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Jean Paul-Paul Jean
Jean-Paul Paul-Jean; Future Five Party
Full Name

Jean Paul-Paul Jean



Resides in

Miami, Florida


Editor for Miami Music magazine

Hair Color



N/A ; out of school


Miami Music Magazine

First Episode

"Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing"

Last Episode

"Moon Week & Mentors"

Portrayed By

Arturo Del Puerto

Jean Paul-Paul Jean is a recurring character who has appeared in two episodes of Season 2: Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing and Moon Week & Mentors. He is portrayed by Arturo Del Puerto.


Jean is a man that is fond of wearing flamboyant clothing and simply being zany and quirky. He is especially fond of leopard print, neon colors and giant capes.

Character History

Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing

In this episode, it is revealed that he is the editor for the Miami Music magazine. Due to this power, he hosts a little Future Five compilation, of which he selects Ally to be a part of. Throughout the episode, he uses quirky, animal-related quotes--"That's so panda!"--and tries to help Ally win.

Moon Week & Mentors

He was selected to be one of the four guest mentors on America's Top Talent, alongside Val, Austin and Ally. He picked Clayton as the contestant that he would mentor, and he ended up turning Clayton Vanderbilt into a mini-him.


  • He was a guest mentor on America's top Talent.
  • He claims he speaks a lot of languages.
  • He made a parody music video for The Ally Way.
  • His clothing style--and even his personality--is similar to Dez.
  • He and Trish both wear and are fond of animal print.
  • His name is a parody of the protagonist in the popular novel-turned-musical, Les Miserables, Jean Paul Bermando.

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