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Austin's last performance in the Full Moon Tour.

The Full Moon Tour is Austin's first tour. It starts in Fresh Starts & Farewells and ends in Presidents & Problems.

Known songs on the Full Moon Tour


  • This is Austin's first tour.
  • Ally was the opening act on Austin's first show.
  • Both Ally and Austin have performed on this tour.
  • During this tour, Austin had hallucinations about Ally.
  • Austin also hugged a security guard thinking it was Ally on this tour too.
  • You can see a poster of the Full Moon Tour on the wall in Fresh Starts & Farewells that some of the tour dates are Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, California, Dallas, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, Las Vegas, Nevada, San Josè, California, Detroit, Michigan, and Atlanta, Georgia. It was also later revealed in Road Trips & Reunions another tour date, Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. 
  • Illusion was revealed as one of the songs of the tour because it was played a brief part of it at the end of Austin's concert in Miami in Fresh Starts & Farewells
  • I Think About You was revealed as one of the songs of the tour by Jace in Fanatics & Favors and was revealed that Dez was crying when this song was played

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