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Miami, Florida (former location)

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First Episode

"Kangaroos & Chaos"



The kangaroo appeared in the episode Kangaroos & Chaos. Dez ends up ordering it for Austin's music video because he was unable to read Ally's scribbles on the paper she had to write the new song.

Dez suggests the kangaroo try to play guitar, and Austin agrees, and holds a guitar out in front of the kangaroo, but it kicks the instrument away, causing it to get knocked out of Austin's grip and break the window in the music room. The animal then begins nibbling on Face Puncher's jacket and ends up playing tug-of-war with Dez, who wants to get it back for Trish, but they both lose their grip on it, and it lands in a bucket of caramel.

When Dez tries to put a camera on the kangaroo while it was sleeping, he accidentally stepped on its tail, causing the kangaroo to freak out, destroy everything in the music room, and run away. While Ally and Trish are at the dry cleaners trying to clean Face Puncher's jacket, someone rings the bell, and they find it's the kangaroo.

As Austin, Ally, and Dez try to figure out how to find the kangaroo, Austin realizes that they could find it because it still had the camera, which was synced to their computer, so Dez takes the computer and goes out in the mall to get it. Trish tells Austin and Ally that she sold tickets to people for Austin's show in the mall, but when he leaves, she reveals that she actually sold tickets to people to get a picture with the kangaroo, which Dez comes back with after getting his butt kicked by it.

Later, when Lester comes back from,he looks for Ally in her music room, but comes across the kangaroo, who beats him up. The episode ends with the group of friends all watch the Kangaroo beating up Mr.Dawson. He then takes the computer away from them despite their groaning.

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