Full Name




Resides in

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Eye Color


Hair Color



Trish De La Rosa (ex-girlfriend)

First Episode

Cupids & Cuties

Last Episode

Last Dances & Last Chances

Portrayed By

Cameron Deane Stewart

Jace was a recurring character from Season 3. He is Trish's ex-boyfriend. He was first introduced in the episode, Cupids & Cuties. He last appeared in Last Dances & Last Chances


Jace is a very laid back guy. He is shown to have a very cool kind of personality. Jace is generally nice to those he likes but he seems to slightly enjoy making fun of others, as well.



Not too much is known about Jace's background except the fact that he most likely does not live in Miami, Florida like Trish does since they only see each other when he comes to town. It is revealed that Trish met him on Austin's tour in Albuquerque, New Mexico, so he might live there. 


In Cupids & Cuties, Jace is introduced as Trish's boyfriend and he is video chatting her when she is at school to ask her on a date, since he'll be in town that weekend. He overhears Trish saying that she really likes him. Later in the episode, Jace and Trish go on a date at Shredder's Beach Club. The date doesn't go too well since Trish has transformed herself from a rude and outspoken girl to a sweet and nice one, after taking advice from Austin and Ally. Jace prefers how she was before. After Trish gets advice from Dr. Cupid (Dez), she happily goes back to her old self and Jace and Trish go back on good terms.

Physical Appearance

Jace is Caucasian with brown hair and brown eyes. Jace has something like a "skater" style and dresses as so.


Trish De la Rosa


Main article: Trace

Jace and Trish are exes. The two were very close and they liked each other a lot. In Cupids & Cuties, he overhears Trish saying that she really likes him while they are video chatting. In the same episode, Jace tells Trish that he likes her for who she is. In Proms & Promises, Jace turns up to prom to be Trish's date. It was revealed in Seniors & Señors that they were on a break.

Austin Moon

Good Friends

They don't hang out much on their own, but like hanging out together when they're with their friends, and are still good friends. In Fanatics & Favors, Austin let Jace watch him practice even though he doesn't usually let people watch him practice, and Jace said Austin sounded killer when he was singing.


  • He was dating Trish through a long-distance relationship, until they decided to take a break.
  • He remembers Trish's ice cream order, and Ally calls him "a keeper".
  • His first appearance on the show and in Season 3 was in Cupids & Cuties.
  • He was a recurring character in Season 3.
  • He broke his leg and couldn't dance with Trish in Proms & Promises, but turned up at the end of the episode, to suprise Trish.
  • He was Trish's first serious boyfriend.
  • He's from Albuquerque.
  • He was the second main recurring character, the first being Carrie.
  • He's Trish's ex-boyfriend.
  • He last appeared in Last Dances & Last Chances.


Season 3

Season 4


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