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That is way too many halves.
Jimmy Starr
Full Name

Jimmy Starr



Resides in

Miami, Florida


Owner of Starr Records

Eye Color



Kira Starr
Unnamed son
Unnamed wife

First Episode

Successes & Setbacks

Last Episode

Relationships & Red Carpets

Portrayed By

Richard Whiten

Jimmy Starr is the owner of Starr Records and Austin Moon's record producer. He made his first appearance in the episode Successes & Setbacks, and also appears in some Season 2 episodes. He has signed Austin to his label. Jimmy has a son who takes music lessons from Ally and he also has a daughter, Kira, who dates Austin during a part of Season 2. He also has a son but it's unknown who he is. Jimmy is a recurring character as of Season 2. He released Austin from his label in the Season 3 finale, Relationships & Red Carpets, so it's unknown if he'll return in Season 4.

Jimmy Starr is portrayed by Richard Whiten.



Jimmy wearing an Albert Einstein costume

Jimmy Starr is a very professional man who cares a lot about his business. He seems to be a very strict, moody kind of guy who can also be fun at times. He admires Team Austin and Ally but Dez sometimes annoys him.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


Season 1

Successes & Setbacks

Jimmy first meets Austin and asks him if he can give him a demo of his new song. If he likes it, he might give him a record deal. Austin accepts, but after over rehearsing the song, he strains his voice.

Team Austin asks Jimmy if they could have a few more days to record the demo and Jimmy, instead of pushing it back, asks for the demo a day earlier. Even earlier, Jimmy comes to see if he can pick up the demo. Without having the demo ready, Austin instead agrees to sing the song live, even when he was not allowed by his doctor to speak a word. Austin sings the song to a success and Jimmy signs Austin to Starr Records.

Albums & Auditions

He throws a party to celebrate Austin's album release.

Costumes & Courage

Jimmy has his annual Halloween party that Austin has been invited to perform at this year, with Taylor Swift. But when Taylor can't make it, Ally steps in to sing with him. However, Jimmy still thinks that Taylor performed.

Season 2

Big Dreams & Big Apples

Here, Jimmy first appears when Dez asks him to view some business items as a way for Trish to contact the Times
Square Promoter. Then, he appears really in an angry mood but comforts just as Austin drops on the ladder of the helicopter, looking up and looking thankful that Austin hadn't missed his performance time.

Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath

Jimmy first appears in this episode when he goes to randomly visit his daughter, Kira, who's playing Austin's girlfriend in the music video for "No Ordinary Day". Because of his appearance, Team Austin realize they can't fire Kira, and they then try to freshen her breath up. After that fails, Austin grosses Kira out by faking a drooling problem and gets her to quit. Jimmy then comes in while Austin and Dez are looking for the replacement girlfriend to talk to Austin about his "drooling problem", saying that he's experienced it. He then explains that he too once had a drooling problem. He gets Kira to apologize and say that she'll resume work on the video, and then tells Austin that he'd like Austin to come tell some kids about how he achieved his dreams despite having an issue with drooling. After the kids meeting fails miserably, Jimmy demands the truth, and when Team Austin tell him about Kira's stinky breath, he admits that he didn't realize because when he was 8, he had surgery on his drooling problem which took away his sense of smell, and he tells them that he'll work the breath issue out with Kira later, but insists that the video be ready by that day.

Partners & Parachutes

In this episode, Jimmy is texted by Austin to meet him at Mini's, and finds out that Austin and Kira are dating. He starts to make them break up, because he doesn't want his daughter to date musicians, but after realizing that Austin is mature and responsible enough to ask Jimmy as soon as possible, he lets them date- much to Austin's dismay.

Tracks & Troubles

In this episode,Jimmy has hired his daughter Kira to his record label and invites Team Austin to see Kira, recording. Then later on Team Austin accidentally record over Kira's song and Jimmy finds out and gets cross at Austin for doing this and he mentions that Austin has broken Kira's heart so he decides to fire Austin from Starr Records. At the end of the episode he goes to the venue to see Ally perform Finally Me and he signs her to Starr Records and then decides to re - hire Austin to the record label and then Austin and Ally,both are signed to Starr Records.

Season 3

What Ifs & Where's Austin

In the imaginary sequence, when Ally, Trish and Dez imagined how their lives would be without Austin, Trish called Jimmy up to listen to Ally sing; being so nervous, as she still had her stage fright, Trish convinced Ally to simply play so that she can be signed on as a songwriter. But she couldn't do it, so Trish sang Double Take, and Jimmy was really impressed, so he decided to sign Trish on.

Relationships & Red Carpets

Jimmy finds out that Austin and Ally are dating and bans them from going to the WMA's together. Later, he makes Austin choose between Ally and his career. In the end, Austin chose Ally over his career and Jimmy fired Austin from Starr Records.


  • He is shown to be close with Ally considering that when he and her got Taylor Swift to almost sing with Austin, they spent time together.
  • He has a daughter, Kira Starr, an unnamed son, and an unnamed wife.
  • He loves Austin, "There's my favorite singer star!"
    Without You- Acoustic (5)
  • He does not check his phone when he is busy.
  • Ally gives his son violin lessons.
  • Jimmy Starr could be seen as a character based upon L.A. Reid, a highly successful music industry man, known now for being Chairman/CEO of Epic Records as well as being a judge for X Factor USA 2011-2012.
  • He once had a drooling problem, but when he got surgery to fix it, it caused him to lose his sense of smell.
  • He and his family, (not including his wife since we know nothing about her) seem to be interested in the arts. Jimmy is a producer in the music industry, his son plays the violin, and Kira wants to be an actress and a singer.
  • It is mentioned in Partners & Parachutes that he doesn't allow Kira to date any musicians.
  • Disney may have thought of Jimmy Starr, the famous American screenwriter and columnist, when they were deciding what Jimmy's character's name would officially be.
  • He is an influential guy with many connections--he managed to get Taylor Swift and Usher to come to one of his Halloween bashes.
    Tracks & Trouble (35)
  • In Solos & Stray Kitties, Ally wanted to get a record deal with Jimmy, but he didn't accept. 
  • In Tracks & Troubles, he releases Austin from his contract but then gives it back to him.
  • Jimmy mentions Austin's full name in Tracks & Troubles.
  • In Tracks & Troubles, he mentions having talked with his wife about not getting a dog.
  • He offers Ally a record deal in Tracks & Troubles.
  • In his office in Starr Records, he has a picture of Austin hanging on the wall.
  • He's mentioned in Austin & Alias.
  • His first Season 3 appearance was in What Ifs & Where's Austin, in the imaginary sequence.
  • If we don't count What if's & Where's Austin that is only an imaginary sequence his only regular appearance in season 3 is in the season finale Relationshps & Red Carpets
  • He released Austin from his label in Relationships & Red Carpets.


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