Austin Moon my boyfriend.
— The European Super Model
European Super Model
European Super Model (1)


Resides in

Miami, Florida


Super model
Austin's Fake Girlfriend

Eye Color


Hair Color



Austin Moon (fake boyfriend)


Austin Moon

First Episode

"Magazines & Made-Up Stuff"

Last Episode

"Tunes & Trials"

Portrayed By

Madison McMillin

The European Super Model is a minor character on the show that has appeared in two episodes of Season 2. Trish hired her in Magazines & Made-Up Stuff to pretend she is Austin's girlfriend. Her real name is unknown.

She is portrayed by Madison McMillin.





Not much is know about her past. She was probably born in a country in Europe, since Trish said that she is an European super model, but she can't speak English.

She probably became a super model at a young age, since she looks young and experienced, as seen by her looks.


Magazines & Made-Up Stuff

In this episode, Trish hired her to pretend to be Austin's girlfriend so Megan would be impressed.

Tunes & Trials

The European Super Model appears again in this episode, and this time, Austin gave her English lessons and she learnt how to say 'I love you' and 'Pancakes'. Also, Trish, Dez and Ally suspected that she and Austin might be back together in this episode, but Austin was just giving her English lessons.

Physical Appearance

The European Super Model seems to be a young and tall super model from Europe. She has brown eyes and brown hair and tanned skin. She usually wears nice, girly and professional clothes. She sometimes wears jewelries and is always fashionable. She smiles and laughs a lot, even though she can't understand what people are talking about.


Austin Moon

Fake boyfriend/Friend

In Magazines & Made-Up Stuff, Trish hired her to pretend she is Austin's girlfriend so he can impress Megan. All she could say was 'Austin Moon my boyfriend'. Trish tred to fire her but she couldn't, because the super model didn't speak English. Brooke doesn't like her very much, because she was dating Austin when the super model pretended to be his girlfriend.

In Tunes & Trials, Dez, Trish and Ally thought that they were back together because Dez saw them at the mall saying 'I love you' to each other. But actually, Austin was just giving her English lessons. She also learnt how to say 'I love pancakes', Austin's favorite food. Also, Austin performed "Steal Your Heart" and he sang it to her, Kira and Brooke.


Austin Moon my boyfriend.
I love you.
I love pancakes.


  • Brooke does not like her.
  • Trish claims she does not know English but the only thing she knows to say in English is "Austin Moon my boyfriend".
  • Austin is shown to be teaching her English in Tunes & Trials.
  • Her last appearance is Tunes & Trials.
  • It's unknown what her real name is.
  • Austin taught her to say 'I love you' and ' I love pancakes' in English.
  • Till date she has only appeared in two episodes - Magazines & Made-Up Stuff and Tunes & Trials



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