Claws: Dun Dun Dun
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Name of the movie

Claws: Dun Dun Dun


Filmmaking & Fear Breaking

Claws: Dun Dun Dun is a movie directed by Dez, about a giant sand crab that attacks Miami Beach.


It appeared in the episode, Filmmaking & Fear Breaking, and was clearly a parody of the 1975 horror movie "Jaws," with the additional musical sting added to the title. Austin was shown to have a fear of umbrellas, which the movie had lots of. He said he saw umbrellas everywhere, such as beach umbrellas and tiny umbrellas they put in fruit drinks. He did it anyways, and found out that Dez knew about his fear all along because they are best friends


A man eating sea creature named Claws (a giant crab) attacks a beach. When all hope is lost, it is up to the hot lifeguard, Troy, to save the beach.


  • Austin Moon as Troy, the lifeguard
  • Trish De la Rosa as Girl #2
  • Nelson as Scared little boy
  • Mildred as Damsel in distress
  • Brittany as Girl #2's stunt double
  • Unknown amount of people as people on the beach.


  • Dez - Director and Camera Man.
  • Ally Dawson - Prop designer (although none of her props were used).


  • Claws (Dun Dun Dun) is a parody of Jaws.
  • Ally Dawson was offered the role of Sally the songwriter after Dez couldn't get Selena Gomez for the role. She declined because of her stage fright, and later because of how her character was supposed to die.
  • Dez hired Ally as the prop girl, but he later said he changed his mind and doesn't need props anymore.
  • Austin preformed many takes for the last scene, where he kills Claws with an umbrella.
  • Dez annoyed Trish on purpose.
  • Trish wanted to be the main star of the movie.
  • Trish, Girl #2, was originally made to be killed off the movie very early, until Trish threatened Dez until he changed it. 
  • For this, Dez got to go to his very first film festival.
  • Dez knew of Austin's fear of umbrellas all along.
  • This movie has a lot of umbrellas in it.
  • Troy the lifeguard (Austin) has to save the Damsel in Distress (Mildred) in a scene.
  • Sally could have been based off of Ally.
  • Umbrellas were considered to be very symbolic for the film. Umbrellas protect people from the rain, and Austin (playing the part of Troy the lifeguard) protects the people from Claws's reign of terror.
  • According to Dez, Sally was written for his favorite actress, Selena Gomez; but she was unavailable.
  • Austin makes a reference to Star Wars:The Empire Strikes Back when he says at the end of the episode, in the Claws gag reel, "Claws, I am your father".
  • Austin makes a reference to Scarface when he says at the end of the episode, in the Claws gag reel, "Say hello to my little umbrella".
  • Austin makes a reference to Lethal Weapon when he says at the end of the episode, in the Claws gag reel, "I'm getting too old for this crab".
  • Austin makes a reference to Sudden Impact when he says at the end of the episode, in the Claws gag reel, "Go ahead Claws, make my day".
  • Austin makes a reference to Terminator 2: Judgment Day when he says at the end of the episode, in the Claws gag reel, "Hasta la vista, crabby".
  • Austin makes a reference to Apocalypse Now when he says at the end of the episode, in the Claws gag reel, "I love the smell of crab in the morning".
  • There is a scene where Brittney, the stunt double of Trish, has to jump from a cliff.
  • Dez made seven sequels to the movie, at least ten years later.


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