A bird just pooped in my mouth!
— Garrett
Garrett Spenger
Full Name

Garrett Matthew-Wilson Spenger


Mr. Lake Ontario
Mr Whiskers
Dr. No Germs, Gare-Bear, My Hero
Roid Boy
Man, Garrett Three, Buddy
My Veggie Bro, Sugar Lips
Dude (by his friends)



Date of Birth

July 5, 1998 (age 19)

Resides in

Evanston, IL


Sophomore Student
Freshman Student
Football Player
Employee at Rumble Juice
Guitarist for The Rescuers

Eye Color


Hair Color



Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Grandma Betty (deceased)
Younger brother
Unnamed sisters
Unnamed future-wife
Unnamed future-kids


Unnamed future-wife


Logan Watson (Best-Friend)
Lindy Watson (Best-Friend)
Jasmine Watson (Best-Friend)
Delia Delfano (Best-Friend)
Brandon (Close Friend)
Betty LeBow (Close Friend)
Trish De La Rosa
Dez Wade


Tom Bingham
Paul (former big buddy)
Finn (former little buddy)
Shelley (former co-worker)
Kevin LeBow (frenemy)
Aubrey (frenemy)

First Episode

Scary Spirits & Spooky Stories

Last Episode

Scary Spirits & Spooky Stories

Portrayed By

Peyton Clark

Garrett Matthew-Wilson Spenger was one of the main protagonists of I Didn't Do It.

He is a very smart and handsome boy, whom carries Anti-Bacterial cream to show his passion of germaphobe . He studies really hard in order to get good grades of his school tests, and can be seen sometimes, playing video games with his best-friend, Logan Watson.

Garrett is also the voice of his group of friends, and approaches life cautiously, except when he is playing football or on the field. He can be very awkward at times, but he still wants to hang around

He can be shy towards many people, but is capable to do well in life.

Garrett made a special appearance on Austin & Ally, in its 2015 Halloween Special, Scary Spirits & Spooky Stories.

He is portrayed by Peyton Clark.


Early Life

Garrett was born on Sunday 5, July 1998, to an unnamed mother and father in Evanston Hostpital, (now called Mary's Hospital Plaza). Then, the day after he was born, his parents threw a party to celebrate his birth.

When his friend, Lindy Watson turned fourteen, he was invited to her birthday party at Fireman Freddie's Spaghetti Station, along with his other friends, Logan, Delia and Jasmine.


Garrett is a healthy, smart, shy and awkward 19-year-old with a heart of goodwill. He seems to know what he's doing - most of the time. He seems to have germaphobia, as he carries around 'Anti-bacterial' cream. Garret seams to also worry about a lot of things, especially in chaotic situations. He is not very good at sports, and can be shy and awkward at times, and this includes meeting new people.


Physical Appearance

Garrett normally wears normal clothes, which suit for his age. Although at other times, he can be seen, wearing sensible clothes. Garrett's hair is neatly done, and his personal clothing presentation looks really neat. Unlike his friend, Logan, Garrett really cares about his appearance, and doesn't always fuss about things like hair. He's neat and tidy, not scruffy, and there isn't one spot of dirt on him ever.


In Austin & Ally

Scary Spirits & Spooky Stories (cameo)

After the events of (the episode above), Garrett makes a cameo appearance, when he and his other best friend, Delia, meet Dez and Trish.


If you'll excuse me, I have to...take care of a little business of my own!
— Garret to his friends
Well, that's enough barf talk for me. Wanna head out?
— Garrett to Lindy
There's a girl out there who likes me. I have to find out who it is, before she changes her mind!
— Garrett to Logan

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