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Gavin & Ally
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Gavin Young and Ally Dawson





Portrayed by

Cameron Jebo and Laura Marano

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Gally (Ga/vin and A/lly) was the romantic/friendly pairing between Gavin Young and Ally Dawson. They first met in Hunks & Homecoming. After spending time together writing songs as partners, Gavin asked Ally out on a date. They later stopped being partners because Ally knew that it would be difficult to work and be a couple at the same time. In the episode, they broke up. 


They met in the episode Hunks & Homecoming and started dating.  They also sang Me and You during the pep rally in the episode. By Fashion Shows & First Impressions, they'd been dating for a month. They broke up in Last Dances & Last Chances.

Other Names

  • Avin (A/lly and Ga/vin)
  • Alvin (Al/ly and Ga/vin)
  • Gavlly (Gav/in and A/lly)
  • Alin (Al/ly and Gav/in)
  • Gavy (Gavin/Ally)
  • Dang (Dawson/Young)
  • Youson (You/ng and Daw/son)
  • Dawsong (Dawson/Young)
  • Dawong (Daw/son and Y/o/u/ng)


Hunks & Homecoming

  • As Gavin is explaining why he was late (finding the dog, bathing it, etc.), Ally, along with Trish, goes "aww".
  • Ally compliments Gavin on his knowledge of music.
  • They become song partners.
  • They tell music jokes to each other and Ally compliments Gavin on his sense of humour.
  • Gavin brings Ally coffee, just the way she likes it.
  • They sing Me and You together and dance, then hug at the end.
  • Before they sing, Gavin says it's an honour to be singing with Ally, calling her beautiful and talented, and Ally thanks him.
  • They start dating.
  • As Austin is telling Trish about Gally dating, Gally can be seen hugging in the background.

Fashion Shows & First Impressions

  • They plan on going to the pickle factory for their "1-month-aversary".
  • Once Austin saves Ally from the goo, Gavin rushes over to Ally, helps her up, and calls her his "precious angel".
  • As the goo falls on Armand Bianchi, Gavin protects Ally.

Proms & Promises

  • Ally looks forward to Gavin asking her to prom.
  • Gavin offers to take Ally to a pig mud run, albeit she declines in favour of prom.
  • Gavin asks Ally to prom in her dream way, albeit she declines.

Last Dances & Last Chances

  • Just as Austin is about to tell Ally how he feels, Gavin arrives at prom on horseback, dressed as a knight, and asks Ally to be his date.
  • Gally break up, but agree to remain friends and hug.
  • Ally implies to Gavin that they may write more songs together sometime in the future.



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