Season 1

Rockers & Writers


Dez in Rockers & Writers

While trying to play a harmonica through a sousaphone, the harmonica gets stuck in an old lady on the other side of the room, but Dez is able to perform the Heimlich maneuver on her. When Austin is apologizing to Ally, Dez says that he has attempted to "text the dog", an example of his craziness. Later, Dez records a music video of Austin singing a song Ally wrote. He's a good friend to Ally, Trish,and Austin.

Kangaroos & Chaos

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Dez, along with Trish, gather props for Austin's music video, but they misinterpret the writing Ally wrote down. Dez thinks that she wrote "I like it when you kangaroo" and orders a kangaroo. He later gets into a game of tug-of-war with the kangaroo over a jacket, which ends up in a large container filled with caramel. Dez explains that he didn't know whether some other lyrics said "camel" or "caramel," and just got both. When the practice room's door opens as a person comes in to deliver the camel, Dez quickly closes it. Afterwards, when Face Puncher comes to get his jacket, Dez autographs his shirt with ketchup assuming he wanted one, and Face Puncher begins to chase him.

Secrets & Songbooks

Dez finds Ally's songbook and diary in the fridge, having used it as a roof for his gingerbread house. Then Dez and Austin come up with ways to read it, even thinking of putting it on the ceiling using kinds of jam. Austin thinks there won't be time to go to the store, but Dez already has multiple jams in his backpack. When they don't go with the ceiling plan, Dez eats all of the jam, saying he can't believe he did. Dez is later revealed to either be a terrible liar or scared of telling Ally and Trish that he and Austin read Ally's diary.

Zaliens & Cloud Watchers

While Austin and Ally get to know each other better, Dez and Trish find out they too have more in common than they thought; having the same favorite number, and horror movie in common, and decide to become friends. However, when they disagree on a favorite pizza topping, they go back to "not being friends"
Trish & Dez "Bonding"

Trish & Dez "Bonding"


Bloggers & Butterflies

Dez and Trish  got a job at Pirate Frank's Fish Fry, where Dez has an obsession with deep frying objects (his shoes, Trish's purse, Trish's cell phone), and later the entire restaurant in order for he and Trish to get fired. He is the one that gave Tilly Thompson, the evil blogger posting bad stuff about Austin, pictures to use for her site because her promised to bring them and never breaks a promise, but also the one to catch her when tries to run away dressed as a catfish. He accidentally gave Tilly Thompson an idea to use Ally's stage fright to embarrass herself.

Tickets & Trashbags

Tickets & Trashbags (83)

Wearing a helmet.

Austin gets invited to the Miami Internet Music Awards and has only one ticket for an extra guest, of course, Dez wants to be the one to go with. He convinces Austin that he has been there with him throughout the years as not only his video director, but additionally, his best friend, and he can't imagine them not going to their first award show together. However, later on, Dez, Trish, and Ally argue about all of them being told they were able to go with Austin and find out that Austin does not decide to take any of them. This upsets the three, making them realize that the night is not about them, but about Austin. So, they sneak into the show, but accidentally wound up performing the gig with Austin. Trish and Dez unintentionally ruin Shiny Money's and Austin's performance by not catching Shiny Money when he said to catch him during the performance. Though, Austin does forgive Dez, as well as Ally and Trish too.

Managers & Meatballs

Dez 100

Demonica Dixon wants to replace "Team Austin" with her own director and songwriter, and he is the one to suggest his favorite director, Spike Stevens, to replace him as the director of Austin's videos, which Demonica does. Dez takes being replaced the hardest, and is the second to be replaced in "Team Austin".

Club Owners & Quinceaneras

Club Owners & Quinceaneras (1500)

Trish  is having a Quinceanera (Mexican party celebrating a girl's 15th birthday), and he suggests a couple grand entrances for Trish (which she refuses), and a grand entrance for Austin (swinging in on a jungle vine). After seeing Trish's poofy dress, he too mistakenly wears a poofy suit to the party (he being the only one, not including Trish). But later he uses the poofy pants to put shrimp in. He is also the one to ruin Trish's party by swinging in on a jungle vine himself, knocking over the table full of presents, and ruining the stereo station.

Deejays & Demos

Austin overhears Ally singing a song she's made up for herself, so he goes and demos it over the radio while he is
Calum 6
interviewed by Miami Mack. When Miami Mack wants him and Ally to do a duet, Austin comes up with a plan to get her over her stage fright; Dez to hypnotize her, however, he ends up putting himself into a deep sleep, and Trish takes advantage of this, telling him that whenever he hears the word "song", he will jump around like there's a mouse in his pants. While Ally is singing through a transmitter (while Trish lip sincs) Dez (having overheard Austin say "song") jumps around wildly, knocking over the transmitter, cutting off Ally, and leaving her to flip through the channels trying to find the right station, as Austin and Trish try to go along with the changing genres..

World Records & Work Wreckers

Dez and Austin try to get into the Book of World Records by seeing how long they can spin a basketball on their fingers. When the girls reveal only one can get their names in the book, they compete to see who will get in, even beginning to fight over the title, trying to get the other to drop the ball. They both end up forfeiting for the other to win.

Songwriting & Starfish

Dez, Trish and Austin take Ally to the beach to try to show her the beach isn't as bad as she thought
Songwriting & Starfish (2)
. However, it turns out badly as Dez ends up with a starfish on his face, which he keeps after Austin pulls it off, and he also ends up bringing glue to the beach (to stay up on his surfboard) which Austin mistakes for sunscreen, causing sand to stick to him, and Ally's songbook ends up closing on his gum. He must come save Austin, Trish and Ally when they get stuck in the freezer at the ice cream shop, mistaking Austin's call for help with him wanting him to come "shave Gus".

Soups & Stars

Dez is hired to film commercials for some stores in the mall, and after Ally mistakenly ruins Ms. Suzy's Soups by posting her "Spider Noodle Soup" picture on Tweeter, Ally has him make a commercial but Ally becomes obsessive over it, and ends up in a giant bowl of soup. Dez re-edits the commercial he, Austin and Trish shot and posted it on her Tweeter, saving Ms. Suzy's Soups. He calls himself her BFF - "Best Freckled Friend".

Burglaries & Boobytraps

Austin feels bad for always being late for practices with Ally, and Dez suggests getting her a gift, which happens
to be the new guitar at Sonic Boom. He is in on Austin taking the guitar, which he promises not to tell anyone about taking, running out screaming when Ally comes to accuse Austin of being the mall thief. He also mistakes the angry mob of the Mall Association for "a happy mob that wants to hear Austin sing". They decide to try and catch the thief by setting up a trap, Dez setting up his own trap of a giant glue trap, which he traps himself in instead.
Dez (3)

myTAB & My Pet

It is revealed that a mean girl, Mindy, has a massive crush on Dez and bullies him into dating her. When Austin accidentally lets Ally's pet bird, Owen, out of his cage, Austin, Dez and Trish come up with ways to try and get Owen back without Ally knowing. Meanwhile, Ally gets booted to the back of the long line for the new myTABs, and Dez fakes being a TechTown employee, tricking the people in line to find a golden horseshoe hidden in the mall to win a free myTAB. When that doesn't work, they fake a hail storm, Dez using cheese balls when he can't find "golf ball-sized hail".

Filmmaking & Fear Breaking

Dez films his first big movie,Claws (Dun Dun Dun), and hires Trish as Girl #2, Austin as Troy the Lifeguard and Ally as the cute songwriter after he couldn't get Selena Gomez. After she declines, he rewrites the part so Austin saves a pretty girl from drowning, Mildred. The scene calls for Austin laying the girl in the sand under an umbrella and giving her mouth to mouth, but because of Austin's childhood fear of umbrellas, he says he can't do it. Dez suspected that Austin has caught stage fright from Ally after Austin told him he can't do his movie. Austin later conquers his fear and Dez finishes his movie, praising his work and revealing he had always known of Austin's fear. Since Dez is Austin's best friend, he knows all of Austin's secrets without him knowing. He had not used Ally's props, kept changing Trish's scenes, and put umbrellas all over the set of the movie (to scare Austin), to get true emotions out of people.

Diners & Daters


Mindy is a new manager at Melody Diner, she was first shown in myTAB & My Pet. She tricks Dez into falling for her by giving him some of the Melody Diner's famous Cha-Cha Chicken Pot Pie. Dez figures out that the Cha-Cha Pie had starting taking over his life. He refused to eat anymore; then again, Mindy tricked Dez with the famous egg salad. In this episode it is shown that Dez can sing. Whenever he likes something he sings, "Me likey!"

Everglades & Ally-Gators

Dez learns about that the famous alligator in the Everglades named "Big Mama" that has never been filmed on tape. Dez decided to go looking for Big Mama with Trish. He finds a small alligator that he names "Baby Gator". Baby Gator follows Dez to the house boat because he had chicken and steak in his pants to keep his pants cool after the power outage. A larger alligator shows up and scares everyone. Dez figures out it's Big Mama, and tries to film her, but fails. At the end, Dez shows everyone the film he had made for film class. Trish found out that it was a monster movie about her, and she loved it. Trish and Dez shared their first hug in this episode. The hug made Austin and Ally walk away in fright.

Successes & Setbacks

After Austin's surgery, Dez tries to help with Austin not talking. He even goes to the extent of screaming for him after
hot soup spilled on Austin's lap. Yet, the handshake between the two cause Austin to speak too soon.

Albums & Auditions

Dez, along with Trish and Austin, audition Ally for MUNY by editing footage of Dez's piano lesson with Ally and sending it to the online auditions. Dez is the only person who knows that the music school Ally was accepted to is in New York. At the very end of the episode, when Austin's album came out he stood in line, handed out every CD and said, "Make this one out to Dez, this one out to Dez, etc."