Rockers & Writers

Equipment Seen

Episode 1 goof 1
In the scene after Trish & Dez dance, the four stands in front of the counter, when you look by the metal door frames, you can see the shadow of the boom mic. (Refer to the picture on the left.)

Continuous Error

In the scene where Austin & Ally are thinking of some ideas for the song, you can see that Austin's necklace keeps changing position, from being behind his blazers to a part of it over the left collar.

Kangaroos & Chaos


In Kangaroos & Chaos, when they are filming inside the Dry Cleaning store, you can clearly see a camera behind the glowing neon clothes hanger sign on the opposite side of the window; the camera is supported by a bunch of black slim metal rods and is probably used to shoot scenes where Mad Dog enters.

Continuous Error

Episode 2 goof 1.1

Only one cymbal stand

Episode 2 goof 1

Two cymbal stands

During the scene after Lester Dawson leaves the store to a Accordion convention, Ally tells a man that "No, this isn't the eye doctor". The man turns and knocks over two cymbal stands. After the next shot, it only shows one cymbal stand.

After Trish makes her entrance with her yo-yo's, you can clearly see that the cymbal stand is still standing. They must have shot this scene before they shot the scene where the man clearly knocks over the cymbals.

Episode 2 goof 1.3
Episode 2 goof 1.2

Cymbals seem to be standing

But in the next following scenes, you can see that it is knocked over. There are many shots after these where the cymbals keep changing from a standing position to where it lays on the floor. This is not the only episode where instruments keep changing position. These kind of mistakes are common especially if editing wasn't checked carefully.

Continuous Error

Ally complains about stepping in kangaroo poop, but when you see where she was standing, there was no poop.

Continuous Error

Episode 2 goof 2.1

Show Trish then Ally followed by Dez

Episode 2 goof 2

Trish followed by Dez

Before Austin performs in the store, Ally, Trish and Dez come out of the door on the second floor. In one shot, it shows Trish running out of the door followed by Dez. But in the following shot, it shows Ally behind Trish followed by Dez.

Equipment Seen

Episode 2 goof 3
In the scene where Austin is performing "A Billion Hits", you can see in the upper right corner by the window a white colored reflection. It is actually the reflection of the wall. In the picture, you can see the reflection of the camera.


Trish is laughing at Dez being beat up by the kangaroo. When Dez is actually shown, he is actually not being hit by the kangaroo. The same thing happens when Team Austin is watching Lester Dawson. He is actually not being hit by the kangaroo.


When Ally first showed which book she had to read, it was completely black. When Ally tells Austin to read the book, and gives it to him, it has gold writing on it.


When Austin asks if he and Dez are the only people who are worried for his career, he said "Me and Dez" when the correct grammar would be "Dez and I".

Secrets & Songbooks

Continuous Error

Episode 3 blooper 1.1

Bottom rack is fine

Episode 3 goof 1

The bottom rack collapsed

In the first scene, it shows the rack of violins have collapsed. In the following shot, when Trish enters the store, you can see the bottom rack of the violins shelf isn't collapsed, but it is possible that they fixed it off camera.

Continuous Error

Episode 3 blooper 2.1

The three music stands get moved

Episode 3 blooper 2

Three music stands by the cymbals

In the scene before Nelson enters the store with the piano, you can see three music stands, different colored, standing by the cymbals.

After Nelson leaves, the three music stands get moved but no one seemed to have touched it.


Episode 3 goof 3.1
Episode 3 goof 3
During the scene where Ally is talking about Dallas, there is a camera on a tripod, which means it has to stay still. But when it shows the Jumbotron, the camera seems to be moving but it shouldn't move since it is mounted on a tripod. (You need to see the video from the episode in order to watch the moving camera on the jumbotron.)

Continuous Error

Episode 3 goof 4.1

Ally appears beside Trish

 When Austin is performing "Not A Love Song" Ally is nowhere to be seen in the audience at first. Then when the camera moves to Austin then to Ally she has reappeared standing next to Trish as if she had been there the whole time.


Dez is wearing clown shoes but for the rest of the day he is not.

Episode 3 goof 4

Ally is nowhere to be seen

Zaliens & Cloud Watchers

Continuous Error

Episode 4 blooper 1.1
Episode 4 blooper 1

Man in pink behind her

After the scene where Trish enters the store in her Cheese costume, you can see a shot of Ally that a man in pink is sitting on a table behind. But after that very shot, you see the man in pink walk behind Austin, Dez and Trish. This is a continuous error since it is impossible that he has walked quite a distance in a second.

Bloggers & Butterflies


Austin is seen wearing checkered boxers but in Film-Making & Fear-Breaking it is revealed that he only wears truck boxers.

World Records & Work Wreckers

Continuous Error

When Ally is about to fire Dallas, depending on who's talking, there is either one cymbal or two.

Diners & Daters

Continuous Error

When Austin is performing "Heartbeat", his black watch keeps appearing and disappearing.

Successes & Setbacks


In Success & Setbacks, when Dez is blowing up all of the balloons for Austin's coming back party, the close up shot shows him holding 4 balloons in each hand. In his right hand, he was holding a blue, purple and two pink balloons. In his left hand, he was holding a green, orange and two other balloons. Then, when the camera zooms out, it shows Dez holding more ballons and they are different colors.

Backups & Breakups


After Austin & Ally are at Mini's, the scene went back to Sonic Boom where Austin and his backup dancers were practicing. While Ally is watching Trish & Dez, she says, "So, haven't seen you guys since YESTERDAY, what's up?" But they were still wearing the same clothes they wore "yesterday".

Chapters & Choices

When Trish listens to the door to try and hear what Austin and Dez are talking about, you spot her hand fitting around the wall, the set is supposed to look like real places, but the goof within this shows that it's a set. According to Raini Rodriguez, she isn't actually holding onto the wall, but onto the doorframe, and therefore this may not be a goof.

Chapters Choices 21
Also, when Austin hugs Ally the first time, he has a book in his left hand, and then when the camera changed perspective, the book was gone.

Partners & Parachutes

Because the parachute opened, the piano in this episode crashed to the ground. It was a grand piano. Later in the episode, Dez fixed the piano, but it's a different piano - an upright piano, not a grand piano.


Austin & Ally Bloopers-011:13

Austin & Ally Bloopers-0

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