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You're my wife!
Darrie Married
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Calum Worthy and Hannah Kat Jones

Darrie (D/ez and C/arrie) is the official romantic relationship between Dez and Carrie. They first met in Cupids & Cuties at Shredder's Beach Club. Dez asked Carrie out to the movies and she accepted. They have a lot of similarities, such as liking zombie romance movies.

Other Names

  • Caz (Ca/rrie and De/z)
  • Dezrie (Dez and Car/rie)
  • Derrie (De/z and Ca/rrie)
  • Cez (C/arrie and D/ez)
  • Carez (Car/rie and D/ez)
  • Derriez (De/z and Ca/rrie)
  • Zarrie (De/z and C/arrie)
  • Riedez (Car/rie and Dez)
  • Cadezrie (Ca/r/rie and Dez)


Dez and Carrie first met in the episode Cupids & Cuties at Shredder's Beach Club. Carrie works as a waitress there, and served Jace and Trish, and later Dez. Near the end of the episode, Dez goes to the club and eats there, Carrie serving him. He originally goes there to mope about his failing love life, but he and Carrie bond, especially after he finds out she loved zombie romance movies and is called "The Love Robot." He indirectly asks her out on a date to watch a zombie romance movie, Tears of the Dead, and she shows up for the date. At the end of the episode, Dez gave her flowers, pizza, and a goat. Carrie appreciates the gifts, because she knows that Dez really likes her. They went to prom together in Proms & Promises and Last Dances & Last Chances. Dez moved to LA to be with Carrie in Relationships & Red Carpets. Carrie broke up with Dez prior to Buzzcuts & Beginnings.

In the episode, Wedding Bells & Wacky Birds, Dez is shooting an commerical only to find out Carrie was one of the stars. He becomes upset and jealous due to the fact that her male lead was not only attractive, but they were set to kiss as well. This caused him to quit directiong the commerical and argue with Carrie. Through the arguement, it is revealed that Carrie believes Dez dumped her, but Dez thinks opposite. Trish figures out that the two had misintrrupted each other's words on one of their dates in LA and that they were techinically still together. They make up and end up starring in the commerical together. In Duets & Destiny, it is revealed that Dez and Carrie are married and have a child together named Darrie.


Season 3

Cupids & Cuties

  • They meet for the first time.
  • Carrie cheered Dez up when he was upset.
  • They realize they have a lot in common.
  • Dez asked her out to the movies.
  • Carrie accepts the date.

Darrie XD

  • Dez said they had the best date ever.
  • Dez seems to like Carrie a lot.
  • At the end of the episode, Dez gives Carrie flowers.
  • Carrie looks really happy when he gives her the flowers.
  • Dez got Carrie some pizza.
  • Dez got Carrie a goat.
  • Carrie hugged Dez for getting her these items and was really happy.
  • Dez was really happy that they're dating.
  • They officially become a couple.

Fashion Shows & First Impressions

  • They are still currently dating.
  • Dez wears various sweaters Carrie's knitted for him.
  • Carrie calls Dez "my Dezzy".
  • They both model more of Carrie's sweaters for a photoshoot at the end of the episode.

Proms & Promises

  • Dez mentioned their first date.
  • Dez wanted to ask Carrie to prom, and dressed up a zalien.
  • Austin, Ally and Trish all thought the way he wanted to ask her was romantic
  • Carrie called Dez "my Dezzy".
  • Dez asked Carrie to prom, and she said yes.
  • They were planning on entering the dance contest together.
  • They were later seen at prom together.

Last Dances & Last Chances

  • Dez called Carrie's dress and feelings beautiful.
  • Dez called Carrie "Babe", and said she was the best.
  • Dez cuts Carrie's food for her as she can't sit cause of her dress.
  • Carrie wishes Dez (and Trish) luck with the dance contest.
  • They were seen dancing together at the end of the episode.

Records & Wrecking Balls

  • Carrie serves Dez (and Trish)
  • Dez Calls Carrie 'babe'
  • Dez looked worried when Carrie walked off upset
  • They both attended Ally's record release party (along with everyone else)
  • They were next to each other when Ally performed Parachute
  • They hugged at the end of the episode, like Auslly
  • Dez was dancing along when Carrie was playing with the cash register

Relationships & Red Carpets

  • Dez calls Carrie 'Babe'
  • He helps her take the bucket off her head
  • Carrie didn't know how to break the news that she's moving to LA, to Dez
  • Dez thought he was going to LA with Carrie, and happily hugged her
  • Dez was crying after Carrie broke the news to her
  • Carrie comes back to Miami for the music awards to see Dez, and she called him 'Dezzie'
  • They hugged and had their pictures taken together on the red carpet
  • Dez told Austin he was moving to LA to be with Carrie
  • Carrie waits at the airport in LA, for 6 hours for Dez

Season 4

Wedding Bells & Wacky Birds


Darrie in a commercial

  • Dez was upset over seeing Carrie in the ad
  • Carrie was starring in the commerical Dez was directing
  • WB&WB216

    Darrie hug

    Dez was surprised and freaking out when he found out about Carrie
  • He became extremely jealous when Carrie and her male co-star were about to kiss and stop it
  • Dez quit due to being upset over Carrie
  • Carrie told Trish that Dez actually dumped her.
  • WB&WB218
    Carrie believe when Dez said we were done at a restaurant, he was refering to their relationship. It was actually referring to the waiter with their food
  • Dez thought Carrie was disgusted by the date, but she was referring to the fruit.
  • Dez and Carrie figure out (with Trish's help) that they never broke up
  • They "get back together".
  • They share an eskimo kiss and make up with each other
  • They both star in the commerical together

Duets & Destiny

  • It is reveled that Dez and Carrie are married in the future
  • They have a child named Darrie
  • Dez calls Carrie his wife
  • They hug


Cupids & Cuties

Carrie: (Dez gives her flowers) Flowers? (Dez gives her a box of pizza) Pizza?
Dez: I got something you else. (Dez pulls a box with a goat inside)
Carrie: A goat? You really do like me!



  • They both like zombie romance movies.
  • They are called a "Love _____". Dez is the "Love Whisperer" and Carrie is the "Love Robot". (Actually no one calls them that.)
  • They are both slightly dumb.
  • They both like goats.
  • They both have sisters (Didi and Piper)
  • They both have the same group of friends.


  • Dez is a boy and Carrie is a girl.
  • Dez has red hair and Carrie has blonde hair.
  • Carrie worked at Shredder's Beach Club but Dez did not.
  • Dez moved back to Miami, Florida, and Carrie remained in LA for the first part of Season 4


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