Interior:Sonic Booom
(Trish walks in)
Trish: Guys I've got some bad news the first show of Austin's tour got cancelled
(Austin and Dez sigh)
Trish: because too many people wanted tickets!



Trish: they had to move the show from a place that seats a thousand to a place that seats ten thousand!
Austin: I can't believe it I'm going on tour with my three best friends this is going to be the best summer ever!
Trish: No work for three months
Austin: Your the tour manager
Trish: Right, Forgot that Still Cool! (Walks away)
Ally: Think of all the amazing things we'll see Grand cannon, Mount Rushmore The Albert Corky cloud watching Musem
Austin: I'll be playing arenas meeting Fans eating pancakes in every State.
Dez: And There's gonna be a bathroom on the bus every day.
Ally: Yep, Something for everybody
Austin: It doesn't get any better than this Thanks Trish i know how hard you been working on this for me.

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