Deejays & Demos
Interior. Sonic Boom
Ally: (Talking to a senior citizen trying to buy an electric guitar) Are you sure you want *this* guitar, sir? It's just that we don't sell many of these to people your age. (The man seems to take offense to this remark as he pulls down his glasses, which she clearly notices) 'cause you have to be at least 21, and clearly you're not. Can I see your I.D. please?
Old Man: (Grabs the guitar, mounts it on one knee, and plays an Eddie Van Halen-style guitar riff. Think of a short version of "Eruption," and you'll get the idea.)
Ally: (Awestruck) Will you be my grandpa?
Old Man: (Nods, and goes to put the guitar back on the rack.)
Trish: (Walking into Sonic Boom in another goofy uniform, doing her usual pose.) Guess who got a job at the Greeting Card Store? Here, give this to me.
Ally: (perplexed) Okay. (takes a card from her and then gives it back)
Trish: Congratulations on your new job. Aw, thanks. You shouldn't have. (pulls Ally down for a hug)
Ally: It was nothing.
Austin: (Austin and Dez come running into Sonic Boom full of excitement.) You're not gonna believe this. Dez, give 'em the news.
Dez: Um, sure. The mayor gave a speech today, there's a ten percent chance of rain, and in sports, the Dolphins...
Austin: No, not that news. I'm doing my first radio interview. Miami Mack from F.M. 109 is broadcasting live from the beach!
Trish: That's great Austin. Ooh, here. (hands Austin a card)
Austin: Congratulations on your first radio interview... (opens the card) live from the beach? I didn't know they made cards for that.
Trish: They make cards for everything.
Ally: (walks around from behind the counter) Austin, this is huge. Miami Mack is the most popular DJ in Florida.
Austin: I'm surprised you know who he is. I thought you only listened to dorky books on tape.
Ally: Whaaaaat? All the cool kids listen to Miami Mack in the morning.
Austin: (chuckles) He's on in the afternoon.
Ally: Uhhh, morning is what the cool kids call the afternoon.
Ally sits down to organize some instructional CD's
Dez: Ugh. This whole interview thing must be so hard for you, Ally.
Ally: What do you mean?
Dez: (sits down and tries to help Ally) I mean you not getting asked to be on the radio with Austin. Everybody gets to hear how talented he is, but it's like you're invisible.
Ally: (grabs a CD out of his hand) Well, I wouldn't put it like that...
Dez: (interrupts her and grabs another CD) But not invisible in a cool way like a superhero. More like an uncool way like... like a songwriter who doesn't get to be on the radio.
Trish: Okay Dez, we get it. Ally's an invisible, uncool nobody. Now stop it before you hurt her feelings!
Austin: Ally's not invisible. She just doesn't like the spotlight.
Ally: Yeah, because I have stage fright.
Austin: See guys. It's...
Ally: Although it would be nice to get some recognition. I mean, in a perfect world, I could get up on stage and sing and dance as cool as Austin. (Starts going into her goofy dance routine)
Austin: In a perfect world, you'd never do that again. (The rest of Team Austin agrees, and Ally smirks at them with disapproval)
Theme Song
Exterior. Mall of Miami
An angelic voice accompanied by piano can be heard from the vicinity of the second floor of Sonic Boom. It's Ally Dawson working on a song called "You Don't See Me," the kind of song that Austin clearly would never sing. Cut to an interior scene of her working on the song in the practice room, then of Austin standing by the door as she finishes it off, quite impressed with her. Ally smiles at a job well-done which is interrupted by Austin's applause.
Ally: (startled) Austin, how long have you been standing there?
Austin: Not that long.
Ally: You didn't see me do my vocal warm-ups, did you?
Cut to a flashback scene of Ally doing an incredibly silly series of noises and facial expressions that make her dancing look cool.
Austin: No, I didn't see anything.
Ally: Phew. (She turns around, and Austin mimics some of those vocal warm-ups. Ally smirks/smiles at him)
Austin: I just came in to get a copy of "A Billion Hits" to play for Miami Mack.
Ally: There's some on the table.
Austin: (Searches through some CD-Roms, then pauses) Hey, that song sounded great. But the lyrics are little girly.
Ally: Well, that's great because the lyrics are for me, (sing-song) and I'm a girlie. (back to normal) I write songs for myself sometimes. But I'm never going to perform them, so I just record them for fun.
Austin: You don't care about all that stuff Dez said, do you? About being invisible and not getting recognition?
Ally: Does this look like somebody who cares? (Lamely attempts to do "The Robot")
Austin: Good, 'cause I could never do what I do without you. You're awesome.
Ally: Thanks, Austin.
Dez: (Standing by the practice room door) Awww.
Austin: Dez, are you spying on us?
Dez: What? No, I said 'awww' because I saw the cutest kid destroy the nicest violin down there. Awww.
Ally: What?! (frantically runs out of the practice room downstairs to the showroom)
Austin: Ally just wrote the best song for herself. It's really good.
Dez: Too bad no one's ever gonna hear it.
Austin: Maybe they will. I think I know a way for people to finally hear how talented Ally is.
Dez: Awww.
Austin: I know. I'm a nice guy.
Dez: Hmm? Oh no. I just never noticed this poster of the bunny and the puppy before.
Brief cut to the very poster Dez describes, which is on the refrigerator in the practice room
Austin & Dez: Awwww.
Exterior. South Beach, Miami Beach
Standard B-rolls of the scenery of the Miami Beach area, then of local disc jockey Miami Mack sitting a table next to Austin with a group of young fans surrounding them, mostly girls.
Miami Mack: Welcome to FM 109. I'm Miami Mack and we're live from sunny South Beach with Austin Moon. (applause) Alright, now, It is time for our number one fan challenge! (fanfare music and applause) The winner gets to hang out with Austin Moon for a day. Who wants to play?
Dez: (jumping around frantically) Ooh! Pick me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick me!
Miami Mack: You in the clown shorts! (Dez hoots triumphantly as he approaches Mack) Okay, I'm going to flip a coin for your fan challenge. Heads, you get a nice easy scavenger hunt. Tails you have to wrestle with a hungry alligator.
Trish: (crossing her fingers and squinting) Please be alligator, Please be alligator, Pleeease be alligator!
Miami Mack: (Mack flips the coin, which clearly has to be two-headed) Heads, Scavenger Hunt! (applause) Okay, you are going on a musical scavenger hunt. You have five minutes to bring back every item on this list.
Dez: I'm on it! (bolting through the crowd) Out of the way! I'm on a scavenger hunt! Out of the way!...
Miami Mack: Now, the moment we have all been waiting for; AUSTIN MOON'S NEW SINGLE!!
The audience applauds as Mack and Austin sit down. Unbeknownst to Mack, when Austin turns on the CD player, it plays a copy of "You Don't See Me," this time accompanied by guitar. Austin & Ally smile and gesture at each other in excitement. Trish does too. Mack is naturally suspicious.
Miami Mack: Uhh, Austin,... that doesn't sound like you.
Austin: (clearly fake) You're right. That's not me. I must've brought the wrong CD.
Ally: (still excited) Oh, my Gosh! I'm on the radio, I'm on the radio, I'm on the radio!! (suddenly becomes ominous), I'm on the radio!
Ally bites the usual lock of hair, whimpering as she ducks down from the crowd as Trish gives her a sympathetic hug. Nevertheless, everyone there is thrilled.
Miami Mack: I don't know who that was, but man! That song was great!
Austin: That was my partner Ally Dawson. The most talented singer-songwriter I know.
Miami Mack: Well, I'd really like to give her some props.
Austin: Great idea.
Miami Mack: Live and in person!
Austin: Bad idea.
Miami Mack: How about you and Ally come back and perform together live this Friday?
Austin: Live? I don't think that's such a good idea... (Mack interrupts him)
Miami Mack: (To his audience) Alright if you want to hear Austin & Ally perform live scream "Yay-ah!"
Crowd, including Trish: Yay-ah!
Ally gives her a look that says "how could you do this to me?," which makes Trish change her reply.
Trish: No-ah!
Miami Mack: Great. Then tune in this Friday, to hear Austin Moon and Ally perform live! (audience applauds)
Dez: (Returning and dragging a cowboy along for some reason). 'Scuse me. Coming through, Coming through. Okay, I got everything on the list; An accordion, a tambourine, and a cowboy.
Miami Mack: Oh, that list said cowbell.
Dez: Aw, man. I must've read it wrong. I really wanted to hang out with Austin. Well, at least I still have you, Cowboy. (The cowboy walks off) Aw come on, Clint!
Ally: Well, what am I going to do, Trish? I always freak out when I have to perform.
Trish: What if I can get Miami Mack to let you wrestle the alligator?
Ally: How does that help?
Trish: It doesn't. But I really want to see somebody wrestle an alligator.
Exterior. Mall of Miami, then Interior
Ally and Trish are walking through the mall with ice cream cones.
Ally: I don't know what to do, Trish. I can't back out of performing on Miami Mack's radio show.
Trish: What's the worse that could happen?
Ally: I could have a meltdown and totally embarrass myself.
Trish: Well, I said worse thing. You could throw up in the DJ. You could ruin your career. You could ruin Austin's career. You could sprain your ankle running off stage and...
Ally: (nervously interrupting her) Thanks, Trish. I feel much better.
Austin: (running through the mall to find Ally) Ally, I'm so sorry you'll have to perform.
Ally: Please, it's not your fault. You brought the wrong CD. It was an accident.
Austin: (scoff) Yeah, it was an accident. (scoff) I didn't purposely bring the wrong C.D. so you'd get recognition (scoff) Why would I do that?
Ally: I'm not accusing you of doing that.
Austin: Okay, I did it.
Ally: What?!
Austin: Um, Trish, help me out.
Trish: What? You think they make an "I'm sorry for playing your song on the radio, I didn't know it would backfire" card? Actually, they do.
Ally: (Trish gives Austin the card, and Ally takes it from him) I can't believe it. That you would do that,... and that they would make a card for it.
Trish: I know. Right?
Austin: I just want people to know how talented you are.
Ally: I appreciate what your trying to do, but now what? I can't preform with my stage fright.
Austin: Don't worry I just found a cure for stage fright on the internet. Close your eyes and pretend your in a peaceful meadow. (she does) The sun is shining, the birds are singing. Everything is calm. (Brief pause and Austin rubs his hands together behind her head, before grabbing her shoulders) Boo!
Ally: (Screams, and her ice cream drops on the floor) Austin! That's the cure for hiccups.
Austin: Aw, you're right. Sorry. But you don't have the hiccups now, do ya?
Ally: (Scowls at Austin)
Interior. Sonic Boom
Ally: Okay, so what's your big plan?
Austin: I know a guy who can get you over your stage fright so you could perform on Friday. A man with incredible powers. The Amazing Dezmo.
Dez: (Emerging from a curtain wearing a turban) It is I, Dezmo. Master of Mystery.
Trish: I solved the mystery. It's the dork in a stupid hat.
Dez: I'll have you know, I'm a skilled hypnotist. I've had extensive training in the mystical arts.
Austin: He spent a week in a hypnotism cam in the mall parking lot.
Dez: I thought we were in Hawaii.
Austin: You were hypnotized to think that. (to Ally) It's a really good camp.
Ally: This isn't going to work.
Dez: Trust me, I know what I'm doing. Hypnotism is really simple. I'll just put you in a trance and give you a trigger word to control your behavior. I already tested it out on Austin.
Austin: No you didn't.
Dez: Kittycat.
Austin: (Meows like a cat, and licks his "paw," a.k.a.; wrist)
Dez: Kittycat.
Austin: (stops acting like a cat) So did you guys finish hypnotizing Ally?
Ally: (laughs impressively with Trish) Okay, Dez. I'll give it a shot.
Dez: (Places a spinning disc in her face) Stare into the swirly lines. Focus on the swirly lines. You are getting sleepy. Very sleepy. You can hardly stay awake. (starts to get tired himself, instead) You're falling into a deep... deep... sleep. (Conks out directly on Ally's left shoulder.)
Ally: The Amazing Dezmo, everybody. (applauds sarcastically)
Austin: I really wanted this to work. I want the world to know who Ally Dawson is.
Ally: Well, what's the big deal? No one knows me now.
Austin: (suddenly gets an idea) Yeah. Nobody knows you. Nobody knows you!
Ally: (nervously laughing, and somewhat hurt) Okay, I get it. You don't have to rub it in.
Austin: No. People don't know who you are, so nobody what you look like. We can have Trish pretend to be you during the radio interview.
Ally: But what about the singing?
Austin: You'll hide out-stage and sing into a mic, while Trish lip-synchs.
Ally: (without realizing Trish is genuinely lip-synching her speech) I don't know, it seems like a lot to pull off. What if something goes wrong? And do you really think Trish'll be able to lip-synch everything I... (turns her head to realize Trish actually is pulling it off) Okay, this'll work.
Trish: You guys go get ready. I'll wake Dez (A&A walk away, and Trish approaches Dez, still asleep on the bench) This is The Great Trish-ini. When you hear the word "song," you'll think there's a mouse in your pants. Awaken! (claps twice to wake him up).
Dez: Whew. What happened?
Trish: Well, we figured out what to do about Ally's song...
Dez: (Begins flinching at his crotch and laughing in a goofy manner) MOUSE IN MY PANTS! MOUSE IN MY PANTS! (Continues laughing as he sits down on the bench, trying to shake the "mouse" out.)
Exterior. South Beach, Miami Beach
More B-rolls of the scenery of the Miami Beach area, then of the same outdoor studio with Miami Mack and fans. Dez and Ally poke their heads out of a nearby tent in order to make sure the coast is clear, then pop back in.
Interior. The tent near the Miami Mack studio. Dez makes some adjustments to some HM radio equipment on a table.
Dez: Okay. You'll talk into this mic to give Trish the answers for the interview. Then when you sing, I'll flip this switch and your voice will go over the FM 109 speakers while Trish lip-synchs.
Ally: Wow. You're really good with electronics.
Dez: Yeah. What can I say? It's in my genes.
Ally: Oh. So your parents are good with electronics too?
Dez: What? Oh no. I keep this instruction manual in my jeans.
Ally: You're not wearing jeans.
Dez: Oh right, cause you're the jeans expert. (Resumes adjusting the radio) Okay, I need to find an open channel for the wireless mic... (he does) There. You're all set. Now when you talk, Trish will hear you in her ear-piece.
Ally: I hope it works.
Dez: We all do.
Exterior. FM 109 outdoor studio
Miami Mack: Welcome back to FM 109. We're here live with Austin Moon and his partner Ally Dawson. Now, tell me, Ally; How long have you been writing music?
Ally: (through Trish) Ever since I was in kindergarten. You know, I always had a love for music. (Trish is having trouble keeping up with Ally's speech) I really don't think there's a better way to express what you're feeling when you look inside your heart and -
Trish: (interrupting) Since kindergarten. Next question.
Miami Mack: Wow. Ally's a girl who gets straight to the point.
Trish: I wish.
Miami Mack: Can you describe to me in detail, exactly what goes through your mind when you're writing a song?
Interior. The tent.
Dez: (An echo of the words "writing a song" begins to infect his brain causing him to freak out again) HOO-HOO-HOO MOUSE IN MY PANTS! MOUSE IN MY PANTS! (Flails around and knocks some radio equipment off the table.)
Ally: (panicking) Dez, you cut the connection!
Exterior. FM 109 outdoor studio
Miami Mack: (noticing Trish's unusual pause) Are you gonna answer, or ...
Trish: (nervously awaiting Ally's line) Ehh, well....
Austin: Trish! ... is Ally's best friend. I just thought you should know. (whispers to Trish) What are you doing?
Trish: (whispering to Austin) I can't hear Ally anymore. If I can't hear Ally, how am I supposed to answer the questions?
Austin: She's your best friend. You know everything about her.
Trish: (whispering to Austin) Ooh, you're right, you're right. I can do this.
Miami Mack: Okay, let's just start from the beginning, Ally. When did you start playing music?
Trish: When I was four. No wait, four was when Ally started taking ballet. Ooh-ooh, she started playing music when she was five.
Miami Mack: Why are you talking about yourself in the third person?
Austin: Ally always does that. It annoys Austin. (partially to Trish) Ally should think more before Ally answers.
Austin & Trish: (Laughs nervously over her error)
Miami Mack: Alright, let's just take a question from the FM 109 live chat. (pulls one up) Umm, Ally. Who taught you how to play piano?
Trish: Ooh, I know this one. Don't tell me. Don't tell me... um
Austin: Wasn't it your Dad?
Trish: Yes that's right. Mr. Dawson. (realizing she messed this up big time) I mean, "My Dad." (laughing nervously) ...who is Mr. Dawson. (laughing nervously) I call him "Dad." Because he's my Dad. Why wouldn't I call him Dad? Okay, let me start over,...
Interior. The tent.
Ally: (struggling to calm him down) Get a hold of yourself! It's almost time to sing the song!
Dez: (Automatically stops freaking out) Uhh, what happened?
Ally: You broke the transmitter! You've been jumping around like a crazy man, screaming about a mouse in your pants!
Dez: You're nuts. I stopped keeping rodents in my pants years ago.
Exterior. FM 109 outdoor studio
Trish: Okay, My dad is my dad, Right? And I'm Ally Dawson, so that would make Mr. Dawson my Dad. And he taught me how to play piano. (claps and punches her fist down) Nailed it!
Miami Mack: (Looking at Austin over Trish's shoulder as if both of them are freaks. Austin pretends to be puzzled by what's happening) Okay, enough questions. I just want to hear you two perform.
Interior. The tent.
Ally: (nervously watching Dez reset the radios) But Dez, Hurry. They're about to start.
Dez: Fixed it! You're all set.
Ally: Perfect. Just in time.
Exterior. FM 109 outdoor studio
Ally gives Austin and Trish the thumbs up that her song is about to start
Trish: (to Austin) Ally's ready to sing.
Miami Mack: Great! Because we're waiting for you to sing.
Austin: Let's just do the song.
Interior. The tent.
Dez: (And once again, the echo of the words "song" causes him to freak out for the third time) HOO-HOO-HOO MOUSE IN MY PANTS! MOUSE IN MY PANTS! (Starts flailing around, although the radio equipment seems to be safe... for now.)
Ally: Not again!
Exterior. FM 109 outdoor studio (NOTE: All scenes from this point will randomly switch from the tent to the studio until further notice.)
Despite Dez's freak out, Austin starts playing his guitar as Ally goes into the first verse of "You Don't See Me" while Trish pretends to be her. All seems to be going relatively well until the chorus when Dez kicks the radio equipment over once again.
Ally: (panicking even more) Dez, I lost the channel!
Ally puts it back on the table and scrambles to return to the proper radio signal while Dez continues to freak out over the imaginary mouse in his pants. She stumbles upon an Opera program, most likely on a National Public Radio station. Realizing what Ally did, Trish and Austin try to lip-synch to the tune, only for the station to be changed again, this time to a female traffic reporter.
Traffic Reporter: A huge pile up on I-95 has caused two lanes to close. Expect slow traffic all the way from North Miami to Key Biscayne. Also Exit 3D through 70 are closed temporarily, until the Department of Fowl Collection can safely return all 493 chickens...
Back in the tent, Ally continues to search for the station while Dez keeps freaking out. This time she stumbles upon some sort of Spanish music station, apparently during a salsa song.
Spanish female singer: ♫ La gente vuelve loco la música empieza a

tocar todo su cuerpo empieza a moverse
desde los pies a la cabeza...
Alegrar tu corazón con la letra de mi canción ♫

Returning to Opera: Trish and Austin resume their lipsynch of the song which fortunately is about to come to an end because Dez's freak-out finally brings the tent that he and Ally were hiding in crashing to the ground. Dez runs for his life away from the site of the tent, and Ally chases him in order to try to stop him. After the song ends, Austin plays a few notes on his guitar.
Austin: (Raising "devil horns") Thank you, Miami! (He and Trish take off)
Interior. Sonic Boom
Ally: Uh, I know the interview didn't go so well, but thanks for trying to share the spotlight with me.
Austin: Listen, it doesn't matter if the world doesn't know how talented you are. I always will.
Ally: Thanks, Austin. (they hug)
Dez: (Off-screen) Awww.
Ally: I know. He's a nice guy.
Dez: What? No, I was just checking my tonsils. Awwww.
Trish: (Entering Sonic Boom) Guess who's on the cover of Miami Music. (Holding up a magazine with herself and Austin) Austin and Ally!
Ally: I can't believe it.
Trish: I know. Me and Austin are on the cover of a magazine.
Dez: Wow. They must've really liked your interview
Trish: I think "Ally" (pointing to herself) did a pretty good job, if I may say so myself.
Ally: Yeah, Ally doesn't think so.
Dez: Well, "Ally's" (pointing to himself) just glad this all worked out. (the rest of the team look at him funny) I'm sorry, I'm not sure how this game works. "Ally'll" be over there. (walks away)
Miami Mack: (Entering Sonic Boom) Ahh, there you are. I just wanted to say that the way you merged genres and changed your voice on my show was amazing! All Dawson, you are a true talent!
Ally & Trish: Thanks. (both realize they were caught)
Interior. Practice Room
Ally: Hey, Trish. Your boss from the card store dropped this off.
Trish: Oh. (reading the card) "I hate to come off like a mean old jerk, but it's been three days since you came to work. I hope this is news that you desired. Because I'm happy to say you're so fired?!"
Ally: That is so specific. How many of these cards can they possibly sell?
Trish: Actually, this is the fifth one someone's given me.
(End credits show, End of Episode)
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