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Christine Alicia Rodriguez
Christine Alicia Rodriguez; IMDb Demo Reel
Full Name

Christine Alicia Rodriguez



Eye Color

Golden Brown

Hair Color




Years active




Christine Alicia Rodriguez is an actress, known for Killer Kart (2012), Imminent Danger! (2011) and Lez Be Honest (2012). She played Margo in the episode "Beauties & Bullies."

Life and Career

Christine is a 2008 graduate of Sickles High School in Tampa, Florida, and spent four years at Florida State University in Tallahassee, where she performed in four plays and four student films, including the wildly schlocky 1980's horror spoof "Killer Kart," which gave her nominations for awards at three different film festivals; the 2013 Diabolique International Film Festival, the 2014 FilmQuest Film Festival, and the 2014 New York VisionFest. She also was the winner of the 2014 Chicago International REEL Shorts Festival, for her starring role in "Lez Be Honest."

Christine is a member of two improvisational groups; The Groundlings and The Upright Citizens Brigade.

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