Karaoke Club/Restaurant



No. of known rooms

2 (including the behind the scenes room)

No. of known workers

1 (Trish De la Rosa)

First apparance

Duos & Deception

Club-a-Dub-Dub is a karaoke club located in Mall of Miami, and a recurring location in Season 4.


It makes its first appearance in Duos & Deception, when Billie and Bobbie perform and fight, breaking their duo temporally (and then also Dez and Lily perform).

In Karaoke & Kalamity, Austin performs here in disguise, not to be uncovered by Jimmy Starr. Also, Trish get job there, and there's a karaoke competition, where Austin (in disguise) and Ridley, a new Ally's student with stage fright, participate; but at the end Trish wins.

In Mini-Me's & Muffin Baskets, "team Music Factory" is getting ready for their first showcase, but then Sadie, a new apprentice manager student, messes everything up, deleting the showcase, and making a new her own at Club-a-Dub-Dub. Trish then fixes everything, the kids perform; and at the end, Jimmy Starr hires Ridley in his label, and chances his mind re-hiring Austin.

Known performances

Known workers

Known events/competitions




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