Gimme an S! Gimme a U! Gimme a B!
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Resides in

Miami, FL



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Chuck McCoy (ex-boyfriend)
Austin Moon (fictional boyfriend in Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction)


Austin Moon
Ally Dawson
Trish De La Rosa
Dez Wade


Marino High School

First Episode

Freaky Friday & Fiction

Last Episode

Mysteries & Meddling Kids

Portrayed By

Cassidy Ann Shaffer

Kimmy is a recurring character in Season 2 who has appeared in Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction as well as Sports & Sprains. Her last appearance is most likely in Mysteries & Meddling Kids. She is portrayed by Cassidy Ann Shaffer.


Kimmy has blonde hair that she wears in two pigtails. Judging by her appearance in Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction, she wears a cheerleading outfit for the Cheerleading Squad of Marino High School.

Character History

Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction

She does not hold a very important role in this episode, but she is seen throughout some of the episode. Her first appearance is when Austin asks Dez to type him up a cheerleader girlfriend- Kimmy then appears, and Austin is smitten. She then appears when Austin is successfully scoring in basketball- she even starts to cheer his name until Trish cuts her off. Her final appearance in the episode is after Dez has finished telling his short story. Since Austin claims that he could get a cheerleader as a girlfriend without the typewriter's help, he tries to flirt with Kimmy. Kimmy is uninterested though- she already has a boyfriend who is surprisingly Chuck.

Sports & Sprains

In this episode, she is shown on the cheer squad, and turns down Austin for a date, since she only dates REAL athletes- cheerleaders! When Dez and Chuck hear this, they compete to get on the cheerleading squad so that Kimmy will date them. When they both get on the cheer squad, she decides to pick one of them as the yell king (and probably her boyfriend). In the end she chooses Chuck, but Dez isn't disappointed since Chuck ends up getting fired out of a cannon.

Hunks & Homecoming


Last Dances & Last Chances

Kimmy didn't have a very big role in this episode, but is revealed to be the prom chair woman. She announced that Austin and Ally had won prom queen, and then was the judge of the dance contest.

Beauties & Bullies

Kimmy got the part of the evil queen in the Marino High School production of "Sleeping Beauty," in spite of the fact that she was far too perky for the character.

Mysteries & Meddling Kids

Kimmy attended the '70's disco ball dressed in a white suit and a blonde afro wig, just like Chuck, and Miles. She and the other two were suspected of stealing Ally's song book, but were found to be innocent.


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Did somebody order a Meatlover's Sub?
Gimme an A! Gimme a U! Gimme an S- [is cut off by Trish]
I have a boyfriend.
And now it's time for the dance contest!
I'm Kimmy, your prom chair woman! I hope you're all enjoying tonight!


Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


  • She is the only speaking character that is a cheerleader.
  • Austin briefly had a crush on her.
  • She used to date Chuck (who is currently dating Sun-hee).
  • She is briefly similar to Kim from Kickin' It.
  • She is currently just set for two episodes.
  • She considers Dez and Chuck as "hunks".
  • She has a perky personality.
  • She tends to have a perky voice at all times, so it's hard to tell when she's being sarcastic, which was pointed out by Ally.
  • She only dates real athletes.
  • She thinks Austin is cute, but she's not interested in him since she only knows him as a singer.
  • She returned in the Season 3 episode, Last Dances & Last Chances, and was the prom chair woman.