It's time to bake the biscuits!
— Ernie's catchphrase
Ernie Cooper
McFadden (1)
Full Name

Ernest George Washington Carver Cooper


Ern, Da Man, cool



Date of Birth

March 16, 2001 (age 15)

Resides in

Washington DC


Student, Spy

Eye Color


Hair Color



Kira Cooper (Mother)
Craig Cooper (Father)
Othello King (Grandfather)
Gayle King (Grandmother)
Earl Cooper (Grandfather)
K.C. Cooper (Sister)
Judy Cooper (Robotic Sister)
Abby Martin (Cousin)
Erica (Aunt)
Richard Martin (Uncle-in-law)


Marisa Miller (crush)
Jolie ("ex-girlfriend")
Akina (ex-girlfriend)
Wacky Jacky (former crush)


Petey Goldfeder
K.C. Cooper
Slippy Darien
Marisa Miller
Wacky Jacky
Brett Willis


Alexander Garrett
Brett Willis (formerly)
Zane Willis
Jane Keller


Hamilton Middle School
Hamilton High School


The Organization

First Episode

Scary Spirits & Spooky Stories

Last Episode

Scary Spirits & Spooky Stories
Duets & Destiny (cameo)

Portrayed By

Kamil McFadden

Ernest George Washington Carver ''Ernie'' Cooper (born March 16, 2001, age 15) was one of the main characters of KC Undercover and a special guest star antagonist on Austin & Ally. Ernie is very smart and funny. He has a bright personality and willing to anything for his family and friends. Cooper, is not really popular and hates sports. When someone, even mentions 'basketball' he becomes upset.

He always gets good grades on his school tests. Ernie, however, was not very good at spying, as he almost blew his family's cover. Apart from this, his family loves him. Ernie has a long history of crushes and girlfriends, one of them being, Melissa Miller, who doesn't really like him.

Ernie has a ongoing and growing relationship with sister, KC Cooper. They are seen like best-friends. He has also got a great friendship with father, Craig Cooper and robotic sister, Judy Cooper. Mother, Kira, has also have a wonderful relationship with Ernest.

Ernie appears once in Austin & Ally in the Halloween special episode, Scary Spirits & Spooky Stories, along side Judy, and makes a small cameo in Duets & Destiny.

He is portrayed by Kamil McFadden.


Early Years

Ernest ''Ernie'' Cooper was born at 23:58pm on Sunday 16 March, 2001, while his parents, Kira and Craig were on a spy mission, to stop a 'clone' freak from framing them blowing up Tokyo. He was brought home, to a party, where family and friends danced the night off. Several hours later, he was introduced to sister, KC Cooper, who adored him and cared for him.

Once Ernie turned 4, he started to get smart and also, a bit naughty. He frequently went into KC's room and stole her stuff on purpose, causing KC to always tell on him, Although, her parents would always take his side. One day later, KC locked her bedroom, in order for Ernie to stop. He did, three weeks later.

When Ernie grew into a proper-well behaved child, one afternoon, he and KC had a babysitter, called Rachel, who was called in, after Kira and Craig had to go on a important mission in New York. Rachel was very nice to the kids, and gave them, sweets and cakes. To this day, she is still their favrioute babysitter.

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