Elevator Doors
Tracks & Troubles (16)
Song by Kira Starr
Released: June 23, 2013
Episode: Tracks & Troubles
Genre(s): Semi-pop, semi-jazz
Previous: "Call a Pioneer Ranger"
Next: "Finally Me"

Elevator Doors is the name of Kira's song that she sings in Tracks & Troubles. It's currently unknown who wrote this song because the song was not in the credits and the writer of the song was unnamed.


Home alone,
Got my phone,
I hear your ringtone.
Read your text,
Don't know why you're so perplexed.

(later in the song)

Maybe a sign that I'm stepping on a landmine,
Or that we're not moored on the same shores
Elevator doors


  • Team Austin accidentally recorded over this song.
  • This is Kira's first original song.
  • She sang this song while she was doing yoga.
  • This song was cut up and not heard all at once.
  • This was supposed to be Kira's first single.
  • This song may be based off of Kira and Austin's breakup, since it mentions the person it's about being perplexed, much like Austin was when he couldn't choose Kira or Ally.
  • This is the first time Kira has sang on stage on Austin & Ally.
  • This is the second time we hear Kira sing; the first time was in Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath, on the Ferris Wheel. 


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