Lyrics just don't just flow out of me like a river after a rain of tears! Oh, that's good!

"Kangaroos & Chaos" is the second episode in Season 1 of Austin & Ally. It first aired on December 4, 2011 to 3.96 million viewers.


Ally scribbles down Austin's song lyrics in illegible handwriting, prompting Dez and Trish to start gathering strange props for the music video which they think correspond to her lyrics. After the odd collection of musical items begins arriving, they quickly work together to resolve the mix-up.


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Memorable Quotes

Ally: Here's your change, here's your kazoo, the trumpets are over there, no this isn't the eye doctor.
Austin: It's pretty hard to forget Austin Moon

Girls: Hey! It's Ralphie Hayes from the dog food commercial!
Austin: Dog food commercial? Ally, you gotta finish that song now.

Ally: Fine you want the song. Here!
Trish: Guess who got a job at the dry cleaners?

Ally: What happened to your job at the yo-yo cart?
Trish: It's a long, complicated story.
Ally: You got fired.

Trish: Huh. I guess it isn't that long or complicated.
Ally: The window!

Trish: The jacket!
Dez: The door!
Austin: What's wrong with the door?

Dez: Nothing. I thought we were just naming stuff in the room.
Ally: If my Dad sees this mess, I'm toast.

Trish: And if we don't fix Face Puncher's jacket, I'm toast.
Austin: And if we don't get a good video up on the site soon, my whole career is toast.

Dez: Is anyone else craving toast right now?
Ally: Dez, what are you doing?
Dez: Leaving a trail of mangoes, croutons, and fish sticks. Everybody knows that's how you attract kangaroos... No wait, that's how you attract a llama.
Trish: [Laughing] This is the best show I've ever seen!

Ally: What is it?

Trish: It's called 'Dez gets his butt kicked by a kangaroo'.
Dez: Wait, the jacket looks different.

Trish: Yeah, because it's shrunk and it's pink.

Dez: No, that's not it.
Austin: If you're going to punch anyone in the face, it should probably be me. Though I kinda need my face, so if you could punch me in, like, the shoulder, or the foot, or the hip, or even pull my hair.
Trish: It's a line in Ally's song! My Jacket's in the Lost And Found!

Ally: My Jacket? It says I like it. The line is 'I like it when you hang around'.
Dez: I thought it said 'kangaroo'. 'I like it when you kangaroo'!
Ally: Why would you write 'I like it when you kangaroo'?!

Dez: Nobody is accusing you of writing good lyrics.
Dez: And someone's gonna have to mop up all this Trish poop!

Trish: Keep it up, and someone's gonna have to mop up all your freckles!

Dez: My freckles are my friends! Can you say that about your poop?!
Ally: They came for the kangaroo, but they stayed for the Moon.

Austin: What do you mean?

Ally: (to Trish) This is why you should never tell me secrets.

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  • This is the first episode to feature an animal.
  • Trish gets hired at two jobs in this episode: the Yo-yo Cart and the Dry Cleaners.
  • The episode title refers to the kangaroo that was meant to be used in the music video, and also all the chaos it brought.
  • The song featured in this episode, was in the UK's Best Austin & Ally Song Countdown (by Laura herself), named "Austin & Ally: A Billion Hits", as one of the top 5.
  • This episode premiered two days after Disney premiered Rockers & Writers in the US.
  • There was another character in another Disney Channel show, Good Luck Charlie, named Mad Dog.[1]
  • A section of this episode was featured in the A Billion Hits music video.
  • Ally's outfit for this episode was the same outfit she wore in the opening theme song, Can't Do It Without You.
  • This is the episode with the most animals, featuring a kangaroo, a llama, and a camel.
  • It's possible that Ally wrote down a curse word.
  • The teenage girl who inquired about the kangaroo before Austin's concert later played the shy girl getting therapy from Bennett James in the Dog with a Blog episode "The Parrot Trap."
  • Taking place at least a month later than the events of Rockers & Writers, this episode is considered the official premiere of the series, while the former episode was considered the series pilot/preview.


  • Trish could have quit instead of cleaning the jacket.
  • The kangaroo couldn't have escaped because Austin was downstairs, but the kangaroo wasn't seen coming down the stairs.


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