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Characters Shipped

Dez and Chuck


Friends/Rivals (former)


Trez, Delly

Chez (Ch/uck and D/ez) is the rivalry relationship between Dez and Chuck. They are first introduced in Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction, but the two appear in later episodes. In Family & Feuds, they are together during a zombie apocalypse and decide to put their differences behind them and be friends.

Other Names

  • Cez (C/huck and D/ez)
  • Duck (D/ez and Ch/uck)
  • Chuckez (Chuck and D/ez)
  • Dezuck (Dez and Ch/uck)
  • Deck (De/z and Chu/ck)
  • Chuz (Chu/ck and De/z)
  • Dechuck (De/z and Chuck)
  • McCade (McC/oy and W/ade)

Chez Moments

Note: Please be sure to add real moments that are taken straight from the show. If false moments are added, you could severely be blocked.

Season 2

Freaky Friday & Fan Fiction

  • Dez made Chuck the antagonist in his short story.
  • Several times, they would have wit battles.
  • Chuck used the typewriter to mess with Dez the most out of all of Team Austin.
  • Dez stole Chuck's original look, which forced Chuck to have to start wearing cowboy-like clothes.
  • They were both competing in the short story writing contest.
  • At the end, it is revealed that they will both be in the cake baking contest.

Spas & Spices

  • The two are going against each other in a chili-making contest.
  • At the end, it is revealed that they will both be in the barbecue sauce contest.

Sports & Sprains

  • Dez and Chuck both want to be the yell leader.
  • They try to outshine each other as being the loudest yell leader.
  • Dez was happy when Chuck was picked as yell leader, since the yell leader only had to do it half-time and gets shot out of a cannon.

Family & Feuds

  • Dez and Chuck became friends in this episode.


Chuck: My story's so short, you could see its feet on its drivers license.
Dez: My story's so short, it's not allowed to go on any carnival rides.

Chuck: My story's so short, when it sits on a dime, its feet don't touch the ground.

Dez: My story's so short, that it's, um, that it's, uh, oh.
Dez: Please. My story's so cool, it's going to host the next Winter Olympics.
Chuck: My story's so cool- when my air conditioning breaks, I stand next to my story to cool down!
Dez: Yeah? Well, my story's so cool because everything I type on my magic typewriter comes true! [gasps; puts hand over mouth]
Dez: My cake's so sweet, you get a cavity just by looking at it.
Chuck: My cake's so sweet, my grandma wants to squeeze its cheeks every time she sees it.

Dez: My cake's so sweet, instead of having a sweet sixteen party, girls have a my cake sixteen party.
Chuck: Well my cake's so sweet, instead of having a sweet sixteen party, girls have a my cake sweet sixteen party. You already said that.

Dez: Ha! Sweet, sweet victory. Or should I say, my cake, my cake victory?
Chuck: My chili's so hot, you have to stick your own tongue in fire to cool it off.

Dez: Oh yeah? Well, my chili's so hot that NASA uses it for rocket fuel.
Chuck: My chili's so hot, it's the second leading cause of global warming.
Dez: Well my chili's so hot, you have to put a smoke detector in your underwear before you eat it.
Chuck: My chili's so hot that they're thinking about renaming the Sun "My Chili".
Dez: Yeah? Well, my chili's so hot that... It...

Chuck: What's the matter? Can't think of anything else? Don't feel bad- I also won 1st place in the Smack Talk Showdown.



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