Costumes & Courage
Interior. Sonic Boom
Almost all of Team Austin except for Trish is standing in the vicinity of the sales counter at Sonic Boom. Dez is carefully trying to carve a pumpkin.
Ally: You're still carving that pumpkin? It's been hours.
Dez: It takes time to capture the perfection that is Austin's face. (Ally smiles and looks at Austin) Almost done... Voila!
Ally: Amazing! It looks just like Austin!
Austin: Except my hair's parted on the other side.
Dez: Aw man! Guess I gotta start all over. (smashes pumpkin on the floor, walks off)
Dez smashes the pumpkin all over the floor right in front of the two of them, and then walks off. Just then Trish walks in dressed in a witch costume, complete with pointy hat, and black eye makeup and lipstick.
Trish: Guess who got a job at the Halloween-atorium!
Ally: So, are you on a break, Trish? Wanna go grab a sand-witch?
Ally tries to high-five Austin. He hesitates but they do so anyway, and they make gun-clicking noises and hand gestures at each other.
Trish: You're gonna high-five her for that?
Ally gestures to Trish as if it's obvious that he should. Just then Jimmy Starr walks into the store.
Jimmy Starr: Austin Moon, My favorite new artist.
Austin: Jimmy Starr, my favorite new... guy who signed me to his record label.
Jimmy Starr: (chuckles) That's me. I wanted to invite you kids to the Starr Records Halloween Party this Saturday.
Ally: No way!
Trish: That's the coolest Halloween party in Miami. I heard Usher was there last year. Who's gonna be there this year? Beyoncé? Katy Perry?
Jimmy Starr: A lot of big stars will be there, but you won't know who's who, because they'll all be in costume. I just got an RSVP from Taylor Swift.

Ally, and Trish:

(even more excited) Taylor Swift?!
Trish: I love her!
Dez: Perfect. I can finally give her this pumpkin I carved of her. (brings out a pumpkin featuring Taylor with curlier hair)
Trish: I think she's wearing her hair straight now.
Dez: Aw man! (smashes that pumpkin on the floor as well. )
Jimmy Starr: (directly to Dez) Stay away from Taylor at the party. (Dez tries to walk away) Now, here's the deal; I want you guy to write a new song for Austin to perform.
Austin: I'm going to perform a song in front of a bunch of stars? How awesome is that, Ally?
Ally: Totally Awesome. We get to write songs for the biggest names in music will hear. (suddenly ominus) Halloween just got a lot scarier.
Jimmy Starr: You'll be fine. There's the invite. (he hands them a pamphlet)
Austin: Cool, it's at Brownstone Mansion.
Dez: Ooh, I heard that place is haunted.
Jimmy Starr: (starts talking spooky) Legend has it that angry ghosts appear to take revenge upon the living. You can hear them moaning. Mysterious red slime oozes form the walls... (suddenly normal) Or at least that's what it says on the brochure. See you guys there. (he leaves, and Team Austin waves goodbye to him)
Austin: Trish, I want to get a cool costume for the party. You working tomorrow?
Trish: Well, I was planning on getting fired later this afternoon. (Austin sighs with disappointment) But I guess I can push it one more day so you can get you a discount.
Austin: Yes! (they high-five each other)
Theme Song
Exterior. Mall of Miami; then Interior; Ally's practice room
Ally is starting off an unfinished song.
Ally: (out loud, to herself) Okay, when you think of Halloween, you think of costumes. Ooh, Maybe the song can be about the masks we all hide behind.
Austin: (O.S.) You mean like this?
Austin jumps up from Ally's right side with half of a gremlin mask over his head and scares Ally momentarily.
Ally: Austin!
Austin: Sorry. I'm getting us in the mood to write a Halloween song. Let's think of things that scare us. You go first.
Ally: Well, obviously I scared of performing in front of other people.
Austin: Ooh, sometimes when I burp, I'm afraid there's an alien in my stomach trying to bust out!
Ally: Don't you have any fears that aren't,... I don't know, absolutely ridiculous?
Austin: I am kind of freaked out about singing in front of all those stars at the party.
Ally: That makes sense, it's a lot of pressure. Remember what you told me that time when we went to the water park and I was scared to go down the giant water slide?
Austin: Keep your mouth closed at the bottom; there might be pee in the pool?
Ally: (slightly disgusted) Yyyyes, but you also said, no matter how scared I was, just push ahead and don't look down. (gets an idea) Hey, that could be a cool chorus.
Austin: Yeah. (plays the piano and sings) ♫ Don't drink the pee in the pool... ♫
Ally: (grabs his hands) No, no, no, no,... Noooooo...I mean, Don't look down. (plays the piano and sings) ♫ Don't look down. ♫
Austin: Yeah, that's good, too.
Interior; The Halloween-itorium
Trish is sitting behind the counter, this time dressed as a pink fairy princess complete with a crown and wings. She's not as grotesquely made up as before. Her boss, a young pretty blonde girl named "Emily" approaches dressed like a 19th Century maid.
Emily: Trish, put this pirate costume on the top shelf, these vampire fangs in aisle seven, and these swords in the display window case.
Trish: I'll get right on it, Boss.
The boss walks away, and as one might expect, Trish tosses all items into a garbage pail marked with a "Bargain Bin" sign. Just then a cute boy approaches the counter.
Boy: Can you help me?
Trish: Does it look like I work here?
Boy: You're sitting behind the counter.
Trish: Fine. (sarcastic) Oh, how may I help you, oh, valued customer?
Boy: Do you have a Charles Lindbergh costume?
Trish: Charles who-to-the-what, now?
Boy: Lindbergh. First man to fly a plane across the Atlantic, and...
Trish: (interrupting) Boring! (grabs a random costume behind her) Here's an old pilot costume. Now go away.
The boy walks away with the costume, smirking at Trish's attitude. Just then Dez approaches her with a silver suitcase. He places it upon the counter in front of Trish, opens it up, and removes an item from it.
Trish: Hey, Dez. Great costume. But didn't you go as an idiot last year?
Dez: Uhhh, no. This year my costume's gonna be a surprise. (starts waving around an apparent "ghost detecting wand") I'm just testing out my ghost hunting kit for the party.
Trish: (scoffs) That junk doesn't work.
Dez: Oh really. (waves his wand over a mannequin with a skull and a white sheet with chains) Well, my ghost detector says this isn't a real ghost. See? It works.
Trish rolls her eyes at him. Austin emerges from the dressing room dressed in a slice of cake with purple icing and sprinkes.
Austin: Trish, you messed up. I asked for a caveman costume, and you gave me a cake-man.
Trish: Well, I'm going as a cavewoman, so pick something else.
Austin: Fine, what about... a ninja?!
Trish: (groans) Ninja costumes are all the way upstairs. (suddenly gets an idea) Ooh. Be a gladiator. (she reaches for that costume under the counter in front of her, and shows it to Austin.)
Austin: Ooh, a gladiator. Now I can show off my muscles. (flexes one each, and says "boom" for effect, which doesn't work so well) Works better when I'm not inside a cake.
He grabs the costume, and goes back to the dressing room. Ally approaches the counter from the background, dressed like an early 20th Century Red Cross nursing uniform.
Ally: So, what do you think of this?
Trish: You can't go wrong being a cute nurse.
Ally: I'm not just any cute nurse. I'm Florence Nightingale; Founder of modern nursing. (Ally does a "prim and proper pose" on the end of that sentence)
Trish: You know what? I think I found the perfect guy for you. He's cute and,... Do you know who Charles Lindbergh is.
Ally: Du'uh! One of the first guys to...
Trish: He's right over there. Go talk to him.
She tries to approach the boy, but is nervous about trying to talk to him.
Ally: (to herself) Okay, you can do this. Just say "Hi, I'm Ally." (to the boy) Hi, I'm Ally.
Ethan: I'm Ethan. Nice Florence Nightingale costume.
Ally: (to herself) He likes my costume. Say something funny. (to Ethan) Yup, good ol' Flo. (to herself) That was not funny.
Ethan: Nice meeting you. (he walks away)
Ally: (still to herself) Nice meeting you too. Would've been a good thing to say out loud.
Trish: Hey, I've seen worse.
Ally: I wish I could be more confident and cool.
Trish: It's Halloween, you can be anything you want!
Ally: You're right! I'm gonna be... (notices another costume, an apparent anime character who's outfit consists of a silver super-heroine uniform with pink accents, a pink cape and a pink "G" between the breasts. It also comes with a pink bob wig, and silver eye-mask) Galexis Nova!
Dez: Ooh, I love Galexis Nova. Mild-mannered nuclear physicist by day; Butt-kicking inter-galactic avenger by night. She's confident, and fearless. You'll never pull it off.
Austin: Hey, That's not nice.
Dez: No, I mean she's never pull it off the mannequin. The zipper's stuck.
Dez struggles to free his hand from the mannequin with the Galexis Nova costume. Meanwhile, Ally's cell phone beeps, and she puts the nurse's hat down on the counter.
Ally: Umm, I'll get my costume later. I have to go, I'm meeting someone for lunch.
Austin: Really? Who?
Ally: (somewhat mysterious) I don't know. (she walks away)
Dez: Well, that's suspicious (Dez accidently removed the top half of the Galexis Nova mannequin and carries it with him) What's that all about.
Austin: (somewhat mysterious) I don't know. (back to normal) But, let's go find out. (to Trish) I'll bring this costume back later. (Austin and Dez leave)
Trish: (reading a fashion magazine) Like I care.
Exterior; Mall of Miami Food Court.
Austin and Dez notice Ally sitting at a table with Jimmy Starr, but can't hear what they're talking about. Austin is still wearing his "cake-man" costume from the Halloweenatorium.
Austin: There's Ally. Why is she with Jimmy? (notices Dez staring at him) Why are you staring at me like that?
Dez: I'm just really hungry, man.
Austin gets creeped out by Dez's "hunger" and pulls his "cake" away momentarily. He and Dez duck behind some surfboards.
Austin: What could they be talking about without me?
Dez: Let's find out. My ghost hunting kit came with a supersonic sound sensor. (puts a pair of pink headphones on and points a clear-plastic radar dish at the vicinity of Ally & Jimmy.)
Austin: What are they saying?
Dez: Well, she asked Tim if she had a poopy diaper, and then he said,... (starts talking in baby talk. The camera briefly appears on a mother and her child in a walker then back to Austin and Dez.)
Austin: Dez, you're pointing it at the wrong people. Give me those. Come on.
Dez drops the dish on the floor. Camera pans to the table where Jimmy & Ally are sitting.
Jimmy Starr: I know you wrote it for Austin, but I played "Don't Look Down" for Taylor Swift, and she loved it. She wants to sing it at the party.
Ally: You're kidding. Taylor Swift wants to sing my song? (brief cut to a shocked Austin & Dez)
Jimmy Starr: Don't say anything to Austin. This is between you and me.
Ally: It'll be our little secret.
Jimmy and Ally pinky swear on it. The camera moves back to Austin & Dez.
Austin: That was supposed to be my song. I can't believe she's giving it away.
Dez: I can't believe Danny's taking Sara's sister to the prom instead of her.
Quick cut to the aforementioned young couple. A frustrated Sara takes an undetermined drink, splashes it in Danny's face and walks away in a huff.
Dez: (sing-song) Dra-maaaaaaa!
Interior. Ally's Practice Room
Dez "inspects" his ghost hunting kit by blowing on the headphones as Austin nervously paces behind him.
Austin: I'm so mad at Jimmy and Ally for giving away my song, I just want to... yell at 'em.
Dez: Ooh, bad idea. Jimmy's the head of your label. He can cancel your record deal.
Austin: What should I do?
Dez: Well, I do know one technique for dealing with anger. You write a message to the person you're upset with, tell them how you feel, then you get rid of that message, symbolically purging the negativity of your inner psyche.
Austin: Okay, I'll give it a try. Dear Ally and Jimmy, I'm so... mad at you guys right now! I don't want anything to do with people who are... evil gutless rats!!
Dez: Oh, that is good!
Austin: Dez, Dez, it worked. I feel better already.
Dez: That's because it's out of here, (puts his hands on his heart) and up into here. (Does his usual dove fluttering gesture)
Austin: Wow, Dez. That's really smart.
Dez: Thanks, buddy. Now, we just have to get rid of this text. Just hit the "Don't Send" button...
Austin: "Don't Send?" There's no "Don't Send" button! You sent the text!
Dez: Oopsie!
Austin: What are we gonna do? I don't want Ally or Jimmy reading that.
Dez: Okay, let's just calm down. It takes a while for a text to go through.
Dez is clearly proven wrong, when a furious Ally and Trish instantly walk through the door.
Ally: "Evil Guttless Rats?!"
Austin: I can explain; I was mad at you and Jimmy, and Dez made me do this thing where I write my feelings down and not send them, and... he sent them.
Trish: Dez, do you realize what you've done?!
Dez: Yes. I've cured my friend of his rage (Does his dove fluttering gesture, again)
Ally: Why were you so angry?
Austin: Because, you and Jimmy gave the song we wrote to Taylor Swift.
Ally: We sent it to her because Jimmy wanted you guys to sing a duet. It was supposed to be a surprise.
Austin: I'm singing with Taylor Swift? That's awesome!
Austin and Dez: What-UP!
Ally: You know you call the head of your record label an evil gutless rat.
Austin and Dez: Uh-Oh!
Ally: Jimmy's gonna be furious when he reads it.
Austin: Maybe we can get his phone at the party, and delete the message before he reads it.
Trish: In the meantime, let's flood his inbox with new messages, so he won't get a chance to read Austin's text.
Dez: Yes!
Trish, Austin, Ally, and Dez begin texting on their cell phones. Trish reads her first message aloud.
Trish: Hey, J-Starr, it's T-Swift. Looking forward to your (sing-song) par-tayyy!
Dez: Hey Jimmy, it's Austin. You are an evil gutless rat. Looking forward to your (sing-song) par-tayyy!
Trish swipes his phone and throws it at a wall above an electronic keyboard, causing it to shatter to pieces.
Interior. The ballroom at Brownstone Mansion
Ally and Trish are in their Galexis Nova and Pebbles Flintstone-esque Cavegirl costume, scoping the party for Austin, Dez, and more importantly Jimmy.
Ally: Hey, there's Austin. (noticing he isn't dressed for the party) Why isn't he wearing a costume? (Ally and Trish approach him)
Trish: Did you find Jimmy yet, Austin?
"Austin" starts dancing, and reveals himself to be Dez in an Austin Moon costume.
Dez: Hah! ♫Made you do a Double-Take.♫ Oh yeah!
Trish: Wow. Great costume. Lousy voice.
The real Austin arrives in the gladiator costume Trish suggested earlier.
Austin: Hey guys. Where's Jimmy? (suddenly notices Ally and Trish in their costumes) Wow, you two look amazing. (then notices Dez) Woah, you're me!
Dez: This is a Double-Take.♫ Boom! I hope you don't mind, I borrowed your clothes.
Austin: As long as you're not wearing my lucky underwear.
Dez: Oh, I'm not wearing any underwear.
Austin: (disturbed, but still cool) You can keep the pants.
Ally: We've gotta find Jimmy. I'll call him.
Ally tries to make a phone call to Jimmy. Just then, a man named "Ty" in an alien costume picks up his own cell phone and starts walking down a staircase. The rest of Team Austin notice the man, mistakenly think this alien is Jimmy Starr, and try to grab his cell phone from him. Ally tries to tell them he's not Jimmy, but they refuse to listen. They play football with it, passing it between Trish, Austin, and finally Dez, who dunks it in a punch bowl and removes Ty's mask, only to find out what Ally tried to tell them merely seconds ago.
Dez: You're not Jimmy.
Ty: What are you doing?
Dez: Umm, bobbing for phones. It's a Halloween tradition.
Dez does just that, and emerges with the man in the alien costume's phone in his mouth. He then takes it out and returns it to the "alien," who walks away.
Cut to later scenes in the same location. All four members of Team Austin are randomly approaching people in various costumes. Dez even finds a medieval knight armored suit on a mannequin and opens the mask, only to find nobody wearing it. Ally and Trish are also on the quest. Ally suddenly notices Jennifer Lopez in her own costume, and introduces herself, only for Trish to remind her to continue their search.
Austin: I wish we knew what costume he's wearing.
Dez: I know what costume he's not wearing: Austin Moon, because I am the only one.
Dez proves to be wrong again, because we now see a little kid in his own Austin Moon costume, and it's Nelson.
Nelson: Hey, Austin.
Dez: Awww, Nartz!
Nelson: (dancing the same way) ♫Make you do a Double-Take.♫ Mmmph!
Austin: Wow, it's like I'm looking in a mirror. A really tiny mirror.
Nelson: Bam!
Trish: We have to find Jimmy before he reads that text. Let's split up.
Dez: Umm, have you never seen a horror movie? You can't just split up in a haunted house. That's where one of the teenagers gets it.
Trish: Let's hope it's the tall goofy one. We're splitting up.
Dez: (uses his "ghost detector" on Trish) Hold on... Picking up something cold and soulless... Oh, hey. It's you.
Exterior; A balcony at Brownstone Mansion.
Ally is continuing the search for Jimmy Starr. As she calls his name, he pulls the helmet off of a total stranger with a 1950's style astronaut costume, but apologizes to him and gives it back when he realizes it's not him. Resuming the search he spots another person in a WWII U.S. Army Air Corps uniform, but doesn't realize that he's the boy she had her heart set on at the Halloweenatorium, who turns around.
Ethan: Nice costume. I'm Ethan.
Ally: I know who you are. We've already met.
Ethan: We have?
Ally: (to herself) He doesn't recognize me. (to Ethan, daintily offering him her hand) Hi, I'm Galexis Nova.
Ethan: I guess that makes me... Charles Lindbergh.
Ally: (to herself) Nice banter. We're off to a good start. Now hit him with some knowledge. (to Ethan) A little-known fact about you, Mr. Lindbergh; You developed the first artificial heart.
Ethan: Wow. Cute and smart. Hey, can I get your number?
Ally: (to herself) He wants my number? He wants my number! YES! (to Ethan, enthusiastically) YES!
In her excitement, Ally leaves the balcony returning to the party room, and suddenly realizes she forgot to get the boy's phone number. There she asks herself a rhetorical question.
Ally: (to herself) I didn't give him my number, did I?
Back on the Balcony, Ethan is just as puzzled about Ally's actions as she is embarrassed by it. Ally considers going back to the balcony, but changes her mind and resumes the search.
Interior. The ballroom at Brownstone Mansion
Austin is continuing his search for Jimmy. He spots somebody in an Albert Einstein costume, sitting on a couch next to a young 20-something Caucasian brunette dressed as a harem girl, and "Einstein" turns out to be none other than Mr. Starr himself.
Austin: Jimmy? (he spots him) Jimmy I've been looking for you.
Jimmy Starr: Hey, I've been looking for you too.
Austin: Aw, man. Did you check your phone?
Jimmy Starr: No, I've been busy working.
Austin: (behind his back ) Yes!
Jimmy Starr: Anyway, I've got a big surprise. Taylor Swift is going to be performing with you.
Austin: What? Taylor Swift. Wow. That is a surprise, that I did not know.
The rest of Team Austin approaches Austin and Jimmy.
Austin: Guys. I just found out I'm performing with Taylor Swift. (the Team gets excited for him. Austin speaks quieter) And Jimmy didn't check his phone. (the team is still excited)
Trish: We still need to delete the messages.
Ally: Galexa Nova's got this. (to Jimmy) Jimmy, can I borrow your phone? I need to text my dad.
Dez: Here, you can borrow mine.
Trish: She can't.
Trish swipes his phone and throws it another punch bowl. Ally takes Jimmy's cell phone out of his hand, walks about one to two feet away and reads her alleged text to her father aloud.
Ally: (reading the "text" aloud) Hey, Dad. Still at the party. (pretends to change her mind) Nah, I don't like that text. I'm gonna delete it. Delete. (says "delete" every time she runs into a junk text message, and Austin's angry text) You know, I don't need to text my Dad anymore. Thanks.
Jimmy Starr: (puzzled and uncertain) You're welcome.
Team Austin quietly celebrates their victory behind Jimmy's back.
Dez: I guess I can finally start hunting some ghosts.
Trish: Not that I believe any of that junk, but they say upstairs is the most haunted.
Austin: I should probably get ready for my performance, so where's Taylor?
Jimmy Starr: Over there.
The camera pans towards Taylor Swift, who as it turns out is wearing the same silver and pink costume and pink bob wig as Miss Dawson.
Ally: Taylor Swift is wearing a Galexis Nova costume too?
Jimmy Starr: It's much better than the Florence Nightingale costume she wore last year.
Interior. Upstairs at Brownstone Mansion, apparently in an abandoned bedroom
Dez is scanning the room for ghosts, while Trish watches him make a complete fool of himself.
Trish: Well, "ghost hunter." Finding anything?
Dez: Nothing yet.
Trish: See? It told you. There are no ghosts.
But suddenly, the room is filled with the echoes of a moaning woman.
Dez: Oh yeah? Then what's that moaning.
Trish: It's coming from the chimney.
Trish and Dez go to the chimney to investigate the moaning. As described in the brochure, "red slime" begins oozing from the wall off to the right above that chimmney.
Trish: What's that on the walls?
Dez: (Dez takes a sample with his finger and tastes it) Red slime oozing out of the walls. Just like they said in the brochure.
Trish: I'm getting scared. There's something in here. I can feel it.
Suddenly, puffs of white smoke emit down the chimney and fill the room.
Trish: Dez, the chimney!
Dez screams as he grabs the only thing he can use as a weapon, which happens to be a small pumpkin near his right shoulder. He hurls it at what he thinks is the ghost, but instead turns out to be a young woman in a Galexis Nova costume, who he knocks unconscious.
Trish: You hit Ally! (both rush to the young woman's aid) Ally, can you hear me?
Ally: (entering the room) Yeah, I can hear you.
Dez an Trish scream as they realize what they had done.
Trish: That's not you (Ally nods, and examines the unconscious woman. Trish reveals what all three had feared) We just knocked out Taylor Swift!
All three scream as they realize how bleak their situation truly is.
Exterior; B-roll of Miami area scenes, then Interior; The abandoned bedroom at Brownstone Mansion
Taylor is resting on the couch in order to recuperate from Dez's flying pumpkin. Trish puts an icebag on the country-pop superstar's forehead.
Trish: Here you go. (to Dez) Taylor Swift can't perform. This is all your fault, Dez.
Dez: Don't blame me. Blame the ghost.
Ally: There wasn't a ghost. Trish was just messing with you.
Dez: (grabs her by the shoulders, pushing her backwards) I know what I saw. (Ally straightens her back, and elegantly pushes Dez away.)
Trish: What you saw, was strawberry jam on the walls and a fog machine. (Trish clicks a loud remote control that turns on the aforementioned fog machine)
Dez: The ghost put strawberry jam on the wall and a fog machine in the chimney?
Trish: (sarcastic) Yes, Dez. Yes it did.
Dez: I knew ghosts were real!
Both girls roll their eyes at him.
Trish: What are we gonna do?
Ally: We should just tell Jimmy the truth.
Dez: Or maybe we could write all our feelings down in a text message...
Ally & Trish: (interrupting) NO!
Jimmy Starr: (O.S) We have a surprise for you tonight. Austin will be performing with a very special guest; (scene briefly changes to the ballroom) Taylor Swift! (audience applauds)
Austin: Yeah. Let's hear it for Taylor.
Austin rallies the crowd to chant for Taylor. The scene returns to that room upstairs where Dez, Trish, and Ally are staying, and the chanting can be heard from there.
Dez: We can't leave Austin hanging.
Ally: (to herself) Wait; Taylor and I are wearing the same costume. Ally may have stage fright, but Galexis Nova doesn't. I know what to do. (suddenly aloud) I'll go on stage in costume, perform as Taylor Swift, and no one will know the difference. Guys, I know what to do. I'll go on stage in costume, perform as Taylor....
Trish: (interrupting) Yeah, we heard you the first time. You were thinking out loud.
Interior. The ballroom at Brownstone Mansion
Ally emerges from a doorway on the left side of our view of the stage. The audience applauds believing she's Taylor Swift, despite the obvious height difference between her and Miss Dawson.
Ally: (to herself) Yeah. I could get used to this. (audience resumes chanting Taylor's name)
Austin: This song is called "Don't Look Down." It was written by my partner Ally Dawson.
Ally: (secretly to Austin) Austin, it's me, Ally. Taylor got hurt.
Austin: Ally? (nervous and surprised laughter) I can't believe it. You're actually gonna do this?
Ally: Just like at the top of the water slide. I'm gonna close my mouth, and not look down.
Austin: Okay, but open your mouth when it's your turn to sing.
Austin starts singing a version of "Don't Look Down" without the second verse. As part of the act, Ally does a series of flirtatious poses, which Taylor Swift would've done if she had been on stage instead. Austin tosses her a spare microphone and Ally goes through the song unhinged. Trish and Dez are thrilled while watching her from behind the stage, as Dez carries Nelson on his shoulders. Sometime after the bridge, Ally blows the audience away with a high note that a mere transcript can do no justice to whatsoever. The song ends and the audience applauds, as the pop-star and songwriter hug on stage, partially as part of their act, and partially because Austin is happy for Ally for going through with her performance.
Interior. The living room at Brownstone Mansion
Trish and Dez meet the two performers backstage, but are more excited for Ally.
Trish: You guys were great. I'm so proud of you, Ally. You did it. You really did it! (gives Ally a big hug)
Dez: I'm proud of you too. (he hugs her as well) Hey, now you can perform with Austin all the time.
Austin: Yeah.
Ally: I don't know. I think I was only able to do that because I was pretending to be somebody else.
Austin: Well, mask or no mask; That was you up there, and you rocked!
Ally: (posing heroically) I did, didn't I. (Austin & Ally high-five each other) Maybe someday I can do that as Ally Dawson.
Ty: (walking by) Great job, Taylor.
Ally: Thanks.
Trish: I can't believe people still think you're Taylor Swift.
Ally: I can't believe people think that's Austin.
Cut to Dez, who's sitting on a couch in his Austin Moon costume, surrounded by teenage girls who would normally gravitate towards the real Austin Moon. He's actually signing Moon's autograph for them.
Dez: (chuckles) Okay, one more.
(End credits show, End of Episode)

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