball, Rock-Paper-Scissors, thumb-wrestling, and tug-of-war. Ally, Kira, and Trish are shown to be getting tired of the two competing so much and Dez acts as the referee and Austin's "coach".
Kira: Okay, this is ridiculous. You guys have been doing this for hours.
Ally: Why don't you guys just call it a draw?
Austin: No, we're not done. I have to beat him!
Kira: I don't understand why you care so much!
Ally: Yeah, Elliot. Why do you care?
Elliot: You know what? I don't. (releases the rope and Austin is sent flying backwards)
Austin: (comes out covered in food) Yes! I won!
Trish: You sure? Winners aren't usually covered in egg salad and buffalo sauce.
Austin: Elliot isn't so perfect now, is he, Ally? Still want to be his girlfriend?
Ally: What? I-
Kira: So that's why you cared so much! I should've known something was going on. I'm outta here! (walks away)
Austin: Kira, wait! I can explain! (goes after her)
Elliot: Ally, is that true? You wanted to be my girlfriend?
Ally: Actually, I just want to be-
Elliot: No, I guess now is a good time as any to tell you, Ally. I just want to be friends.
Ally: What?
Elliot: Sorry, but I just realized we have got nothing to talk about, but camp. It gets a little boring after a while.
Ally: Ya think? Uh, I mean, yeah, maybe we just weren't meant to be. We'll always have camp! We'll always only have camp. (she and Elliot hug)
Kira and Austin are talking to each other in a different part of Champy's.
Kira: Look, Austin, I know you like me, but you obviously also have feelings for Ally!
Austin: N-no, I don't.
Kira: Austin, come on.
Austin: Okay, yes. No. Maybe, I don't know! I'm confused.
Kira: Well, I'm not. When you figure out what you want, give me a call. (walks away)
Trish and Ally are sitting alone in Champy's talking.
Trish: At least you don't have to worry about Elliot anymore. Austin made that easy.
Ally: Yeah, what was that all about?
Trish: I don't know. If you ask me, he's been acting weird since Elliot got here. It's like he's jealous.
Ally: Jealous? You don't think-
Trish: Yup. Austin likes you.
Ally: Whoa, what should I do? Should I tell him I like him too?
Trish: No, let him come to you. Guys hate to be pressured! They're like birds. If you freak them out, then they'll fly away. (makes hands into a bird flying and Ally gives her a weird look) Sorry, I've been hanging out with Dez.
Interior. Practice Room
Austin is playing the piano alone, and is shown having changed into a new outfit. Ally walks in on him playing and he stops.
Austin: Hey.
Ally: Hey.
Austin: Listen, Ally, about tonight-
Ally: You don't have to say anything, Austin. I mean, you don't have to not say anything. You know what, let's just work on the song.
Austin: Okay.
Austin and Ally play the melody of what will become the song, You Can Come to Me. Their hands touch in the midst of it, and they both stop. Both glance from their hands to each other and this causes Austin to start to lean in towards Ally and Ally does the same as well to Austin. However, she stops herself.
Ally: I was thinking the chorus could go like this. (plays a few keys)
Austin: Yeah, that'd be great.
Ally takes her gaze off of Austin's and goes back to playing the melody while Austin watches her.
Interior. Champy's.
Trish is sitting at a table reading a magazine while Dez is wiping a table with a rag.
Trish: I really had fun hanging out with you today, Dez.
Dez: Really?
Trish: Yeah! You're a good friend. You missed a spot. (Dez wipes to where Trish is pointing at)
Dez: Well, the restaurant's all clean. And here's your tips. (gives Trish a stack of money) Now will you play with me?
Trish: Why not?
Trish and Dez start to play Rock-Paper-Scissors, and Dez is shown to be losing the first few tries. Though, once he chooses paper and Trish chooses rock, Trish still pounds his hand as if he still chose scissors.
Dez: But paper covers rock!
Trish: Who cares? (pounds his hands again)
Dez: Ow! (takes his hand away)
End credits show, End of Episode
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