Hey, Girl (presumed title)
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Song by Dwyane Wade as himself
Released: July 13, 2014
Episode: "Fanatics & Favors"
Genre(s): Pop/R&B?
Length: 00:20
Austin & Ally chronology
Previous: "Me and You"
Next: "What We're About"

Hey, Girl is the song Dwyane Wade wrote in Fanatics & Favors, which premiered July 13, 2014. Dwyane was hoping to perform it with Austin, but instead, they performed What We're About.


Hey, girl,
You're my girl,
You're the flyest girl,
Out of every girl,
And, girl,
You're such a girl,
I love you, girl,


  • Aside from Trish, no one liked it, but they didn't want to hurt his feelings, so, instead, they said they loved it, then tried to trick Dwyane into thinking he wrote What We're About instead.
  • Dwyane is said to have rhymed "girl" with "girl" 12 times.
  • Trish covered part of this song; albeit she replaced "girl" with her name.
  • According to Dwyane, when he wrote the song, he was trying to say to a girl that she's (his) girl.

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