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Full Name




Resides in

Miami, Florida (former)
Los Angeles, California


Former employee at Melody Diner
Lead singer in band

Eye Color


Hair Color

Dark Blonde


Austin Moon (crushed on by) (possibly has crush on Austin)


Austin Moon
Ally Dawson
Mindy (boss)


Melody Diner

First Episode

"Diners & Daters"

Last Episode

"Diners and Daters"

Portrayed By

Aubrey Peeples

Cassidy is a talented singer who formerly worked at the Melody Diner. She first and only appeared in Diners & Daters. Austin had a crush on her when he met her at Melody Diner. Cassidy is portrayed by Aubrey Peeples


Cassidy is a very talented singer. Even Trish admitted that she was the best singing waitress at the Melody Diner because of her voice. She is in a band, who got a record deal in Diners & Daters, so she left to go to L.A. with her band. It is unknown if she had a crush on Austin, as in the episode she never confirmed it with Austin, though she did say that if she was in Miami again she would go on a date with him.



Cassidy is a talented singer and she is in a band. She only has ever had time for work and her band and that's why she's so busy.


Diners & Daters was Cassidy's only appearance. She worked for Mindy at the Melody Diner. She was Austin's crush in this episode. When she was asked out by him, she said no because she was too busy because of work and her band. After Austin woos her by singing a song that he and Ally wrote, she says no again because her band had gotten a contract, and they were going to LA. She did promise a date with Austin when/if she comes back. Her nickname for Austin was "Blondie."

Physical Appearance

Cassidy has brown hair with a blonde tint to it. She is Caucasian and has blue eyes. Cassidy has only ever been seen wearing her Melody Diner uniform which is an orange button up shirt and orange skirt with white collars and cuffs. There also is a white "Melody Diner" hat with it.


Austin Moon

Former Crush On By

Cassidy served Team Austin when they came to Melody Diner, and that's how she meets Austin. Because Austin had a crush on her, he asked her out, but she refused, because she was busy with school and her band. The second time around, Austin tried to write a song for her, but instead of asking her out on a date, she gets embarrassed instead. Finally, Ally helps Austin write a song for Cassidy, named Heartbeat. However, she rejected his date again, this time, because her band got a record deal, and she was moving to L.A.. She promises Austin that she'll go on a date with him once she comes back from L.A. She won't return on the show.


  • She used to work at the Melody Diner.
  • She's in a band.
  • She was the best singing waitress at Melody Diner.
  • It was mentioned that she was in high school, though it was unknown if she attended Marino High School.
  • She nicknamed Austin "Blondie".
  • She got a record deal.
  • She is on tour with her band.
  • She is currently in L.A.
  • She has a similar appearance to Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) from the 1990's sitcom, Friends, although she is portrayed by a different actress.


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