Season 2

Costumes & Courage

Costumes & Courage1

Dez dresses as Austin Moon for the Halloween party Jimmy Starr organized. He also spent time at the party helping the rest of Team Austin retrieve an angry text message sent by Austin, and hunting for ghosts at the house where the party was being held. Taylor Swift became an unfortunate victim of his ghost-hunting obsession.

Backups & Breakups

Ally thinks that he and Trish were dating. He auditioned to be Austin's back up dancer by tap dancing, but he was also judging the auditions for Austin's backup dancer.

Magazines & Made-Up Stuff


Dez jumped off of the bridge along with Austin, Ally and Trish.

Parents & Punishments

He tap danced for Mike Moon and Mimi Moon to keep them occupied and away from Austin because he was grounded for getting bad grades and he wasn't allowed to leave his house so he can study.

Crybabies & Cologne

He originally gave Trent information on how to make a video like Double Take, but he came up with a plan to trick and get revenge on Trent. Dez helped create the cologne which was used by Trent, which caused him to be swarmed by bees. Despite Austin and Trent being rivals, Dez found a small friendship with Dex, who was supposed to be him when Trent was impersonating Austin's life.

Big Dreams & Big Apples

He traveled with Austin, Ally, and Trish to New York for Austin to perform on Times Square. Later in the episode, the gang along with Jessie and the Ross kids watch a movie in the screening room in the Ross Penthouse and Mrs. Kippling is acting romantic with Dez. Later when the Ross family is in Miami, Dez and Kippling do a bunch of stuff together. It is later revealed in the episode that Dez had a pet rat from New York City, which is the only reason that Mrs. Kippling was hanging out with him. She attacks him one minute later.


"Oh unicorn boy, I get it"

Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath

He comes up with an idea for the next Austin music video: a love story. But when he casts Kira (a girl with terrible breath) as Austin's girlfriend, things go terribly wrong. Despite Austin's begging in the beginning, he refuses to replace and re-cast Kira.

Girlfriends & Girl Friends

Dez directed a #1 video which was No Ordinary Day. It's revealed that he enjoys wrestling. He is the one to inform Ally and Trish that they planned for the park date wrong since he's seen Kira's myspace page. He helped create a distraction while Ally and Trish tried to swap the baskets. At the end of the episode, he's seen watching the silent romantic movie while the sprinklers are going on.

Campers & Complications

Throughout the episode, he is plagued by loneliness. He gets desperate enough to ask Kira if he can go with her to the movies and then asks Trish if he can go to the spa with her. After having actually gone to the spa, he blames
Austin for the reason that he went through painful procedures. He then plays the love doctor and is the one that makes Austin realize that he loves Ally. Later on, he gets roped into "cleaning the place up with Trish"- or, him cleaning up and Trish reading her magazines. At the end however, he cleans it all up and convinces Trish to play with him, and she agrees to.

Chapters & Choices

Dez welcomes Ally's mother, Penny, and is compared to a monkey, during Ally and Penny's conversation. After reading Penny's book, he "gets inspired" to run a marathon, and then to only stop to eat a yogurt parfait instead. He
is the first one to notice (or say) that Chester the Cheap Gorilla" is Lester Dawson also. During school, he sits through a conversation with Austin, only to eat something, leave the remnants by where he was sitting, and say that he made 500 "Team Ally" shirts, when Austin says that he picks Kira to be with. He then goes to Penny's book release party to see Austin and Ally perform together. While Penny and Austin go back to Sonic Boom to talk Ally back into performing, and defeating her stage fright when she runs away, Dez and Trish entertain the guests at Penny's book party by Trish reading from Penny's book, and Dez making animal impressions whenever Trish mentions one. He is also there with Trish to witness Austin and Ally kiss after their duet.

Partners & Parachutes

In this episode, Dez helps Austin win back Ally by suggesting Austin to buy a piano for her and parachute it down. The plan fails and Dez screams "RUN!" and the piano broke into pieces onto the cake with Ally's face on it for her no stage fright party. After the unsuccessful landing, Dez helps Austin realize what he has to do t
Partners & Parachutes (163)
o get her back which was to serenade her after the unsuccessful piano landing surprise. At the end, it is shown that during the song he wears his team Ally shirt from before. Dez tries to fix the broken piano at the end and then mimics Austin and Ally's voices as if they were singing "I Think About You" to each other leaving weird looks on the now-official couple of Auslly.

Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction

Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction (202)

After using the typewriter, Dez buys at the antique shop Trish works at, he figures out that the typewriter possesses magical powers. While he is working on the short story, he encounters his rival, Chuck, and accidentally reveals to the latter boy that the typewriter is unlike any other. Chuck then steals the typewriter, to which Dez and the rest of the gang experience strange ordeals - his fingernails grow super long, his churros always end up turning into sticks, he swaps bodies with Austin, he swaps bodies with Ally, and his head is turned around. After he confronts Chuck, Chuck reveals that the only reason he still holds a grudge is due to the fact that Dez stole his original look. Dez refuses to apologize to Chuck, and he inadvertently gives Chuck ideas to use against the gang. After Chuck retreats to get away from the car that crashes into Sonic Boom, Dez and Chuck battle for possession of the typewriter. Dez wins, and he shrinks Chuck to prevent Chuck from doing such actions again. At the end, it is revealed that the majority of the episode is actually Dez's short story. When he is retelling the Mini's worker the story, he reveals that next week, he is competing in the cake baking contest. Chuck is in it too, and the two once more have a pun battle- unlike the first one, where Chuck won, Dez wins this one.

Couples & Careers

He was first seen when he ran into Sonic Boom, holding the movie poster for Zaliens 8 My Brains. He then said that he and Trish had decided to team up for a contest that, if won, would mean witnessing an exclusive premiere of Zaliens 8. And for the majority of the episode, he simply worked on the contest entry. Although, at one point, he left the scene to go to his cousin's wedding... while still dressed as a zalien in a tie. He and Trish, near the end of the episode, tried to go to the meeting between Austin, Ally, and the director of Butch & Bitey to try to make sure that the Butch and Bitey dolls did not go off and explode, releasing goo. They arrived just a moment too late, however. At the very end of the episode, it is revealed that he and Trish won the contest!

Spas & Spices

In this episode, Dez was a part of the Chili Cook-Off. His enemy, Chuck, returned in this episode as his main competition for the prize. Dez, however, had confidence in taking home the 1st place medal due to the "Your Mommy" spice that would make his chili super-hot. Nelson appeared to be the chili taste-tester for Dez. After Nelson considered the chili not hot with only a spoonful of the spice, Dez dumped the entire batch of the spice into it, which
made Nelson run home, crying for his mom. After Ally and Trish came back, Dez lied to everyone at the cook-off and told them that there would be a $1000 prize for whoever first found the necklace. After he spotted the only remaining bowl of chili (with the necklace too), he and Chuck fought for possession of the chili bowl. Dez got to it, which meant that he got Ally's necklace back AND won the chili competition by default.

Solos & Stray Kitties

In this episode, Dez fell head over heels in love with Glamour Kitty, one of Ally's co-workers during her time as a Stray Kitty. He purposely dressed in a tuxedo and bought her expensive gifts since he thought that being glamorous would make Glamour Kitty fall in love with him. At the end, however, it is revealed that the actress that plays Glamour Kitty is not like that at all--she dresses in weird clothes and enjoys Zaliens movies--and she tells Dez that they wouldn't work since they're from two different worlds. Dez doesn't take that for an answer, though--he chases after Glamour Kitty's actress, begging her to wait.

Boy Songs & Badges

In this episode, Dez becomes an honorary member of the Pioneer Rangers troop that Trish leads; he wants to earn the merit badges that he never earned as a child after he bathed in a bird bath. He also gives Austin the inspiration for his (terrible) song; Dez shows Austin the motto for the Pioneer Rangers. He is the first one to notice the big bear at the interview/camp-out.

Tracks & Troubles

In this episode, Dez has the running gag of the episode--three times throughout the thirty-minute episode, he records
over audio, which is also how they are thrust into the main conflict of the episode. He is also connected to alpacas; he gets a giant coat from alpaca fur, and two times, he tries to sell Jimmy Starr an alpaca; both times, he fails.

Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing

In this episode, Dez, along with Trish and Austin, try to talk Ally out of making a dance video that showcases her
horrendous dance moves. He is the one to videotape Ally dancing as an attempt to show her how bad it is--he inadvertently makes her feel that her dancing is good enough to go onto the Internet. In the end, he directs her video, The Ally Way. Meanwhile, he attempts to relax with Austin since Austin's week is not busy.

Tunes & Trials

In this episode, Dez, along with Trish, are dedicated fans of the TV show Crime & Judgment. They watch all 182 episodes in 4 days. His briefcase is swapped with Val's. He, along with Trish, try to figure out who the song Steal Your Heart is about; he has evidence to suggest that it could have been Kira, the model, or Brooke.

Future Sounds & Festival Songs

In this episode, it is revealed that Dez's dad is an inventor since Austin and Dez walked in wearing a creation from his dad, called napshirts. He took Austin with him to the International Invention Convention, where Austin found the Tune Pro 3000. Dez was part of Austin's dream as well as the plot to bring the present to the future.

Sports & Sprains

In this episode, he tries out to be a cheerleader and makes it onto the squad. However, when Chuck, his enemy,
makes the squad as well, he and his foe both fight for a special position.

Beach Bums & Bling

In this episode, Austin gets Dez his own decked ride. After that, he and Austin try to restyle Jackson Lowe. Jackson then left and took Dez's cart with him.

Family & Feuds

In this episode, Dez tries to win a pink scooter for his sister, thinking it would be a great birthday gift. He meets Didi's boyfriend, which turns out to be Chuck. Dez faints in disbelief and wants to break Didi and Chuck up. However, Dez's
Family & Feuds-58-
family, Trish, Ally and Austin decide that they need to end their feud so they tell them there is a zombie apocalypse, making them put their differences aside and work together. They ended up being friends.

Moon Week & Mentors

In this episode, Dez and Trish try to make the most impressive fan signs in an
effort to be seen on TV. They failed twice, but on the end, they just replaced Val Crawford and Jean Paul-Paul Jean as judges, and they were seen on TV.

Real Life & Reel Life

In this episode, Dez, along with Trish, decides to direct, write, and film a "Rockumentary" about Austin & Ally. He makes the movie more interesting by having
Reellifeandreallife pirates ally
the film feature different genres in different scenes. Also, Dez is featured in a scene himself, which is the musical genre scene that tells the story of Austin losing his voice (Successes & Setbacks). When Austin and Ally get into a fight, he and Trish plan for them to shoot the scene where they sing You Can Come to Me so that they make up. Their plan succeeds.

Fresh Starts & Farewells

In this episode, Dez has to pass his biology final or else he won't be able to go
on tour with Austin. He has Ally tutor him, and somewhat Austin as well, so that he does pass. Actually, he is able to get a 94 on his test, which is 2 points higher than what Ally got - a 92. So, Dez is able to go on tour with Austin and Trish. At the end, he is afraid to cry when saying goodbye to Ally, but he is too late, meaning he will miss her.